The Most Annoying Hosts

Please don’t judge me after reading the title, I am not some self proclaimed critic but just an ordinary viewer like you and the reason I am writing this article is so that I can share how I feel about some of the overrated, glorified, puffed up hosts in our industry. I was just watching television (or switching channels would be more like it), the reason I could not make myself stop on one channel was because of some of these hosts. They host some very important shows on different channels and I have given them a fair shot too, somehow they just annoy me every time I try to make myself watch one of their programs. Here are the names of some of the hosts who I have no idea why people like because I can’t stand them.

Sahir Lodhi:
The Most Annoying HostsThis “gentleman” has earned this top spot. I have watched many of his shows so I know only too well why I findhim so annoying.He is so full of himself. His expressions, body language, the way he dresses up, the way he tries to convince you that he was raised in England and his Urdu is very weak, infuriates me. The interesting thing is that most often his shows deal with topics that are very engaging but he ruins it all because of his hosting. I was watching one of his shows in which he was interviewing a girl who was a rape victim, while taking a commercial break, he said “we will be back after a short break, jaye ga nahi, kahani mei abhi aur bhi twists hei”. I thought this was such an insensitive thing to say. So, let me add that this host needs to learn some manners as well.


Shaista Lodhi:

Shaista Lodhi is another host who is so conscious about her looks and her body language that it is impossible for a viewer to feel comfortable watching her on-screen. There is hardly ever a time when the content of her show is good. Just distributing designer clothes to your viewers does not ensure the success of your morning show; one must work harder than that. I wonder why she is hosting a morning show on one of the top Pakistani channels.

Nida Yasir:

The Most Annoying Hosts

I liked Nida Yasir before she joined the rat race and lost the charm she once had because she was so genuine. That was the one thing about her that was very appealing. Nida Yasir always finds it very difficult to find the right words to express how she feels and her morning show relies on music more than anything else. The jokes are lame and she lacks the spontaneity that is needed to host a live show.





Hira And Mani:

The Most Annoying Hosts

These two host less and argue more. Hira’s arms are all over the place and she is checking herself in the camera all the time. Her dressing is disturbing to say the least. Mani hardly ever lets his wife talk and the two are constantly in an odd competition with each other. Their show is another one which is always ill planned.

I am sorry for sounding a little harsh but these hosts really need to brush up their hosting skills. What is your opinion about these hosts? If you are one of those people who like them, please tell me why, maybe I will get convinced!



My name is Shozib Ali. I have done Bachelors in Media Sciences. Currently Working as an administrator and content writer for reviewit.

  • I agree, I don't watch any of these shows as the hosts they think they know it all, and they don't give the guests to speak without interpreting

  • bilkul agree,u diagnosed their problems very efficiently.i cant understand how some people manage to like Sahir lodhi's hosting(acting infact is the right word here).

  • I agree that all of them are annoying but Nida Yasir is comparatively a better host than the rest mentioned above….

  • Totally agree with you 100%. These hosts never let their guests finish sentences & jump from one stupid question to another stupid question. TV channels should teach them some manners before giving them hosting jobs.

  • ohh the much awaited article. soooooo true.
    To me the whole concept of these morning show is rediculous
    over the top these annoying hosts are their to destroy mornings. lodhi siblings are the much irritating one in the whole world

  • Thumbs up dude…hundred percent agreed with u…they all host illmannerd…..n they even disrespect their callers………

  • kthat khusra lodhi needs to behave 1st bcs he tries to ack like sharukh khan wch he can nvr bcm ..
    he hold girls hands even shake hands hugs nd stuff like tstahat,
    i nvr understand wts he is tring to prove..
    thumbs up 4 u who wrt it

  • I strongly agree with you…i want to add one thing…I have noticed that these morning shows does not have new and different topics to discuss.If one morning show start showing marriage ceremony rest of them follow it and most embarrassing thing which i feel that now they are celebrating Baby shower as well, they are discussing pregnencies
    .What the hell??? Do not we have any productive and interesting issue to discuss?These morning shows just showing glamor, expensive dresses,makeup and all these stuff which everyone cannot afford.They are just creating illusion and imaginary life.

  • agreed with u ,shaista lodhi does not know hsoting skills i m also v ery much surprised that how she is continuing the show ,sahir is really sensitive host he is guy having many qualities but his styles and overacting is really irritating,nida yasir was really graceful actress but does not apeal as a host ,i also want to add fahad mustafa in this catagory who is a really nice actor but unfortunately a very boring host ,how can you forget Fiza ali ,u just cant tolerate her more than a minute in her morning show ,Hira and Mani are quite energetic but the same issue that hosting is a art not fun,as a host u must develop viewer intrest in ur show,atleast u should give some positive entertainment either u r interviewing a celebrity r raising a sensitive issue ,i must say these hosts should learn from our legends like Moin Akhter or Anwar Maqsood etc

  • First of all i would like to appreciate your effort, hats off to u sir Saud, i use to think why people like these hosts i can not tolerate them not more than 5 minutes, Secondly i would like to add Dr Aamir Liaqat in this list as well, so called religious scholar, he is nothing but a jerk i am afraid.

  • i totally agree with u dude…..sahir lodhi is a complete loser,over and show off type person….so is his lame sister….infact all our morning shows are soooooo stupid and ridiculous……i can't stand any of them particularly sahir lodhi…….and yess amir liaqat shoul've also been mentioned !!

  • totally agree with you….the morning shows are a real wastage of time.specislly sahir lodhi and mani hira REALLY need to know how to host a live show in an effective manner :S :S

  • i agree with all of u, but i think out of all the hosts that r being discussed nida is better than the person who was not discuused here is faisal qureshi and i think he has a decent show.

