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I found myself counting days when I saw the promos of Behadd, it seemed like a brand new story with a stellar cast. I was waiting for Umera Ahmed to come up with something new, Fawad Khan with his new look and a character that seemed different from what he usually does, Nadia Jamil’s sheer presence on-screen coupled with Adnan Siddiqui’s guaranteed brilliant acting and of course Sajjal Ali; these were few of the reasons because of which I had very high expectations from this telefilm. Honestly speaking I felt that the cast and the script was picture perfect even before watching the telefilm but sometimes when you have such high hopes from something it is very likely that you get disappointed if the product is not as good as promised! Well, I can say with all certainty that this was not the case with Behadd. Asim Raza’s direction was absolutely flawless, Umera Ahmed’s script left nothing to be desired for and the acting by all the actors was top notch – it proved to be a thoroughly entertaining telefilm with all the right ingredients in the right proportions. The sizzling on-screen chemistry amongst all the characters, big or small made Behadd a delight to watch. The entire cast was very well chosen, it was great to see Shamoon Abbasi and Nosheen (Poppy) making their presence felt in their respective roles although they were not the central characters in the story.


Yes, most certainly, excess of everything is bad! Even too much love sometimes can ruin relationships because it can sow seeds of jealousy and possessiveness. Behadd is the story of a single mother Masooma (Nadial Jamil), who does everything in her power and more to give her daughter all the love and care in the world. Masooma and Hassan (Adnan Siddiqui) have a perfect life until Hassan dies in a car accident leaving Masooma and their daughter Maha (Sajjal Ali) behind. Masooma’s motherly instinct to protect and love her daughter completely overpowers everything else in her life. Maha won’t allow her mother to be happy; she only wants her mother all to herself. The message of the telefilm was brought forward in such an apt manner that there was absolutely no confusion. I couldn’t help but question myself as a mother as well and learned that sometimes too much love or the need to protect your child can seriously backfire. Raising children is the hardest job in the world and no mother who has put in her best effort to raise her child should question herself even once but then it is easier said than done! Also, children should know that parents deserve to be happy too, they also need love. It also showed that how easy it is for the children to exploit their parents’ love for them if they want to do so. All through the telefilm I couldn’t help but ask myself different questions like “Is Maha really sensitive or very controlling?” “Do single mothers have a right to have a life of their own – is it okay for them to get married?”


Maha cannot bear to see her mother having a good time with anyone, not even with her best friend Shafaq (Nadia Afghan). Shafaq wants Masooma to stop treating Maha like a toddler and wants her to go on with her life; get married and find herself some happiness.Nadia Afghan proved yet again that she is a very gifted actress, she has to be another person who is always a joy to watch. I have seen quite a few single mothers like Masooma in my life; their biggest predicament is that “They have a fifteen or so year old daughter!” Jamal Ahmed (Fawad Khan) , an old friend and neighbor enters Masooma’s life like fresh breeze, I felt truly happy for her and thought this was exactly what she deserved. The proposal scene was extremely well done. The relationship between Joe and Moe was another beautiful aspect of this telefilm, even with the age difference and everything else; they did seem like a match made in heaven. The twist in the end completely took me by surprise.


Behadd was beautifully directed, the locations were very pleasant to watch, the picture quality and the vibrant colors lit up the television screen. I must thank the entire team of Behadd for a job very well done. All the actors did a fantastic job and I can’t praise the director enough. The OST has also been sung very beautifully, the voice quality was perfect all through the telefilm and the OST for a change was not “abused” and wasn’t overpowering at any time, in fact it was played only a couple of times all through the telefilm. A huge thanks to Hum TV and Momina Duraid for the wonderful effort. Those of you who missed Behadd must watch it.

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Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • Lovely review, and I'm even more eager to watch it now.
    I love spoilers and this was the perfect treat for me, as I too have been really waiting to watch it! Will do so soon.

    • i am glad you enjoyed the review Roh. Do share your opinion with all of us once you are done watching the telefilm, it is always great to hear from you.

  • Each and everything was just perfect but I don't know why I still found something missing…SOMETHING!

