Tere Mere Beech – Episode 02!

Ohkay so, we’re through the second episode of Tere Mere Beech & I must say, I like the pace of the show for now because we saw the different phases of Hareem’s life being covered in this episode & I guess they did a great job by not dragging the matters any further.

Hareem’s life has taken a major flip after Shabbir’s death. Hareem really though that she’d be able to battle with her uncle but she was mistaken because no matter how much she mattered to Shabbir & how much he thought of her as his own child, the fact still remains that he had adopted her & she isn’t legally entitled to anything that Shabbir had promised her. I also think it was Zahida’s fault to let Hareem know that her husband was planning on making Hareem the heiress because if that wouldn’t have happened, Hareem wouldn’t have threatened her uncle, he wouldn’t have taken his gloves off & Hareem would still be living with Zahida but sadly, now she hasn’t only lost her father but her mother too.

I liked the way Hareem tried to take things in her control because it was good to see a girl standing up for herself. Yes, she did look naive because she didn’t know what she was getting into & whom she was dealing with, but at least, she put forth her opinion authoritatively & that for a change was good to see. She didn’t let her father’s death or her illiteracy hold her back & she was like a tiny warrior who was out there ready to face any obstacle that came her way. Obviously things didn’t go as per she planned but for a moment she did shake the grounds for Qadeer & that in its own is an achievement for her.

Honestly speaking, I don’t get Nighat’s concern for Hareem because like Hareem said, Nighat lost that authority & chance the moment she handed over her daughter to Zahida & Shabbir. Also, I don’t think Nighat’s approach in Hareem’s case is reasonable because she is too harsh on Hareem despite knowing the fact that Hareem doesn’t think of her as her own mother. Nighat has never tried to make a connection or a relation with Hareem so why does she think that keeping a firm hand with her would make things any better? This way she is only pushing Hareem away from herself even more & Nighat should also understand that for Hareem Zahida & Shabbir are her parents & the moment she gave Hareem to them, she gave them the responsibility of raising her so now it shouldn’t matter to her as to how her daughter, that she now wants to own, has been raised.

At least it was good to see that in such dire situation, there was one well-wisher Salma who helped Zahida & Hareem. I like the way they highlighted the issue of bloodline & family wealth because it does happen where no matter how bad their personal relations are, people always take pride in their bloodlines & family ties. Even though Qadeer hated his brother & even planned on killing him to take over the family wealth, he still thought that just because Hareem doesn’t belong to that family, he was supposed to take charge of the wealth after his brother’s death because that’s how things roll in villages where an adopted child like Hareem isn’t given that much of an importance, that is why Qadeer’s wife Salma mentioned it clearly that in Qadeer’s eyes, Hareem is a nobody & he wants to protect the family wealth from going into her hands. Also, very effortlessly they cleared off the doubts that we had regarding Qadeer being responsible for Shabbir’s death because if they had left it unanswered, it would have bothered us & also if Qadeer would’ve been responsible, the story would’ve taken a very different turn & I am sure it wouldn’t have remained interesting.

Anyhow, even though Zahida managed to save Hareem from Qadeer, she understood that it was hard for her to continue living with Hareem that too in the village, that is why she sent her to Nighat & vanished from her life as Zahida knew that this was the only way to keep Hareem alive. Zahida was always well aware of what her in-laws were capable of that is why she didn’t take much time in parting herself from Hareem because she didn’t to make her life even more difficult than it actually has become & that too after she could see that Hareem was unable to understand the gravity of the situation. Hareem was persistent on fighting for her right which lawfully she wasn’t entitled to, that’s why Zahida decided to let go of her.

I am glad that they didn’t drag things further & just in this episode they got done with the whole scenario of family animosity. Now Hareem has arrived in Karachi & she will get to live with Nighat, which means a new phase of her life is going to begin where she will come in contact with Fahad. I am not too sure if Nadia & Ali’s track will be any different because so far it looks very typical where Ali’s mother is going to be a vamp & she will be making things difficult for Nadia. I hope there’s more to their story, which means that I will continue to watch Tere Mere Beech in order to see how things unfold. Sanam Chaudhry has acted really well but I hope we’re done with her yelling too because it was a little overbearing for me to listen to her screams. She is a bit too loud for my liking but yes, as far as her acting is concerned, she really has done a wonderful job. Share your thoughts about the second episode of Tere Mere Beech please. :)

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