  • Nice analysis. Poor things are so busy in pretending who they are not, that they hardly have an original idea. All the time they keep projecting themselves. They never have a script. So far only Shan n Savaira Nadeem managed to present decently.

  • Mani and Hira must be banned on tv channels as they have no skills at all to do any activity on tv. They are bad acters and anchors.

  • Nida is going much better than other stupid and funny hosts but yes, thats true that she needs some more efforts even she daily comes with new and good ideas….

  • I am happy that there is someone whose analytical skills allow us to share our views about these irritating host. Their rotten awful remarks and comments show their mental aptitude……..hats off to u dear..

  • agree 100% ye sab itnyy fzool host hain phir b log in ka show dykhna bnd q ni krty…ye sochny wale baat hay..or aik baat or app log kabi FARAH HUSAIN ka zikr q ni krty…she is such a nice lady and superb host…bury hosts ko to disscuss kia jata hay mgr ye aik ache bnde hay jis ka programe bhht km log dykhty hon gy q k ye baqi morniing shows ke trha rating k pechy ni bhag re..or har actor ajkl host bna hua hay.i think channels should stop this nonsense now…

    • bilkul theek kaha farah hussain bohat decent host hai or kam ki baat karti hai us k show ko dekh kr kuch acha seekhnay ko milta hai

  • Hira and Maani top of the charts of ill behaviour ,cheapness and are totally intolerable.Even Sahir Lodhi does better than them. After Hira and Maani comes the idiotic Shaista Wahidi/Shakilur Rehman.Shan ,Savera Nadeem,and Faisal conduct themselves with utter grace and decency.Hira and Mani should be banned.

  • ink shows me kuch aesa mahe milta chahy ramadan ho ya normal routin jis sy hmy kuch sikhny ko mily, bjae apny islam ko agy phelany k india ko hr chez me dal rahy hain unhe ki rasomat bla bla nachna gana jbk hmara islam ijazat nahe dyta is sb ki.. kapry to MASHAALLAH hoty hain any walo k..

  • yeah ur right especially 100% right over hira n mani seriousely hiras hands are always on her hairs………she only make face expression n her laugh is ahhhhhhhh

  • i agree ,shaista n sahir both are self obsessed individuals there shows completly based on who they are what the can do how they look there shows are basically me, mai i mujy mera manay n all mai mai mai, the only additional thing is music n gana bajana there is hardly anyother content i think these brother n sisters hav a very strong sifarish coz of which they r on tv .
    nida completly lack spontaneity her show also lack content.
    n lastly i feel sorry for mani,his wife completly ruined his individuality he ws a acha bhala host wen ws wid azfar bt hira mani wen together they only talk to each other

  • i strongly AGREE with each and every word….these all hosts and all their shows are absolutely annoying and pointless…..they all should read this article and all the comments and take this as constructive criticism so that they can learn how to actually host a tv show and persuade the viewers for their art skills!

    • Exactly. Branded kapray pehannay k ilawa baten karmic b ani chaien. Hira jab baten karma shru hoti hai tou sari jahilyat para chal jati hai Chahay kitnay achay kapray q na pehannay .

  • i totallly agreeeeeeee. its like my words in ur article. all morning shows r nothing but crap. the only thing they care abt is RATING. i think morning shows were excellent in our childhood. even a "madari" of street is better than these cheapsters. only farah's show on ATV is bit decent.

  • i m strongly agree with ur views……shaista aapi aur sahir bhai ko khud pata nae chalta..wo kea keh rhy han!!!!morning shows ma jst shadi k function aur fashion ki baat hti ha….koi knowledge nae milta….news chanl hu ya entrtainmnt,sb py jitna b program lagty han.drama lagty han. …………… ajeeb host han..dressing b ajeeb hti ha….

  • every person has its on school of thougt,i wont say anything that seems little ill…
    to me its all about people and their demands who watch them daily,they do and speak what peple want actually,i would like to say one thing whenever i watch any of above "s show especially of sahir i always read the text msgs on the bottom of screen i always find the admiring words for him like U ARE LOOKING OSOME…I LIKE YOU VERY MUCH U HAVE WORN NICE SHIRT..nd so n so…WHAT IS THIS..????
    Actually the problem is we are beauty concious people….so grow up ,its all about us!!!

    • inn mein se kaun hai beautiful,people are so crazy,itne andhe ho gae hain k just imagine freida pinto jisse dekh k lagta hai k kabhi moo nahin dhoya oose bhi most beautiful ki list mein dala hua hai.

  • yaar sub bardast hojatay hain but yeh SAHIR LODHI bardasht nhi hota us ko na pehnay ki tameez hay na bolnay ki full garmi k mousam may jacket pehnta hay yeh teste hay asal may us ka apna tu kuch bhi nhi hay aaj tak woh sirF SHAH RUKH KHAN K naam ka hi khaarhah hay or waisay bolo tu saaf mana kardeta hay or raat k fm show may back groud SRK ki film ka chala kar usi ki trah mukalmay bazi karta hay khuda k liye is khud sakhta star ka azaab say jan chorao yaar geo walay tu itnay pagal hain k agar koi kuta bhi mashoor hojaye usay bhi host bana latay hay kab aqal aaye gi insub ko allah inhain aqal-e-saleem atta farmaye aameen

    • arry yaar yeh geo ka saala hy
      and u know salaa adha ghar waala hota hy to iss ka kuch nhi ho saktaa

    • Yar khali sahir ko nahe, un pagal mian bovi ka b kuch Karo bilkul bardasht nahe hotay. cheapness ko limit hen. Allah karay koi tv channel ka admi comments purhay or in logo pe ban lag Wye.ameen.

    • janab tahir sahab aap ne shahrukh khan ko to capital letters me likh diya but ALLAH ko small letters me…………….. kuch to hosh karen………. kon ziada important he aap k liye?????????????

