Teri Chah Mein – Episode 11 – Kitni Chai Aur?!

Teri Chah Mein – Episode 11 – Kitni Chai Aur?!

Subah tum say mulaqaat huee aur sham mein tumhari maa say – LOL! The constant assumption by everyone that Mehwish is Faisal’s mother is actually beginning to feel funny now. Mehwish’s obvious recoil at the words and empty stare seem to have become her standard response to such statements. What I find interesting is how everyone seems to be mentally marking Mehwish off as the evil one and labeling Faisal as the bechara who was snared into this marriage. True, Mehwish did marry a younger man and that too her daughter’s ex fiancé but how come nobody ever says Faisal married an older woman and that too his ex fiance’s mother in the same judgmental tone. Interesting – except that this is such a real portrayal of this aspect of our society.

Moving forward, the not so happy trio that is Mehwish,Zara and Faisal has begun to come out of itself and they are introduced to new faces. Mehwish has unwittingly thrown a vulnerable, lonely, ignored Faisal into the concerned arms of Amber and her mother. Amber’s mother while initially came off as a friendly neighbour looking out for a younger new neighbour seems to have become a serious case of elfy glue! If something ends up brewing between Faisal and Amber which seems to be a likely scenario and if her mother is horrified I shall have serious issues with her mental state! The constant bulawas’ and insistence to stay and have chai (haye, those endless cups of chai in this drama!!) or eat or chat and commenting that poor guy lives all alone – seriously what is she thinking?


Aap ki khushiyon ki keemat aap kay bachon nay adda ki hai. Okay, I have tried to give Mehwish a chance here. Since the day I started watching this drama and as event after event unfolded I had my own opinions but a small part of me gave Mehwish the benefit of the doubt, a possibility for her to redeem herself somehow. Mehwish tries to use the ‘I am a mother,wife,daughter etc but I am also a person first’ card and while I use that card to be able to sneak off for a power nap or have my tea in peace without the kids tearing each other apart – I somehow can not stomach her using that line to marry her daughter’s ex fiancé! Zara’s statement although a bit dramatic since her brother really did not have to commit suicide – yet is not far from the truth. I may not be a fan of her plan of action now but it does shed light on how a child views whatever her mother has done. Anyways, if we were to let bygones be bygones, then moving forward Mehwish is doing absolutely nothing to make Faisal, Zara or any of us warm up to her. Her wedding to Faisal and the circumstances etc be left behind how about the havoc she is wreaking now.

Zara’s wedding has become her top most priority. Every woman worries about her daughter’s wedding, fair enough. But Zara is still in college and Mehwish claims to have big dreams for her, wanting to see her educated, confident and able to make her own decisions but hey, u turn – Mehwish knows what’s best for Zara and at this very moment that is her marriage. Okay before Zara’s father died, yes there were talks of having Zara’s wedding date fixed but then considering how Mehwish resents how she was forced into a marriage, would you not think she would not bring that upon her own daughter. Also, this obsession of Zara’s wedding seems to be fueled more by the desire to have Zara married and out of the house so Faisal can move back in rather than Zara’s actual welfare!

The moment Mehwish sees Faisal talking to Amber was probably the only time I really felt Mehwish’s personality come through. I said in my earlier reviews that something was off with Mehwish and I think I felt that way because although Mehwish had taken a controversial step in her life I still wanted to be able to form an opinion about her, to see aspects of her personality aside from the new marriage. And the past couple of episodes had begun to show us how jealousy had begun to rear its ugly head but Mehwish scoffing at the new neighbours and slapping Zara and lashing out at Zara and Faisal coupled with how she is dealing with Zara’s marriage leaves no doubt in my mind of the kind of person Mehwish is becoming or maybe has been. Seems like Zara’s plan of revenge is not so far fetched and may happen sooner than later!

The past couple of episodes and preview for the next show how Mehwish is struggling to adapt to society’s perception of her. Faisal will find himself another mum-daughter duo and forgive me for this snide thought but I hope it is not Amber’s mother he falls for while Amber falls for him! What a fitting end to this drama this would be, ha! This guy’s past record he kuch aisa hai. Anyways, I am hoping there is more to this drama now than the seemingly obvious. I found this interesting in the first place due to the fast pace and wild chain of events but I have a feeling the drama will just focus now on how Mehwish will continue to be a negative, insecure character who ends up pushing Faisal away and Zara gloating at her success – the end! I would love to be proven wrong and have some more substance to this drama. I have finally made peace with Mehwish’s character and Maria Wasti’s acting as the insecure woman wallowing in self pity, destroying the few relationships she has left finally hit home with me today. What did you all make of this episode? Would love to hear your thoughts. For those of us watching Besharam, we know what Wahab Sunaraya thinks of his in laws – would love to hear what he makes of Mehwish and her ‘mentally poor’ clan!

Kunwal Javid