    • Perfect it was. But you are right, ending could have been better. Over all it was brilliant.

      • yes, I agree the ending could have been more satisfying but the entire telefilm was so good that I am gladly willing to overlook it,

  • OMG !! Umera Ahmed you deserve so much praise indeed !! she is a flawless writer she takes up everything in different maner in quite positive way n totally stuns me by her work.. This project had everything perfect Just like humsafar had the perfection.. NOthing extra oridnary yet had enough guts to make u glue to TV screen till you see the happy ending.. !! Umera Ahmed is a versatile writer she everytym ends wid some message n also with less romance but really enjoyable scenes she writes.. I really enjoy her work even when i feel crying :) Its the beauty of her work !!
    Coming to Fawad Khan . DOes this man deserve more praise ? Man in every role he is a rockstar .. this was truly an amazing character n done by fawad its something u get what u wish :) I truly respect this person who is so much talented n yet so humble personality .. God bless him..
    Nadia Jamil Honestly i didnt remember i watched her ever coz of my baised choice of watching serials lol But Seriously this lady stole the show.. what an amazing n stunning performance by her.. She was amazing in emotional scenes.. the relation of joe n mo was so much beauitful n done wid such a grace.. she acts so much well she was amzing as a mother.. Kudos to this Lady for being such an magnificent actress..
    Sajal ali i got irritated seeing her in previous roles but in this i really loved her acting she nailed being a over sensitive n possessive girl..
    Again last scene was top notch made me cry .. fawad nadia sajal done it perfectly n camera work ediitng visuals everything was so so amazing…
    THe message .. Behaad was awesome :)
    It was truly an awesome telefilm Hum tv you deserve a round of applause

  • Lovely review mFatima! I really enjoyed the movie and the messages it sent out. The acting was top-notch and it was so wonderful to see Nadia Jamil on the screen again after DeS. She was looking gorgeous. Asim Raza's direction and the DOP's work def deserves applause fab job all around. Umbra Ahmed excels when she writes original scripts and doesn't have to comply with the 20+ episode requirement. Her messages work well in small packages and become a drag if extended and repeated for too long. This was such a nice telefilm that I am willing to forgive the sterile look of Nadia's apartment, and the fake glycerin tears by Fawad in the last scene ;) thankfully the preachy part came right at the end and it wasn't thrown around thru out the film. Great job Momina!

    • Annie, your comments always bring a smile on my face lol @ Glycerin tears – yes that was so not like FK. Nadia Jamil is simply awesome, i wish we got to see her on-screen more often. Really looking forward to that drama she is working on right now , i am hoping that her writing skills will be just as good as her acting. I liked Nadia's apartment;) One of those apartments you see in commercials only. yes good things come in small packages and not always in 20 plus episodes serials, agree with you there totally. Definitely want to see more from this team.

  • Well well well! What a treat, truly a complete package, almost perfect. Thoroughly enjoyed every minute and each scene. Style of direction, story and acting, all were equally impressive. Nadia Jamil truly impressed me with her natural acting. Congratulations to entire team and HUM TV for delivering this wonderful project.
    Thanks Fatima Awan for timely and perfect review. I agree, the Proposal Scene was superb.

    • :D well I'm totally surprised by your comment.I was expecting you to pull out something negative again from "Umera Ahmed's project"

    • indeed it was a complete package, complete in every aspect, there was not a single scene or dialog which felt unnecessary, or any scene dragged unnecessarily.

    • Anwar Sohail, I am glad you enjoyed the telefilm. I look forward to your feedback because it always comes straight from the heart! Thank you so much for following the reviews and for taking time out to share your honest opinion. I look forward to your heartfelt comments. I really like the way you are so into these dramas.

  • What a treat!!! Wonderful direction , so good to see Nadia Jamil.. I saw the promo and I knew it was going to be a treat! Fawad Khan is amazing , he is briliant and down to earth. God Bless him. Excellent message!. Fatima lovely review. And I like the ending , makes you think, wonder !!!(american way).Thanks , hope to hear from you!!