  • sahir and shaista………….. about them.. i dont agree with u .. dear …!!!!!! they have got some thing for what they are payed and to be put on tv for the viewers … only few of the people could be agreed with u but i dont agree. coz there is some thing in them u cant deny…. !
    if they had had bad in hosting they would have been fired or got good place in their homes to be rest for the rest of the life . so baby dont give a shit about that .. ! would be good for you .. !!! people like them people want them to b on morning show thats why they are coming …

  • aik host per moral responsibilities bohat zyada hoti hein jo k yeh log bilkul bhi nhi samjhty hamary society mein har trah k viewers hein per in sy sirf elite class hi fascinate ho sakti hy har koi nhi kyunky in ki fashion race ko wohi follow ker sakty hy
    yeh society ko sudhaarty kam or bigaar zyada rahy hein

  • well said …. i am strongly agreed with your views about them …… Now they must need a break …. we dun wanna see these craps on tv .

  • wellllllllllll said mere dil ki baat kar di aap ne………bu i still lyk nida she is still genuin thoughnt a gud host according to ya…….but those annoying sister nd brother nd dt annoying couple ufffffffffffffffffff wish culd kick thm out ov da stages…………da annoying couple ix just criticising evry1 sofaar i hv seen thm………

  • Very true analysis.Meri list 100 percent aapki list se match karti hay.Sahir Lodhi to pakka safarshi hay.Gorron k show ka format copy karne se aap gore nahi ban jate.Sab se acha aur decent show Shaan aur Fahad Mustafa karte hain.

  • shaista wahidi you should start caring of your house and your family. sahir lodhi stay till the limit of radio. hira your nt an actor nor your for hosting kindly get rest. mani i cant even bare you on radio what you communicate what you say just cross away frm my mind, you should go for speech therapy. Nida is decent one but she should work hard to polish her hosting skill. fahad mustafa, faisal qureshi, nadia khan and shaan your doing good job.

  • sahir lodhi , shaista wahidi, hira , mani, aamir liaquat and maya khan inko koi circus ki job day di jaye. channels should know that kay people are started disliking them, so just beaware iss say apki rating mazeed giray gi. INn bandrun ko circus main bithao.

  • sahir lodhi aur shaista wahidi dafa ho jao. hira mani bhar main jao. hum waisay he meera veena sai tung hain.

      • True.. I wish they realise that hosting is not for them.. Mani and hira should meet a psychiatrist.

        • Lol….Or start the Abilify as soon as possible or use an old remedy for people like mani n Hira should be on from get go …. who have acquired "verbal diarrhea" is Lithium that will calm both of them down and keep viewers sane in the process

  • Mani and hira are really so unbearable. I don't know why are they still hosting. They should at least learn to talk and sit properly. They talk so lame without any lines or meaning, they neither know English nor Urdu correctly, they talk so rubbish. I never met a person who likes them.

  • Nida is quite ghareloo type, shaista and sahir are educated but so annoying. Mani and hira are so irritating, hira talks quack quack and laughs all the time, they both have no message in their conversation, they talk about themselves only.. I think they should quit this industry

  • Well, good critisim. I dont have time to watch the morning show as I am doing job in an emergency service. however, I would like to say thay "Bongiyan" ziada hoti hain or kaam ki baat kamm he hoti hay…. Decentness is less… so everyone needs to work upon hosting skills.. like also Sadia Imam and all otherss…..

  • All these suckz… Well hira and mani shud be banned… And those annoying sister and brother shud be kicked out of industry…

  • nadia khan ka koi comparison nahi hai…. usne apne show mai apne dresses kia gift karna shuru kie … in sab hosts khas tor se female hosts ne apne apne show ko "NEELAAM GHER" bana lia hia … nida k eid k shows ufff.. itni ajeeb or over harkatain … apni hi shadi yasir se dobara… kabi mishi ki shadi… kabi sadia imam ki shadi… guests ko bulwa k andey banwa rahi hai… samina pirzada is so gracefull unse gola falooda banwa rahi hai.. guests ko koi aise entertain karta hia…. frauks gowns pehen k choti bachiyo ki tarhaan ghoomna…. uffff……..
    or wo shaista aik hi dadi hai usk pas …. rikshaw ka set pe kia kam? sabzi market ka set pe koi tuk banta hai…..
    apne apko hi dekhti rehti hain yeh log…. wo aik FIZZA ALI b hain
    ufff morning show pe konsi aqalmand host bridal outfit pehenti hai…………

    had hai bhai……… koi to sense karo

  • completely agree with the post above. stopped watching all the morning shows because of the annoyance.

  • 100% agree with the content morning shows have no objective except to spoil the morning with nonsense things that r being done nothing positive

  • soooooooooo true all of these r so bad in hosting as well as on looksssss specially sahir the gay…

  • sahir lodhi gay baap ko samney bitha kr dono behn bhai dance k mazey laitey bayhodgi hai..sahir lodhi teenager ki taran uchalta kodta dressing krta or shah rukh ki copy krne k elawa iska koi kam nai hai..young lagne k chakr mein slim ho ho k heejra bn gya hai..shah rukh ki taran asteen chara kr or coffee ka mug pakr kr or 4 welley logon ko samney bitha kr apni tareefey kewata rehta hai..wo isko pakistani shah rukh keh keh k asman pae charatey hain or badley maein ye unko tv pae lae k atta hai…or iski behn shaista wahidi burhapey mein divorce lae k blkul pagal ho gyi hai..os ne tu permanent fazila qazi ko chimtaya howa hai,,nach gana uchal kodh bayhoda mazaq k elawa in k shows mein kch nai…or mani or hira ki tu kia baat hai,,un dono ko tu dosron mein keerey nikalney k elawa tu koi kam he nai..hira ko tu iss position mein b chain nai unka bus chaley tu delivery b tv pae he krwa daen…kyonk hira ka baby shower tu hr morning show mein ho chuka hai,,ab dikhen delivery kis morning show mein hoti hai..ALLAH ka wasta hai in mrning shows ko bnd karein jo nai nasal ko complex mein dalney k elawa kch nai kr rahe…or geo ko especially sahir lodhi or shaista waidi ko fire krna chaye..kyon apna standarad low kr rahe hain…iss se pehle b main ne geo channel pae ye post kia hai..

