Teasers Of Malkin Show A Promising Story

Malkin is an upcoming drama on Geo Tv about the life of a girl who was a dancer but marries into a respectable family and hopes to be a Malkin of her husband’s house, like other women. However, her past keeps coming up and taints all her effort for being accepted and respected.

Those starring in this play include Maria Wasti and Alyy Khan as leads and also Samina Ahmed, Taifoor Khan and Aijaz Aslam, who is also the producer of this drama. Maria Wasti plays Gulnaz, the dancer and Alyy Khan as the man who married her. The teasers show a very interesting unfolding of events, where Gulnaz is shown putting in her best to win the hearts of her inlaws, but no body acknowledges her sacrifices and drive her to rebellion. Starting from the 25th September, the play will surely make up for an interesting watch.


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Публикувахте от GEO TV – Har Pal Geo в Събота, 16 септември 2017 г.


Mehwish Mansoor