Mann Mayal – Episode 27


Now my question is that what is Salahuddin going to get in return because when he changed Rehman Sahab’s diapers he got rich, now what award does the writer have in store for Salahuddin for washing Mannu’s kids’ potty!! I can’t believe that the highest rating drama of this season has more potty talk to its credit than any other drama we have seen so far!! Should I give the writer and director credit here for not leaving anything to our imagination? I have come to the conclusion that this drama is a walking talking meme maker itself therefore why waste my creativity is making memes to make fun of the characters when the writer has done the job for us! A screen shot from the episode coupled with a dialogue from the drama is funny enough! Yes!! Mann Mayal continues to be the biggest joke of the century and at this point Salahuddin is playing the role of the clown with perfection!! Did the opening conversation of this episode make any sense at all? On one hand Bia was bashing her brother and on the other she was pleading his case!!


Why is everyone so confused about Mannu’s marital status and her status in general!! Mannu is no one’s wife – she is divorced and she has no house of her own just yet therefore calling her a housewife was quite inappropriate. She is a single mother with a boyfriend who is there to help her when she wants his help and even when she doesn’t want his help. Even though Mannu has all the support in the world and now she is no longer the maid but has a maid of her own but even then somehow the becharapan just won’t go away. Mannu is a bechari because Salahuddin wants to marry her? Or is it because Jeena gave her so many bud duas??


Wow!! Aur Mannu aap ka phone utha bhi lei gi!!! All the characters in this play and the story is a big fat joke but the story just keeps on going on and on and on! I tune into every episode hoping this would be the end but the drama shows no signs of ending. Why don’t they kill Mikael, Jeena and Jamil so that Salahuddin and Mannu can have their happily ever after!! Sitting through this episode of Mann Mayal was sheer torture. One second Mannu was happy that Salahuddin loved her and the other second she wanted to be away from him. Mannu has no marzi, no personality and no goals in life. Same is true for Salahuddin’s parents! Since Salahuddin has money so he gets to have his own way! Where will ama aba go if their aklota beta does not get to have things his way. Hamza Ali Abbasi’s acting yet again was not the least but impressive. All of a sudden Salahuddin is a jolly confident man, we don’t know when and how that happened. At the end of this episode Mannu managed to lose her kids yet again more easily than most people lose their mobile phones! Now we have a real reason to maybe feel for bechari Mannu.


The preview of the next episode suggested that the next episode won’t be the last one either! And I am pretty sure very soon everyone associated with this drama will be raving about highest TRPs ever! This drama is quiet predictable in more ways than one.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

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