    • Ranjan, great to hear from you. This telefilm was truly wholesome entertainment – Nadia Jamil is so perfect! i simply love her acting, she is flawless. The ending seemed rushed to me maybe because I wanted to see more and i so wanted Mo and Jo to end up together , wanted to see Massoma smiling and happy:) Thank you so much for liking the review and for commenting.

  • I agree with Zaren that Everything was good …the cast, location and direction BUT the WOW factor was missing. The telefilm was finished and I was missing that feeling which you experience after watching an extraordinary drama. I think the end was abrupt and needed more depth.

    • Ruby I wanted a definite kind of happy ending too but enjoyed the telefilm as a whole. Thank you so much for sharing your views with us, keep visiting:)

  • Behad…..a very nice tele film………far better than stupid movies which are making business of billions and trillions :P

  • Wonderful play! Keeps you hooked till the end! Excellent acting by the v well chosen cast .but I have to put in a few words for Nadia Jamil. She is truly a gifted Actress! The scene in which she tells her daughter about the proposal her facial expressions are superb. It looks as if she actually feeling the pain! she has a great personality . We are proud that we have such talented actors in Pak

    • Totally agree with you Rehana, Nadia Jamil really is something special, she is flawless in all of her performances and she does it with such ease.

  • Great Review Fatima! I really enjoyed it too except I wish the ending wasn't so abrupt and we could have got another scene maybe. I had seen a spoiler but the twist about masooma knowing totally took me by surprise, wasn't expecting that at all! Nadia Jamil was superb, she really is a brilliant actress and her and FawD were very natural together. This was also a great performance by FK, very different look and role we got to see him in. Direction was very good, and shot beautifully. UA wrote a great telefilm, have to give her credit. Loved the final dialogues bw jamal and Maha!
    I hope we get to see more great quality telefilms, this was indeed excellent!

    • SK thank you so much for following the reviews and for commenting. I look forward to your comments. I know I wanted to see Masooma and Jamal happy and together too in the end and that is why the ending seemed rushed to me too. But overall it provided wholesome entertainment. It looked like a labor of love and teamwork.

  • nice review.i really enjoyed behadd telefilm and all actors did their best.nadia jamil was brilliant as well as sajjal and fawad.the relationship between mother and daughter were portrayed beautifully on the screen and nadia jamil's acting was superb and umera ahmed's script was also brilliant .umera ahmed ke likhe gaye dilagues aur characters bohat zabardast hote hain aur is telefilm mein bhi unhon ne bohat ache characters likhay.thanks to the team of behadd telefilm for giving us such a nice and thought provoking telefilm and your review was also superb.

    • Fahad I agree with you on all accounts, it really was a team effort and one could see that everyone put their best in this telefilm. Thank you so much for following the reviews and for giving your feedback, it is highly appreciated.

  • Behad – A copy of very old PTV drama, in which lead role was played by Shehla Ahmed (Uncle Urfi girl) with Manzoor Qureshi. It was not expected by Umaira Ahmad and Hum to copy a drama without mentioning the original writer and play.

    • I thought me was the only one. U r absolutely right but I don't remember the writer or name of that play.

        • Yet I cannot believe that UA can do that. I've started to hate her anyways and didn't watch this drama. And please whoever is comparing her with bano qudsia they are out of their minds and probably never read qudsia,s novels like raja Gidh. This lady has some perks and she uses religion to capitalize the gains but does not have the originality,creativity or depth like bano Qudsia. And whoever disagrees please read Bano Qudsia first

          • I totally agree with you… I also like first Umera Ahmed, but after searching and reading other writers I discovered the same. Shehre zaat was also a copied concept from old stories.

      • nops, you are mentioning about drama Nangay paon telecasted on NTM in 1995 in which Iffat Rahim was Daughter of Saba Hameed and both fell in love with same person. the drama Khala Saleema has mentioned must be a very old drama of 1970's

    • Really?? I really don't know and don't expect Umera Ahmed to "copy" an idea. Umera Ahmed's offcial FB page's admins visit this site very often, maybe they can clarify whether or not this telefilm was inspired from something that has already gone on air or could it be a coincidence? I have no idea because I haven't' seen the drama that people are mentioning here.

