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The Hardest Samina Peerzada Got Slapped By Life

Sameena is an ace actor, there is no doubt but what has made her famous all over the country and I’m sure outside the country as well is her web talk show. It started being called Rewind With Samina Peerzada but now it has been revamped as Speak Your Heart With Samina Peerzada. Her delicate and graceful style of of asking questions has been a rage.

While we are used to watching Sameena ask people questions about their life, this time around it’s a little different. Sameena appeared in Sanam Baloch’s morning show on Samaa TV. She said life keep throws lemons at you and you learn to take them. On being asked by Sanam what was the hardest part of her life, she replied when her parents got separated. They were four siblings and after their parents’ separation they all grew apart for some reason. She said she is a kind of a person who would always keep everyone tied in relationships. She likes to see everyone happy and around.

Well, that is life and it is never fair. But we love Samina has managed to do so well in her personal and professional life. What often happens is that people from the broken families have a hard time composing themselves. But it is not the case with Samina.