Teri Meri Love Story – Trailer is out

Teri Meri Love Story (تیری میری لو اسٹوری) is an Urdu film directed by Jawwad Bashir. It is the second film directed by Jawwad Bashir, where the horror film Maya released last year in June 2015 was his first film.

Jawwad Bashir a multi-talented person is mainly known for directing sitcoms, music videos and Ufone commercials. He was also part of a music band Dr. Aur Billa active in 1990s and also acted in various sitcoms.

Ushnah Shah, Omer Shahzad, Leyla Zuberi are making their debut on big screen from this film.

Cast: Salman Shahid,Leyla Zuberi,Mohib Mirza,Uzma Khan,Ushna Shah,Mohsin Abbas Haider,Ahmed Abdul Rehman,Omer Shahzad,,Hassan Khan  & Jawad Bashir
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: 2 September 2016
Director of Photography:Farhan Golden
Production Designer:Sami Ullah
First Assistant Director:Ahmed Waqas
Choreographer:Nigah Hussain
Music By:Afzal Hussain & Ahsan Pervez
Hair Make up & Styling :Madiha Qaiser
Wardrobe:Hira Zeeshan
Wardrobe Consultant :Roshanay Ghumman
Co Producer:Muhammad Ehtisham
Produced by :Summit Entertainment
Written by:Jawad Bashir & Ahmed Abdul Rehman
Directed by :Jawad Bashir
Distributed by: Summit Entertainment

Here is the trailer released today.


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Trailer courtesy of PakistaniCinema Fan page

Facebook page of Teri Meri Love Story

Rashid Nazir Ali

Rashid Nazir Ali