      • If yes dn i would like to hear any clarification but as people wrote in above comments and tagging da creators without hearing from them is not a good approach !!!!!

      • UA in one of her interviews in a digest told that she never copies anything from anyone, if she takes something then she is honest enough to mention it that it is adapted from some other source. He drama GHOST on hum tv was an adaptation and as per UA it was her who convinced momina duraid (producer of GHOST) to show it in credits that it is not original screenplay and is an adaptation.

        So it seems strange that if Behaad is an adaptation then it is not mentioned in the credits

    • doesn't matter………it was still able to impress the viewers…………..Joe n Moe were adorable <3

  • Nice telefilm and I loved it. But I also thought it was remake of old ptv drama and it was popular at the time. I liked nadia Jamil.

  • great review Fatima, really enjoyes this telefilm, in fact a very good telefilm after a long time, everything was almost perfect and flawless , Nadia Jamil and Nadia Afgan are my old favourites and in new comers I like Sajjal Ali's acting . agree with Annie that Umera Ahmed's original scripts are excellent . I was happy to c that u have written the review;)

    • And I am so happy to see you here – we don't hear from you often enough now. It is always so good to hear your take on dramas and other things, do keep commenting. I am glad that you enjoyed this telefilm.

  • I'm sorry to say that where I usually agree with your reviews Fatima, I am on a complete opposite opinion on this one. Behadd dissapointment huee mujhe ye drama dekh ke (no pun intended =P) I was expecting flawlessness and seamless scenes leading into one another. But I started feeling bored 1/4 of the way through it. I felt that the scenes were more cut and paste than a full reel. I don't know, maybe the utter silence in some of the scenes, or the dialogues did not impress me as there was no wit, nothing fresh. Also, some characters like "poppy" I mean, I don't know wig tha ya kya, but she is living it big, tho should have had a kept up appearance. Fawad Khan ne mujhe itna impress nahin kya, and the dialogues he said were just repeated by Shafaq when she was telling Mo to accept the proposal. Also I wasn't big on the Mo, Jo and Poppy nicknames, made the drama a little more fake for me. Sajjal's acting was good. They didn't show mother and daughter starting to be apart, rather just talked about it instead, I would have liked to see it. It just didn't meet my expectations I guess. The story was pretty obvious but I was looking for wit in dialogue, I was looking for some excitement, some homely feeling between the 3 of them, and ending felt a bit loose, like will Fawad's character agree to forget about this ordeal or as Sajjal said "mujhe pata hai ke abb bohot der hogayee hai…lekin" basically, it just wasn't my type, I was turning channels and it was on repeat, and I didn't even feel like watching it again, which usually if it is a good telefilm, I have the urge to watch it again, but clearly for me, this didn't make the cut.

    • Zainab it is always good to hear a different opinion. Thank you so much for sharing your opinion, keep reading and commenting:)

    • the actoress playing Poppy role is Nosheen Tariq, she is one of few female actors in our industry who try to appear as original as they are and do not dye their hair others being shehnaz sheikh, shamim hilali and marina khan. Nosheen appeared in many dramas in 1990s like jaal, bisaat mostly produced by Ghazanfar Ali (Combine productions) before disappearing from screen. she reappeared on screen with grey hairs in drama doly kee aaye gee barat then tanhaiyaan naye silsalay and now behad

  • nice telefilm and nice review,its always a pleasure to read your reviews….i usually don't comment but your reviews and articles are always worth reading and i really wanted to appreciate you…..always looking forward for more from you.

  • Ab tk mene jitne bhi reviews perhe hain Behadd k its the BEST one for sure..
    Like telefilm ur review is also 'A COMPLETE PACKAGE'…enjoyed reading it..hakk ada kar dia pora pora aapne.. And Nadia Jamil and Asim ne to kamal kar dia…Umera ki script bhi kamal he bt Asim is truely a magician…Captain of ship!

