The Critiques Have Ruined Tamgha-e- Imtiaz for Everyone

Fahad Mustafa in Waseem Badami show said , Mehwish Hayat getting Tamgha e Imtiaz turned into the biggest controversy of Pakistan and I dont know why everyone is angry on her getting Tamgha e Imtiaz.

He said Ismael Tara, and other big artists if would have got presidential awards in their youth, their attitude towards it would have surely been different. They aren’t accepting it because that time it was difficult to get acknowledged and rewarded at early age now things have been changed and the social media has played important role in increasing popularity of stars, so all these reasons added to the scenario and it was very well deserved award because Mehwish has given 4 movies which did 50 crore business so please accept the fact wholeheartedly.

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Fahad said they ( the Critics) have ruined it (Tamgha – E-Imtiaz) for all of the younger and older lot, I don’t think so now anybody will feel so great to be rewarded most prestigious civil Award.

He further added previously Amir Liaqat Wanted to be part of my film Load Wedding but later he talked on filing case on us and it all ignited with Mehwish Hayat got Tamgha – E- Imtiaz.

Fahad Mustafa ‘s blatant Opinions show that how fearless he is regarding every grouping and lobby and we wish him to be the same.

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  • Fahad Mustafa needs to get his facts correct, it is not the age of the actor getting tamgah e imtiaz that has bothered people but rather the fact that shameless n cheap people like himself are being considered for the country’s highest honour. He is right about one thing though, such people have definitely lowered its importance for those who actually deserve it-doctors, scientists, teachers, business professionals, people from the armed forces, these are the real heroes of Pakistan. So dear Fahad Mustafa get over yourself!

  • if they give it to actors who have worked hard in dramas rather then in films with hardly anything on then just maybe viewers would have something pleasing to say about it, but in drama awards they just have about 4 or 5 dramas which are selected in everything like as if only they are the only ones to come on that channel that year

  • As far as I know mehwish hayat got tamgha-e-imtiaz in arts/showbiz category so its very rude and low key to call her cheap and other horrible names as she was given the award. She did not steal it. However in my opinion she did not deserve it as there were plenty others well deserving candidate fir example bushra ansari.

  • So many other actors and actresses, writers, directors, singers, musicians, who have devoted their lives to showbiz still haven’t recieved any civilian awards.So many deserving, have been ignored for Yamaha imtiaz, for instance, Nadeem, rahat kazmi, talat hussain, shakeel, Ismail Tara, marina khan, Sania saeed, Noman ijaz, samina peerzada, and the list goes on. It’s so unfair that mehwish hayat was considered over them. Even humayun is more deserving than mehwish.
    Second Fahad is such a hypocrite, since mehwish and mohsin are his friends that’s why he said he is no one to judge them. However, in mahira khan and firdous jamal controversy, he tweeted that firdous Jamal had 2 min of fame by criticizing mahira. Shame on him for saying that for a legendary actor.

  • You said that Fahad is fearless if he would have been fearless why would not he call Shehbaz Sharif a Chor just because he fears….. Mind it

  • I only say that there’s allot people in this show biz which really deserves this award n that’s true which i read it that this not the age of actor to receive this category award onestly this award deserves professors doctors and most of all armed force Mans n in show biz bushra ansari is on the top to get this ,but unfortunately another politics is shown to nation ..anyways she herself knows k she didn’t deserves n how she got this everyone knew this

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