Tere Mere Beech – Episode 06!

Ohkay so, as expected, this episode of Tere Mere Beech was interesting as well & it moved the things forward too. It is good to see that one way or the other, the true colors of all the characters are being brought out, it keeps things interesting & makes me look forward to it.

Fahad obviously has a big plan in his mind just because Hareem was naive enough to tell him that she has a sound background. Fahad believes in short cuts but to my surprise, his friend seems to be a decent person who keeps on reminding Fahad about how wrong his thinking is. Tariq obviously feels for Hareem because he knows she is a very nice person & Fahad is just fooling her which she surely doesn’t deserve. Hareem is very immature, that is why she shares each & every little detail with Fahad, in stead of analyzing the situation. She doesn’t understand that the moment she tells Fahad everything, he comes up with another plan to conceal the truth. Fahad really doesn’t know much about Shabbir’s brother Qadeer, that is why he thinks he can file a lawsuit using women rights as a base & win Hareem’s property back.

Fahad obviously is the sort of a person who is bringing out the worst in Hareem & she is unable to see that. His advice to her where he told her to not budge & not pay heed to anyone else went to show that he doesn’t want Hareem to focus on anything else as he knows that her family is wise enough to warn her against him. Fahad really thinks he has hit a jackpot but little does he know that nothing can go against Qadeer in that area as he has a lot of contacts & resources.

I really liked the way Zubaida took Hareem out for shopping, it was good to see someone paying attention to Hareem because she needs it the most. Her life has changed completely & going by how hard Nighat is on her, she is unable to cope up with everything, so to see someone trying to make Hareem happy was good. The time she spent with her sisters was good too, Hareem is just like a little child who loves attention & wants to be happy but then again, Nighat came & spoiled everything for her. Why does she feel the need to have Nadia & Sadia spy on Hareem? Nighat loves to play the victim whereas she doesn’t realize that she hurts Hareem the most too. She spoiled her mood & later when Hareem misbehaved, Nighat started seeking sympathy from her beloved & perfect daughters who then again started holding Hareem responsible for the tension that they face every now & then.

Just because Fahad pushed Hareem a little, she started questioning about her property once again but I think Zubaida shouldn’t hold back & should tell Hareem that Qadeer won’t allow her to live if she tries to go into his territory because there’s no other way that Hareem would understand & stop probing about the wealth that doesn’t belong to her anymore. Zubaida is unnecessarily holding back such important information from Hareem & it makes no sense actually.

Looks like Areeba has an important role to play too. She knows Fahad through a connection that even he doesn’t remember about, which suggested that Hareem will learn about his previous engagement too but then again, Fahad knows the art of sweet-talking & I am sure he will convince Hareem very easily. Overall, this episode was interesting too & I am looking forward to the next one as well. Please share your thoughts too.

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