    • Honestly yar. Nida k show pe hira nay ktni cheap baten ki thin, bilkul sharam nahe hai us bandi main. Mani shadi se phlay tou radio pe sari lrkio say bd tamizi karta tha. Us se kaho apni biwi ko hi sambhal lay, first baby ki puri delivery discuss ki hira nay nida k show pe..

    • well said aisha n we also thnk dat……aftr some times morning shows main mujra b start ho jay ga n……channels should stop all this nonsense…..en se better ha ye national geogrphics ky animals dikha dain ,,,, dukh to ni ho ga as wo insan ni hain

    • yup just stop these morning shows nonsense Ptv per jaise mustansir hussain aatey they that morning show was the best humien waisey m.shows bananey chahiye nakey jin bhooton aur pagalon ki tarhan naachney gaaney k sab pagal latey hain jinon se bacho ko darao bewaqoof log and sahiiiiiirrrr loooodddhhhhiiii i hate him He is the worst anchor i have ever seen in my whole life srk ki jaisa lagney k chakar main aisi larkiyon waali adahien dekhata hai yuck!!! he is truly unbearable aur us ki behen bhi kuch kam nahi she also wanna c herself lyke a teenage girl they all are so irritable and disgusting

    • also mention he dressing dears,uffffffff when ever i saw the hostesses they seen like ready to go to wedding ceremony.WHAT IS THIS?what re trying to convey?they all must dress up nicely nt like a bride ready to go.BOREDof all this buqwass.and now stoped to watch any show,which is the last solution.

  • Sahir Lodhi. The person behind so much debate. Honestly, I am a big fan of his.

    Dear Saud, Please take the time to listen to Sahir Lodhi's much acclaimed Radio shows. He is no way near poor in Urdu, in fact all his poetry is written, or shall i say presented 'only' in Urdu. I personally find him very modest, and a genuinely nice human being. The way he interacts with his fans, to the way he handles his show so effortlessly is honestly amazing. His shows are very easy going. Not too concentrated, unlike some.

    Now comes this. His dressing and his face. Yes, he does dress uptight, and yes he does look like his face is caked with makeup. And, yes. This is the only reason people judge him. And yes, this is the problem with our society. 'Judging the book by its cover'. We always have to be lured in by beauty. Always. We need to embrace talent. (or at least this is why i think so many people are against him, they cant simple stand his appearance)

    And yeah, i agree with all the other ones. Total rubbish. Shahista, Hira and Mani, and Nida Yasir. Ugghhh. ugghh.

    • @ Outer space: I'm going to differ to you where you say that Sahir Lodhi is very modest & genuinely nice human being. You've mentioned that you 'find' him nice does definitely not make him nice. I have seen a few of his shows too & look at the people he used to call as his guests in Sahir Lodhi Show. They were all simpletons belonging to a certain sort of a background where he knew they won't be able to outbid him. & on the other hand when some celebrity came as a guest, he ended up cracking pathetic jokes & interfering whenever they were saying something useful.

      He just can not stand anyone above him, that's why he used to call such people. & yes in the article where Saud says that he always mentioned about his weak Urdu is something I've heard a million times too. Once Tapu Zaveri (photographer) was his guest & he normally mentioned about 'gugu ghoras' some sort of puppets once sold in Karachi & there he found the opportunity & swooped in saying wha wha whaattt is thaa thattt in his self-made accent followed by the same pathetic dialogue that I ain't profound in Urdu. So just once question to him? What are you doing at a Pakistani Urdu Channel? Go to ABC or any other channel in the world & throw your self-proclaimed accent.

    • @outer space I totally agree with you. they are judging sahir k wo jhota khud ko England ka kehta hai jb k un k hr fan ko achi tarah pata hai k wo Houston me ja k parha hai or aj tk in sb ka zikr wo apne radio show me krte rehte hain so how can people call him jhoota??? I never watch any morning shows but his radio shows are worth listening….
      Maze ki bat ye hai k ye sb host kamyab morning shows host karahe hain log pagalon ki tarah dekhte hain in sb ko…. phr aap kaise inko bura keh skte ho jb most public wants to see them… I also work in channel & really shocked k ye sb log real me pagalon ki tarah call krte hain morning shows me

    • I am not a fan of sahir lodhi but i agree we should not judge people by their looks and dressing but unfortunately in our society everyone sees the way you dress

    • AND He was'nt raised in England… He was raised in Railway Colony Karachi. Get your facts right. You Cant critisize when you don't know anything.
      Plus his Urdu is way better than so many others and he even writes poetry. So that's another lame point by you.

  • LOL! This is one fun article I've come across & the comments make it more laughable. I honestly agree to each & every word of the article & to the words of the people who have left their comments. They all know how to degrade each other in order to fish for the TRP's.

    Sahir Lodhi is self-proclaimed saint of the industry. He believes that he's doing all this uchal kood as a khidmat e khalq & to relax people when they tune to their tvs whereas he has forgotten that he only provides headaches to all. I have seen so many shows of his & all he know is look down on people & make fun of them & if a person a bit more learned comes in front of him, he starts cracking cheap jokes just to show 'you ain't any better'.

