Zara Noor Abbas – New Fashion Icon of Pakistani Showbiz

Zara Noor Abbas is the new sensation. Even though she has been a part of the industry for quite a while now but she has recently started making a mark & is taking one project after another to showcase her talent. Zara Noor Abbas debuted in Hum TV’s drama Dharkan in 2016. She did gain some popularity but slowly & steadily she transformed herself to show that she was taking her celebrity status seriously. Zara Noor Abbas has been a part of some good dramas that have done well with the audience. After working in some dramas, Zara Noor Abbas has also ventured into the film industry & is now getting acclaimed in that domain as well.

Zara Noor Abbas started working on her looks & overall personality because she knew that this industry demands a celebrity to look a certain way. Zara Noor Abbas has not only lost weight but she has worked hard on stylizing herself. Zara Noor Abbas can totally be labeled as the new fashion icon of Pakistani showbiz industry. Zara Noor Abbas’s style can be termed as glamorous & chic. She is one of the most well-dressed celebrities of the current era & the best thing is that she knows what suits her best & what she can carry. Zara Noor Abbas’s makeup & hair-styling is always on-fleek as well. Zara has surely garnered a lot of popularity among her fans & the drama audience. She makes her pictures a visual treat and she shows it how she loves dressing up for herself & also for her fans. Zara Noor Abbas has amped up her styling & everything related to it. The best thing about Zara Noor is that she carries both eastern & western looks effortlessly, but when it comes to traditional clothing, she wears them with pride but adds a little modern touch to it, to make it appealing for her younger fans too. It is also interesting to see that every single picture of hers has a story to tell & has been photographed perfectly. This is Zara’s way of connecting with her fans & showing that she puts in a lot of effort behind it all.

Let’s take a look at the pictures that make us feel Zara Noor Abbas it the New Fashion Icon of our industry:

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  • Food for thought: you can look amazingly beautiful even with decently covered clothes. Nice to see a female artist/model promoting that.

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