Tele-Film Based On Marium Mukhtar’s Life Will Air On Urdu1

Last month, fans of Sanam Baloch were delighted to hear that the phenomenal actress will be making her comeback with a tele-film based on the life of Marium Mukhtar, the first Pakistani female fighter pilot to embrace martyrdom in the line of duty. The tele-film is directed by Sarmad Khoosat, written by Umera Ahmed and produced by Mehreen Jabbar. It will air on Urdu 1. Sarmad Khoosat, Sanam Baloch, Umera Ahmed and Mehreen Jabbar – is this actually happening? The team screams perfection!

In an interview with Dawn Images, Sanam Baloch shared, “Urdu1 along with Mehreen Jabbar directly approached me for the tele-film. Although Mehreen Jabbar is not directing it, she owns the project. Also when I came to know Umera has written it, I couldn’t refuse it. It is the role of Marium Mukhtar, a national hero. This project is particularly for myself, my satisfaction as an actor – although it is extremely challenging to live her life and go through the entire process of training but I have to live [the] life of someone incredible.”


For the role, Sanam’s gone through a fair bit of pilot training. “Before the shoot, I had spent first two days with the cadets so I can adapt to their environment and body language at the Air Force Academy. I have a couple of Air force people and trainers at the shoot (set), who are helping me out with it. I am trying my best to replicate the way they move about,” she shared.

Sanam Baloch spoke highly of Sarmad Khoosat. “People often call Sarmad a maestro, and he is indeed one of them. He knows what he wants from the actor and the camera. He’s studious about his work and I think that’s what makes him Sarmad Khoosat, he can bring out best from anyone. It is such a strenuous routine; plus, the weather is horrid, But he’s on his feet through all this time – and that’s what revitalizes our energy as a team. The captain of the ship is the leader of an entire vessel and he knows how to keep that vessel well floating successfully.”


Sanam Baloch revealed that the film follows Marium Mukhtar’s life “from her training days since she joined the Air Force to her last flight of mission when she embraced martyrdom.”

About future projects, she said that she has “a couple of projects particularly directed towards my fans. Due to the tight schedule back in Karachi with the morning show, it gets pretty hard for me to sign any serial though.”


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