    Shahista Wahidi "a woman who slips on her set while stepping on a cake" is no better. Both of these siblings are in literal sense retards. Shahista Wahidi looks a person victim of malnutrition. LOL!

    Nida Yasir is such a gharelu amman that she has nothing better to talk apart from desi todkay, shadiyan & how Yasir degrades her when she's at home. She fails to realize that she is not in her dining room while on the show & just yaps about her gharelu maslay.

    Mani & Hira should make a home video of themselves & should look at it for about 100 times. They'll definitely understand WHY PEOPLE HATE THEM TO BITS & they'll end up in a home arrest. Saw 1 episode of Hum Do Hamara Show & ended up having Panadol to reduce the after effects of the torture I suffered. The most rude people I believe in the industry & on screen are these two petty people because they JUST don't let anyone TALK. NEVER!

  • there r alot better things to do in the morning,instead of watching these morning shows which r the source of income for tv channels only… no entertainment,,only show off n artificial laughs,,, but i like fahad mustafa show personally cuz he is original , n full of energy that really makes u smile in morning.

  • sahir lodhi is the one man show host nothing else and hira and mani are over confident especially hira

  • i hate the both brother and sisiter (Sahir & Shaista).Both of them are over actor,over confident and over clever.thier talk,language and style all are artifical and Over.Please keep them away from your T.V sets.
    Saaista k tu apnay lagta Shadi k shoq hi nahi pory huwy jo apny show may shadi ki rasamy karti rahti hy aur lagta in shoq aur kami ko pora karny k liye us ny divorce li hy .

  • I totally agree with the writer. This is the duty of channel to bring better content in morning shows instead of weddings which forced us to change the channel. All the hosts are wasting our precious time… please change yourself or leave!

  • Goshh! I think the Article stands 100% true. That's all what every sensible man thinks. These are a bunch of ridiculous hosts really I'll mannered and far off from talent. I think we can get much talented ppl around so I pray that we get rid of this trash soon.

  • Lodhi brother and sister are rightly selected in the "Most annoying" . Add another "Nida Yasir"

  • Why did all of you forget the one and only hyena " NAJIA BAIG" of Hasb-e-Haal ? Deserves the top slot i believe.

  • I never watched a morning show after Nadia Khan left hers, That was the only morning host bearable for me.

    • hundred and one percent agree with you boss.
      they could never become at least a bit comparable to her style.

  • Agree with all the comments…Morning shows are supposed to be a source of information but with all these retarded hosts information is the last thing to expect…Please all intelligent viewers unite to have all of them banned specially Hira Mani and Nida Yasir….

    • Yar nida phr aunties k interest ki baten karti hai. Mani and hira pe Allah ka wasta koi ban lagaday, qasam se sir ka dard hen.

  • yes you are right about all hosts,in main se kese ko hosting nahe ati,hira aur mani to boht ill mannared hain

    • So true hira and mani are height of cheapness. In dono ko letay q hen? Hira tou bas mani ki waja se agai tv pe agai hai, itni over confident hai, over harkaten karti hai air samajhti hai k Sb jealous hen. Itni buri lgti hai bilkul bardasht nahe hoti.

  • i agree with the writer. jo log b ye morning shows dekhtay hain wo b shyd isi liye dekhte hain k shyd unhe show ki taraf se koi gift mil jaye

  • at times when nadia khan show was on air at jeo tv i thought that she was over but now after watching these mummy daddy`s it was thousands time better. sahir copied like shah rukkh n shaista copied likes kareena.

  • eb sahiba and afzal i mean rambo bi weekend shownhost ker rahe hain express ch per please friend be ready for this bad news

  • whenever i see any show,i have always seen people praising there shows whoever is the host always getting calls like'. oooh aap kitni pyari hein, aap k dress buhat accha hai, aap merre favourite hein, mein ne aap ka show kabhi miss nahi kiya etc, etc. all of u who have given these comments pleeeeeeeeese make calls in dere shows n make them realize how much we all hate them. they shd b receiving live calls saying them that they r 2 bad to tolerate. aisay he logon ne sir pe chcrrha rakha hai

  • i agree!! but u forgot maya khan and fizza ali,fahad is a good actor but not a good host!! once i saw sawera nadeem's show she was much reasonable.

  • i hate all of them sab aik dam cheap hain foran se over hojate hain.inki morning start hi nachne gane se hoti hai kisi episode m rone ka drama krte hain kisi main dance shuru hojata hai .sirf pese or kapron ki advertisment hoti hai

  • i agee with this article! but to the people who are commenting i wud say do comment but dont get personal! dont judge them just tell wat u dont like abt the hosts! soe of u are way to rude! i dont like all the above hosts but they just may be good ppl with no skills in front of camera

    • Then they should read the comments and get off air…we are only trying…. To send a message here

  • hahaha This is soooo Much fun guys i just read some of the comments and just keep laughing. Shame on those people what respect they got specially on Sahir Lodhi.

    All of them don't know the meaning of morning show and importance of morning show. They have no idea how hard work a morning show required. They are their to just give Bullshit.

  • Completely agree esp Both Sahir and Shahista should be out of TV!! they are corrupt and fake.
    Nida tries to be good but cannot match up.
    Savera Nadeem is good
    Thank God Mani and his wife are out; couldnt stand them

  • Very nice article and very hilarious comments.. Waiting for hira's delivery on some morning show. LOL

  • Shaista wahdi….she is over cook… we dont like..because she do not like men and husbands.she is always speak against the husband…..that is why she got TALAK…i am very much sorry to her….and she is the woman who responsible to mind HARAB of pakistani girls. shaista wahdi stay home care your kids…….and keep your opinion with you do not teach your language my pakistani girls or house wives….same about your brother he copies shah ruh khan………. About nida yasir she talked too much and dont listen others…..about mani mostly words cannt understand ….and he also dont listin others……. simple recent time all morning show hosts are KACHRA…….Shaan is doing some thing different …he is going fine……my vote is for SHAAN………GEO shan sey….

