Teri Raza Episode 16 Review – Sickening!

I just can not believe that Suhana had the audacity to say ‘meinne kuch nahi kiya’ after putting Imtiyaz through so much. It is absolutely sickening to see Suhana play the victim all the time, it is like she is aloof to the idea of understanding or realizing that she can be at fault too. It is absolutely sickening to see a character like Suhana on screen who gets away with everything & more than that, she herself doesn’t see her mistakes, like for once, I haven’t seen her feeling guilty for all of her lies & deceit. In stead of seeing her own mistakes, she played the victim saying ‘Imtiyaz ko mai achi nahi lagti, mere ma baap ko mai achi nahi lagti’, I think she should’ve said ‘saray drama viewers ko mai zeher lagti hoon’ because that’s the truth but since Suhana believes in lies, she wouldn’t admit this!

I felt for Imtiyaz a lot when he heard Suhana say that she loves Rameez. Even though I felt that this episode could’ve been reasonable but there were so many flaws & glitches that they reinforced the fact that I was watching an episode of Teri Raza where nothing makes sense. Anyways, Imtiyaz found out what was in Suhana’s heart all this while & the way he approached this entire issue made his character even better. Imtiyaz understood that just because Suhana was being a pain, he had to be dignified about it & had to gracefully end this relationship which was causing pain to him & most importantly Suhana.

I just couldn’t believe that after doing so much, Suhana still had the guts to stand in front of Imtiyaz, look into his eyes & say that she was telling him the ‘truth’. It is cringe worthy to see her being so oblivious of her reality which is based on lies. Anyways, just because Imtiyaz decided to call it quits, Suhana once again turned it into an opportunity to make herself look like a victim saying that she hasn’t done anything? Seriously, she should ask herself this question first in stead of asking others as to what she has done?

Suhana said she made a decision that she is going to compromise for the rest of her life, I think she should’ve rephrased it by saying that she is going to make Imtiyaz’s life miserable for the rest of her life because let’s face it, she has gotten used to the luxuries that her marriage with Imtiyaz has given to her, so she is now thinking of leaving Rameez, but still she will do this while having him in her heart because for her this marriage is a compromise & she can not be sane enough to get over her ex boyfriend & give her husband a chance who truly is a gentleman & loves her. I was actually glad that Imtiyaz found out what a liar Suhana was!

I just didn’t get why all of a sudden Zafar & Talat started getting all this coverage? Also, I found it amusing that out of all the people, the man who was least bothered about his daughter was now emerging as an informer who was informing his family of everything that was happening in Suhana & Imtiyaz’s life. First it used to be Talat but now it was Zafar who was acting like a newscaster telling everyone that Imtiyaz wasn’t talking to Suhana, that Imtiyaz left for Europe (only to show up in the next scene as if he never left), that Imtiyaz was not going to forgive Suhana? Talat’s meltdown made me laugh a lot because before that, the howler in Shaheen Khan woke up & she howled for a good few minutes pleading her case that she isn’t a loon, even if she behaves like one!

Talat took it on her that she was the one who went ahead with the Istikhara & hid everything from everyone? Also, Zafar was like Talat didn’t tell him before that Suhana was interested in someone whereas I clearly remember that on Suhana’s Mehandi night, Talat told her husband that she is happy everything went by smoothly & Rameez didn’t create a scene? Seriously, the amount of flaws in the script & direction make it hard for me to believe that the team of Teri Raza was even serious before making this drama. Another thing I noticed was that Talat told Suhana that she was pregnant & if we believe that she actually is pregnant, why there were no celebrations happening like before, like no one even talked about it, not even Sitara in order to convince Imtiyaz that he shouldn’t leave Suhana? The story & the characters of this drama are all over the place & it shows that the writer was may be half-asleep while writing this script!

I just don’t understand, when Sitara told Talat & Zafar that Imtiyaz won’t be leaving Suhana & that he will be giving her another chance, why did Zafar feel the need to tell his mother that Imtiyaz wants to part his ways with Suhana? May be he is tired of his mother & her English & that’s why he wants her out of this drama as well? Anyways, I just don’t get Suhana’s character, she is one twisted psychopath who is so mentally scattered that she has no idea what she wants from her life. She says she accepted this marriage because of Istikhara, but she can not get over Rameez, she can not accept Imtiyaz but now wants to compromise while still having her ex boyfriend in her heart. Also, when Imtiyaz decided to clear her way, she was unhappy about it? Why? What a cheap character I must say! Anyways, please share your thoughts about this episode of Teri Raza.

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