  • I have seen the telefilm "BEHAD" an surely said that there is no match of NADIA JAMIL,S acting she is realy an out class actress,her face expresions r totally different,she is not delivering dialouges but it needs no diologes ,I slute to nadia jamil and say many many thanks to Nadia who give us an "OMANG" to see Pakistani dramas,As far as Fazal Fuad khan,s concern I say "USKO DEKH KER BAS PIYAR AATA HAI" A new pyara hero,zara humayun saeed se bhe thorey din jaan chutwaye,thanks a lot to all the team of BEHAD,Dekh lagta hai Zindgi waqaye Gulzar hai

  • Behadd was a well written,acted, directed and produced telefilm!!
    I really appreciate our intellectually accomplished writers who pick up ideas and social tabbo issues…
    single moms should be encouraged to get married like single dads or men are.
    Very proud of Pakistani television!!!!
    my request to reviewers… lets start focusing on constructive criticism…. that is if you have to criticize…
    it is our responsibility as a citizen to promote all good and criticize the irresponsible act….
    this` was a good positive drama ..which will set forth the dialogue of single mom's issues.
    more power to you team of Behadd!!!!

  • i just got the chance to see this telefilm! and this was an awesooome telefilm i saw in years! :) would like to see telefilms and dramas like zindagi gulzar hai and behad in future!!
    fatima awan! this is for you gooood job girl! i really really enjoy reading your reviews! i have been reading them since long! you have an interesting way of portraying thoughts in your mind! and no matter what happens everytime i have to agree with everything you write! :)

  • Hi Fatima,

    How r u doing? hey sorry for joining u bit late as i couldnt watch this excellent piece of Complete Package before… just watched and now jumped into ur review… excellent work as usual by Nadia Jamil, one of my old super icon to whom i really idealized , she deserve huge compliments and above to this all, an icon star award..

    Lovely Telefilm…….

  • How sad that something the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) did (marry a widow older than he) is considered "radical" by Muslims today. But I am glad that Behadd gave this message that it is completely acceptable. I hope more Pakistanis consider this option, as it leads to greater flexibility and opportunities for good people to marry and build families together. Being a widow or "older woman" should never be a liability. Remarriage was common for both men and women at the time of the Prophet (s) and it is one we should revive in Pakistan and other Muslim countries for the sake of building stronger, more compassionate societies.

  • I, perchance stumbled on this movie today. And glad I did. As always, Fatima, your review was par excellence! Kudos to Umera Ahmed for taking on such sensitive subjects (more than one in this film) and presenting it as well as she did! The actors too, did an amazing job of their roles. Yes, we need more films like these to bring forth certain social messages that are the right of our society more than a disgrace. Truly we have forgotten that Rasool e Paak s.a.w. not only married a woman 15 years older, a widow, His employer and also someone who not only proposed marriage but was far richer in wealth than her future husband! And of course, they lived a relationship of dignity too. We need to remind our maashara of this. Beautifully executed film.

  • We need to let men know that showing their sensitive/compassionate side makes them more attractive to women, not vice versa. Our religiion gives so many more rights to a woman than any other faith on earth! Its society/culture that has taken it away from us! Which is so sad. May Umera Ahmed continue to write stories that make social statements and change the way our society thinks! The power of the pen is mighty and may it rule!

  • Amazing tele-film. Brilliantly executed with a fresh idea, it delivered an important message to its audience. :)
    And, of course your reviews, Fatima (api) are always up to the mark. I wish I was your English teacher; seeing such incredible writings is such a delight! :) :P

  • Shadi is a Persian word, which literally means pleasure. Nikah is an alien Arabic word, which means contract. Both closely connected to money, security and Baniyagiri. Compare now all this to Seven ferewala native, Vivah which means union (yog) at all seven layers of existence. Vivah is for liberatio both the souls, union with God. No wonder adoption of alien spirituality and culture has made even the Pakistani state sleep with all kinds of alien devils for short term goals.

  • I so much agree with Zainab…
    Although the drama had lovely cast, amazing performances, good story and top notch production values but still it lacked so much. It was a complete boring package, there were no highpoints, witty dialogues or interesting scenes to move the story forward. Felt disappointed!


    • Mahnoor, that is so sweet of you. I love hearing what all of you have to say too. Thanks a lot for following the reviews and for liking them, it really means a lot to me.

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