  • Agree 100% ,
    Farah on ATV is doing relatively better job , at least she lets the guests talk and show decent behavior
    Shan , great job on Geo Shan Se
    Nadia Khan , whatever style she had atleast it was original , somehow she managed to capture audience

    Sahir and Shaista , intolerable , hopeless !

  • Farah Hussain n Fahad Mustafa are tolerable.Rest of all are geniuses of their own worlds.SAHIR LODHI is facing identity crisis which is a very serious issue.he should consult a good psychiatrist as soon as possible.

  • i strongly agree with u, these ppl r out of control these days but in my point of view there shud b well working censor board not only 4 morning shows but on other television programs also..discussing abt morning shows other than disgusting hosts, i must say topics discussed in these shows exceeds the limit e.g discussing the pain a rape victim passed through is soo inhuman n soo cheap 2 discuss publicily… another example of height of cheapness was a show on baby shower of hira n mani wth their cheap conversation.. cum on guys atleast they shud keep this in their mind that small children r also watching y r they snatching away their innocense at such young age by discussing all this rubbish!!

  • I must say i only like Faisal Qureshi in the male hosts, for the reason tht he is such a huge actor of our industry and he never loses his spark as a host either. he truly talks to his guests like a gentleman, lets the guests speak and his quests seem to feel so comfortable talking to him n all…

  • hira n mani should be paying us the viewers to watch their programmes. Their hosting is torture for sensitive people and everytime they open their mouth it is to say something so stupid or irritating that I wonder which person had the audacity to think that they have any hosting talent. Pls put a permanent BAN on them asap. They have made a laughing stock of themselves by not improving themselves.

  • kisi ko is trha k comnt ni karny chahye.all hosts are not pagel obviosly,they knw what they are doing.agr unhain shrm ni ati to hmry kuch khny sy b unhy koi farak ni parny wala

  • hehhehhehehhehehhe changy hoi in sab k sath inhe b sharm nai ati in ki wja s tv dekhna e chor dia huhuhhuhhu

  • so trure, thnk God other ppl also felt this wot i feel about these hosts… sahir lodhi n his sis r jst unbearable.. thy bth r so irritating,n mani n hira all the tym luks lyk 2 class babys fighting with each others n doing annoyng thngs on shw… well done gr8 article..

    • ye hira or mani ko dekh k to itni irritation hoti hai ek second brdasht nhi hoty or wo bahan bhai to zahar lagty hain mjhy jab dekho bkwas

  • so truee….
    oll r sooOOoo imannrd…irritating en out ov knowledge even..
    specially Miss Shaista Wahidi…
    shez just Hu Ha…nothing elz…
    Sahir Lodhi is a big DRAMA…one day hez serious en on the very nxt moment/day he starts dancing??..
    Nida is a RONI BLAA ..:D ..
    Only Farah Hussain on ATV iz a very good en responisibl host only..shez so decent…hav knowlegde to talk..en serious behaviour as well..
    thnx Saoud…en m happy that v r aware of these oll stupid hosts…

  • agreed!!!!!!!!!! All of above discussed hosts are unbearable…….. The topics discussed in these shows are awful and often crosses the limits…………….

    We should sleep if nothing else is to be done instead of watching these stupid dramas they put up every morning on the TV……

  • 10000000% agreed……….i hate shaisata lodhi n sahir lodhi….they both should be banned …..even i dnt watch morning shows due 2 them….sometimes there r so good n nice guests but due 2 these stupid hosts i dnt watch the show…
    well i suggest we should stop these bakwas n ghatia morning shows n should start programmes of religious scholars or Junaid Jamshed (a programme showed in Ramzan) giving info 2 women abt their domestic life n how 2 bringup their kids…how 2 built relations wid their inlaws n how 2 treat their husband n family according 2 Islam…..atleast ppl wil have some knowledge……if there would b 1 programme on any channel all ppl wil leave morning shoes n will watch that…..

  • yeah!! each and every word is true!! i hate morning shows,,,they lack proper constructive content or theme…they just want every pakistani to learn how can he or she become married….
    plus if one morning show starts some thing new all others start doing the same bakwas without realizing whether its wrong or right..
    mr saud you should also add the names like maya & fahad mustafa!!
    b.t.w sahir f.m shows are owesome but on camera he is yakk

  • hats off 2 the person who wrote this……………its the language of our heart n wat our mind

  • I would appreciate your effort and research i totally agree with you i guess morning show s should be banned because sometime they are not less than a headach and sahir lodhi please it's a request from you please leave our tv screens we dont want to see you

  • hira r mani bht shode hen.wo ATV pe farah ati hen wo mje ache lgti hen.or juggun kazim b bht maze ki hen

    • oh i hate juggan kazmi……
      she is vvvvvvvvvvvv over even more thn hira…..
      i love saiqa novel but she spoiled whole drama as she was not suitable 4 that character….
      i really hate her

  • ak china copy ruk ruk khan burdasht nai hota tha …..ak our agya…..doc amir liaqut hussain…yuk

  • haahaha for all you guys… The Truth is "They r all famous" more than their other contemporaries :-p lolz

  • khuda ke liay in talk shows se hamari jaan chura dey koi.ek bhi talk show accha nahi hai.sub talk show host bohot cheap lagtey hain.In logon ko baat kerney ki tameez bhi nahi hai.Please hamari jaan choro or koi or kam dhoodo.please,please.

