Teri Raza Episode 8 Review – Surprisingly Decent!

Ohkay so, I never really thought I would find myself saying this but I must confess, I found this episode of Teri Raza quite interesting, lol. I know this will come as a surprise but I have a good explanation for it. This happened because after weeks of torture, I found one decent character in this play who I found realistic & relate-able & yes, that is Imtiyaz. It doesn’t mean that I would stop calling him Paa Mmtyaz but at least he seems sane one out of the lot, for now. I am also going to say that the loopholes of the story are still there, there are still so many unreasonable things, conversations & dialogues in this drama that make me question its purpose but overall, this episode was surprisingly & fairly decent!

Well, just when Suhana found herself stuck in this marriage, Imtiyaz, like a doting husband started making amends only to make her feel comfortable & loved. Imtiyaz has started changing himself to fit the image that Suhana had in her mind of her life partner but looks like there’s nothing that is going to ever please Suhana in regards to this marriage because if Imtiyaz fixes one thing, she finds a reason to complain about the other, if he directs his energies on that matter, she opens a new case.

It is not a mystery anymore & the answer is pretty simple, Suhana doesn’t love/like Imtiyaz so there’s nothing that he would do would make her or her feelings change but then, in the middle of this for the first time I felt Imtiyaz was the one who was suffering. Yes, at first I did find him selfish but then like he said he always wanted to know if she was happy, at least he tried finding out about it before marriage & continued to find answer to this concern of his after his marriage too but since Suhana is so difficult, his simplest of methods, simplest of questions are being dissed & his confusion makes sense because he on his own is doing everything for her but it’s just not enough!

The writer here is trying to show that if someone is not in love, they can not lead a happy married life but then, Suhana is completely unreasonable because no one, absolutely no one forced her into this marriage & she herself was the one who took one for the team to protect them from Istikhara’s Badshaghuni, so if there’s someone she should be angry at, it is Suhana herself. She should blame herself first before blaming anyone. To be honest, I don’t feel a thing for her character nor do I find her or her struggles relate-able because as clichéd as it may sound but Imtiyaz has turned out to be a loving husband whereas Rameez not only betrayed her but he ditched her too, called her a gold digger, created a scene at her home, misbehaved with her mother, but still if she sees ‘him’ as an ideal man than by all means she can just jump off the roof & the viewers would be rejoicing, cheering & hooting because she is coming across as a psychopath!

I must say, I am ready to forgive Shehroz’s choice of T-shirt in this episode because of his dialogue ‘mai sir tor doonga’ which he used for Suhana’s mother, hahah! I laughed out loud at that moment & completely agreed with him because that entire scenario was so bizarre. First off, Suhana stuffed things up, she herself clearly told Imtiyaz that she isn’t happy because this wasn’t a love marriage & then immediately started posing as a toddler in front of her mother saying that she had ‘no’ idea why Imtiyaz was behaving differently, like she covered herself up & put the entire blame on Imtiyaz saying that he has grown suspicious, without even holding herself accountable for the bizarre behavior that she has portrayed ever since she has gotten married. So, anyways, she stuffed things up, like Suhana knows how to create a scene but when she had to make amends & had to fix things, she started acting like a fish out of the water, totally clueless like a child about what she should do & spoke to her mother & that mother, as weird as her name is, took the entire matter in another direction. It is so amusing that where Talat has ZERO control over her own princess-like daughter, she thinks she can control someone like Rameez who misbehaved with her right on her face? That entire scenario was so bizarre but the only best thing about it were the reactions of Rameez & his mother where they literally insulted Talat & treated her with disrespect because that is what she deserves. Not that I am a fan of his character of I am advocating him, but Rameez has given a complete closure to Suhana’s chapter, so it was absolutely unreasonable of Talat to even assume that he can harm Suhana’s already damaged, broken & imperfect relationship! It would’ve been so much better if in stead of speaking to Rameez’s mother, Talat had spoken to Suhana & had told her about the consequences that she would face. It’s like Talat herself doesn’t want Suhana to come to a complete closure about Rameez’s chapter, that is why she rekindled this done & dusted affair so that Suhana doesn’t forget about him! I swear, Talat is turning out to be one of the worst mothers I have seen on-screen, like anything that this woman says or do makes me cringe!!!

Imtiyaz tried to reason with Suhana & found out that she doesn’t love him, even then he seemed justified because he nullified Suhana’s theory of love missing from this relationship because if not from her side, there’s love in this marriage from his side at least. Well, it is quite obvious that the salty cousin, whatever her name is, is going to replace Suhana in Imtiyaz’s life but it is funny how she looks like a dog stuck with a bone because every single conversation that has taken place between Imtiyaz & her, has only revolved around how Suhana snatched Imtiyaz; the bone away from her? Like seriously girl, wearing a coat doesn’t make you look professional, your attitude needs to be professional as well, like who discusses family matters & incomplete un-knotted ‘rishtas’ at workplace? That salty cousin legit seems unhappy that she couldn’t bag Imtiyaz’s proposal, like gurl, get a life!

Along with Suhana, her atittude, everything about her, another thing that I found absolutely weird was her dialogue where she said ‘meri dost ne to khudh kushi bhi karne ki koshish ki thi’, like what sort of dialogues are these? In every other episode you find such dialogues that make you question writer’s mentality & sensibility. Seriously in this day & age are you promoting suicide as some kind of standard which people try to reach in order to prove their love? I wish the writer had understood that with the pen used for scripts, comes a greater responsibility too but oh well, chaat masala conversations leave quite an impression!

I must say this Jeena’s character is quite annoying, like seriously doesn’t she have anything better to do than to speak about Suhana in front of Rameez & vice versa? She seems obsessed & if she thinks she is coming across as a well-wisher then please someone borrow a pin & burst her bubble because she looks absolutely aimless & lifeless. It was so bizarre that she went through the pain of arranging a meeting with Suhana to inform her of what her mother did, like she could’ve just spoken to her over the phone. Then her claim that ‘Rameez aik bohat acha larka hai’, like excuse me? Appse kiss ne poocha? Weird!

Anyways, this episode had its weird moments because it wouldn’t be Teri Raza without such scenarios but other than that, I found Imtiyaz’s side of the story pretty decent & relate-able. Suhana’s character is a pain to watch & Sanam Baloch’s forlorn face is not helping either. Shehroz Sazbwari gets full points for that one dialogue that he said about another most annoying character Talat. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Teri Raza!

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