Telefilm Daam-e-Ishq on Geo TV-See Pictures

After going through a rash time in terms of ratings and viewership, Geo TV is now back to the track with the airing of local content, trying hard to get a hold of its lost audience by offering them their favorite celebrity dramas like Numm, Kasak Reh Gayi, Asmaano par Likha and much to this, even a telefilm-Daam-e-Ishq.

We did share the news in Ramadan about the telefilm and predicted its airing as an Eid special but seems like the channel had other plans to cash the idea in a best possible way. If you are back to Geo TV and following the channel, you must have seen the promos of this upcoming telefilm starring Nauman Ejaz, Sana Fakhir, Sana khan, Ayesha Khan(Snr), Adnan Shah Tipa & Mani Chao. The telefilm is presented by Junaid Ahmed khan while the productions has been done by Nuzhat Fatima Khuhawar & Atif Usmani. The telefilm is written by Shumaiel Akbar & Junaid Khan and the music is done by Kalyaan.

The promos much reveal about the life of a famous celebrity (Naumaz Eijaz) who experiences a sudden downfall in his career which becomes difficult for him to absorb. His wife (Sana) keeps on consoling her but her words make no difference to his failure.

The story seems nothing new but a mixture of previous scripts which we have been watching on and off.

Here are a few clicks of the celebrities on the set of Daam-e-Ishq.

Have a look!

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