    • No as far as I am concerned I really. Like. Watching these. Morning shows, after going through all the hassle in morning that. Only mothers who send To school will understand I really need a break, with a cup of tea but if the the program. Is a disaster it leads to more tension than relaxation.

  • savera nadeem-nadia khan-urooj nasir -sonia rehman-shan ye sub decent tareeqe se show krte han.baqi sub fazool han.

  • plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz koi morning show band kara dai ,itne cheap host programme,aur har wakat k nach ganaaaaa, ufffffff ye sab had drjaaaaaaa bezar kar rahe hain hum sab ko

  • hahaha yar TV na howa khandani chanel ban geya bhai behan arhy hain sath aba bhi arhy hain dosri taraf husband wife arhy hain yar kuch tu rishto ka ehtram karo aur karny do family kae sath beth kar morning show bhi nahi dekh sakty hum log kahny ko pakistani hain bas nam kae musalamn reh gaye maa bap ki bhai behan buzrgoo chooto baro ki izat karna kiun nahi sikhaty Ehtarm aur izat muhbat kae word tu kahin gum ho chuky hain

  • saud u r right.en sab ko boht zyada improvement ki zarort hy.apny jo points raise kiay 100% right hn.

  • yes ye mani or hira to uffffffffffffff i just hate bs ak dosre ki hi taref krty rehty ha k mani ye mani wooo aur mani hira ye hira wo ak 2sre ki tarefo k liye aty hai tv pe aur mani phle to boht kehta tha larkio ke bare mai bura magar uski
    apni wif to top ki chichori hai

  • thanx mr saud for putting other ppl thoughts in words!!! but i still dont understand why the hell these guys r still doing this job,, nobody wants to watch or listen to them what is the reason behind that who is backing them ???
    tv chnl should realy take action they r simply pathetic just cick them out !!!!

  • hahahahaha so true ….. where is the *like* *like* option .. thnx for compiling our thoughts in your article … just loving them.. nd uffff hira mani seriously apne ghr k masle on screen le k atey hain .. and yup that nida's show 's song is so irritating …

  • nida yasir is so cute i love u soooooo much nida your show is also beautiful like u plz carry on

    Such morning shows as prescribed above are nothing than a waste of time and those ,who are in it are a bunch of jerks.Its better to watch a cooking show.

  • OMG,,i'm sooo so shocked to read abt Sahir Lodhi …..he born or raised in England liar he came to United state ,Houston ,TX.. i'm from Houston tooo he was my brother friend he was illegal so they kick him out from here just to be settle down he married twise with national girls but bad luck he never got green card and he did some radio programs he did not attend any school here he did working very odd jobs he is such a liar ……………and I hate his sister Shaista wahidi too both are very stupid he think he is a paki shahrukh …he has some fashion sense coz he lived in USA and got some skill in radio he sis that so he can go back home and gain some fame coz ppl in paki are so stupid they die for you if you come from Amerika,England or Canada ……

    • Yes, I totally agree with you, they don't have any manners. Instead of their shows one can watch Cartoon Network.

    • i am nt agree that u r saying ppl of paki are so stupid ……for ur kind information every pakistani is nt stupid that they die for u if u cme frm america etc

    • aoa, i don't agree with you neha, sorry to say , not all Pakistani people die on persons belonging to foreign countries like america whatever, even its our periorty to live in our land with respect honor and dignity, stay blessed

    • okayyy… may be u r right. but beta apni angrezi pr b thora dehaan de lo, Houston ko bdnaam na kro.
      Besides, ye kia bongi mari hai tum ne Paki die for ur Amerika….
      Dusre pr ungli uthane se pehle apne aap ko dekh lena chahye.
      CHEERS :D

    • hahahahahah…..sahir lodhi ne fake id bna liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Hussain Mahmood k naam se :D :D :D :D :D :D

  • Are morning shows "good morning" shows or "bad dream" shows : OR, even qua/lify for an entertainment show? I doubt in their entertainment power and prowess. Those who agree…give positive vote and those who don't reverse the thumb down.

  • assalam u alaikum friends…..

    honestly…..lodhi family is damn irritating bhae…..i dnt understand is it really that lodhi man dont know what people think about him or people directly call him a China Copy Of Cheap Shahrukhan (shahrukh khan is himself a cheapest actor i guess) and aaaaaahhhh the lodhi woman…..dono bhai bhen waqi ik jaisy hain……

    then comes to hira mani……..hira i think usny mani say shadi hi isliye ki hai ta k screen pay ajai…..ap singing usy kara lo….acting ussy kara lo….hosting ussy kara lo…dancing ussy kara lo…..i think she's confused…k actually usy karna kia hai….sab kuch k chakar m koi ik kam bhi dhank ka nahi karti….n mani bechara thoda bht jo screen p popular hova tha hira k aty hi wo bhi nahi raha….

    nidaaaa…..please ap morning show chod kr nadaniya dobara start kardo……nadaniya was really fun !!

    • excuse me! dont call shahrukh khan a cheap actor!! say whatever but not a word against shahrukh!!he is the best, versatile

  • i agreeeeeeeeeeee with u 100% ….. shaista is nomore like a host she even dun knw how to convey and a duty and personalty of a host ….she is disturbed personalty towards the sensable group of people…and harsh words for his brother My God….. urrrhhhh y are thy the HOSTTT …..hira mani ….total over people …. hira is xcpcting and doing shows like this instead to rest etc…..they are the most annoying hosts i have ever seen……. !!!!

  • thanks to the person who finally spoke about the torture viewers go thru every morning on top channels .I dont understand who made Mr lodhi and Ms Lodhi hosts after all they are such self centered and self concious people who cant think beyond their personalities while Hira and Mani should as well stay home and do laundry i think their programs should be closed down and i think Faisal Qureshi is doing a good job he promotes Pakistan and its Culture

  • Nida yasir these days is really freaking us OUT. Why the hell is she always fashion? she really needs to get over this. She's creating that desperation in the minds of people that they should buy and wear those so callled BRANDED things no matter what even if they can afford or not :@ You are sick nida no offence or anything personal but your show is total crap!!

