Tau Dil Ka Kya Hua Episode 2 Review – Well-Executed

This episode belonged to Sami Khan all the way and also to Shahid Shafat, the director who has given this script the kind of treatment which highlights the beauty in the dialogues. Unlike the actors in Mohabbat Tumse Nafrat Hei (MTSNH), all the actors in this drama so far are acting naturally instead of speaking like philosophers who are always thinking deep thoughts! Sami Khan’s dialogue delivery and body language was beyond impressive in tonight’s episode. I think Khalil-ur-Rehman’s dialogues should be delivered in a certain manner otherwise they lose their impact and can also sound like sermons! Also, the fact that the director has been kind enough to keep all these situations subtle, although they are far more complicated and serious than in MTSNH, definitely helps.

The pace of the drama is going to be slow, just like most of us anticipated but hopefully this time around the story, the direction and the performances are going to be way better. The divorce is not likely to take place anytime soon and after watching tonight’s episode, I really don’t mind waiting since I can’t help but feel for Faris’ character. Even after everything Maya did to him, he is still willing to forgive and forget given she apologizes or comes back to him. The previous episode did not really do justice to Faris’ state of mind but this one focused entirely on how he actually felt as opposed to pretending that he wasn’t the least bit effected by this whole situation. Faris wants a final goodbye if nothing else before he gives Maya a divorce. He wants to feel once more what it was like sharing his life with Maya. All the scenes which covered Faris’ state of mind were a treat to watch. I really like how the writer has shown that everyone else around Maya is deeply upset because of her decision while she is completely happy with it. Although Maya’s character isn’t likeable but I like the way Ayeza Khan translated it on screen in these two episodes. This time around I also felt like Maya was emotionally vulnerable when it came to Saif and not really clever. Zoya’s meeting with Faris was also very well directed and acted out which is why there were some parts of it which were touching although it had the potential of being over-dramatic. Khalil-ur-Rehman’s excessive use of pronouns also did not stick out like a sore thumb in this episode because of the way these dialogues were delivered.

This episode had plenty of meaningful and interesting conversations to its credit. Dania and Siraj Uncle’s conversation about Dania’s “role” once Faris gets divorced was one such conversation. Dania isn’t one of those desperate women who will wait for a man to get divorced so that she can get married to him. Her character has substance and Mansha Pasha has done complete justice to it till now. Although, Dania loves Faris but she has accepted the fact that they will never be anything more than good friends. Tipu seems to be interested in Zoya because he got jealous when she said that she was very close to Faris.

We still don’t know Faris’ background story and his relationship with Siraj Uncle but I really like the way this character has been portrayed by Sami Khan. Saif did not get a lot of screen time in this episode therefore his character too is still a mystery. The preview of the next episode was intriguing especially the new information about Saif. I have to say that I enjoyed watching this episode and am definitely looking forward to the next one. This episode also gave me Bunty I Love You vibes because of the dialogues and the variety in characters. The characters are complex yet intriguing.

I highly recommend this episode to all those people who like Khalil-ur-Rehman’s meaningful conversations and powerful dialogues.

How many of you watched tonight’s episode? Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

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