    • you forgot about her never-ending obsession with "shaadi"….she hosts a wedding week after every couple of months, tells about her marital life on TV, asks her guests questions about their marriage or their plans to marry and on whatever topic she talks about utimately brings her to her favourite topic "SHAADI"….:P

  • i hate shaista n uska fake brother i dono b dafa kareingay inko GEO SE UFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF HATE THEM TO DEATH

  • Completely agree.viewer want to see something entertaining.and atleast ye morning shows to depression k elawa kuch nai daitay.god knows ye host pakistan k kis tabqay ko represent kartay hain.

  • The Manis seems very over the top for me – so agree with you on that. Nida Yasir – I have only watched 1 episode of her show with Saba qamar and she seemed fine to me. Shaista Wahidi – i like watching her show at times because of her dressing, but i dont like her attitude – same as Nadia Khan – loud, he he ha ha kind. As for Sahir Lodhi, watched him a few times – he copies Shahrukh a lot even though he doesnt like admitting that – but I still find him okay – i like his singing….he appears down to earth and a little charming even

    • yes mehaak u r right weasea in doono k aanea ki wja sea hamari pyari nadia khan hm sea door ho gai ha.dono hi bht shokhey ha

  • ya totally agreed…u know i feel same when i watch their shows n always thinking n confused y ppl like them…lz convey them if possible so that they may improve

  • yaar sahir kay baray main sorry iss ki shakal bardasht nahee hotee tu iss kay baray main liknah fazool hai bus sharm karay itnah kafee hai

  • Farah hussain is a very good very sober,decent and learned lady. Achi hosting k liye acha bolnay k sath sath learned or mannered hona bhi bohat zruri ha or Farah Hussain in dono cheezon m kamaal rkhti ha jb k all the hosts mentioned above are not even able to talk good learned or mannered hona to bohat door ki baat ha. In hosts ki sb se bari khaami ye ha k jb ye apne show m kisi guest ko bulaaty hn to unko baat krne nae dete apni bolay jaty hn unko baat k beech m baar baar toktay hn kabhi kabhi jb banda guest ki koi baat bohat ghor se sunna chah rha hota ha to ye un ko beech m tok kr guest ki attention divert kr dety hn jis se wo baat bech m hi rh jati ha or agla koi topic shuru hojata ha or us wkt dil krta ha in hosts ko mun bhar k gaalian di jaen or in ko fone krna bhi fazool ha pta nae kin logon k pas itna fazool time hota ha jo inko call kr k apni insult krwaty hn q k jb inka dil krta ha call drop kr dety hn or aksar callers ka kisi na kisi bat pr mazak ura kr enjoy kr rhy hoty hn. They are irritating beyond any limits they should be banned from every channel.

  • i just HATE sahir lohdi.SHE iz soooo stupid even he didnt know how to speak or on occasions how to behave.he is so much "begarat"and to much "lanti".in begartoon ki wja sea geo ka nam kharab ho gya ha.i hate such people.iss ki behan b kum ni wo iss sea b bari pagal ha.usea pta hi ni hota kiss mokey pr keasa react krna uss sea koi hosting oti ha.her wqt pagloon ki trha phirti rahti.nida mea itni koi problm ni ha bs usea thora sa format change krna chahiyea.tng agea ha wohi shahdi seasongod bharaii.bridal seasoon.uffffffffffffffffffffffff yr thora to change kr

  • i agree with you but you should add one more name in your list that is of Shaista Wahidi she is most annoying of all these

  • The root cause of such morning shows started from our ultimate Nadia Khan back in 2002 on ARY digital. Those days she was the only on who used to entertained us through her exclusive witty style. Later ,her show got so much popularity and high rating ratio. Hence, gradually inspires whoever comes after her would trying to follow her style unconsciously. And the top most copy cats are Shaista , Nida, Jugun etc…. And by getting over each other these hosts lost their own exclusive identity and decency. Because they thought competition would so tough so they tried their level best by adding glamour,fake attitude, ultra modern style .At last they shown up awful and unbearable hostess.
    Farah Hussain maintains her own identity and with in that frame she knows how to become a versatile.

    conclusion: Please be your self and stop being glamorous or fashionable as it really sucks to see miss beauty boxes early in the morning.

  • I strongly agree that these all hosts n their shows r annoying . Shaista ko Films mein kam Karna Chahye take apni wahayatian poori kar sake uski body language se uski besharm nature Nazar aarahi hoti hai morning show ke bahane nach gana khoob karti hai .please shadian band kardo .touba itni Lutri aurat nach Gane ki wagha se us ne Talaq lay li .I was her huge fan but now I hate her. May Alllah give hadayat all of them .

  • Baby shower na hi Pakistan ka culture hai na Islam ka yeh to Sharmo-Haya ki batein hain phir TV pe kun .Actuly Chanel's Onwers Begherat ho gay Hain Khuda Keliey ye sub band kar wain apke ghar mein b betian hongi.

    • nadian kay com bak per aisa bhe hooo sakta hain bus quymat ki nishiniya poori ho gain sshaist ki is herkt seee

  • How media is presenting all above annoyed hosts by losing their originality, am surprised. Well i want to add one more name in more versatile and well manners anchor "Urooj Asif" . She is so beautiful , elegant and have communication skills to engage person.

  • problem is that it only 4-5 % people who realise whats going wrong on these tv shows…. these morning shows are craps.. expect few like farah and some others….but fact is that with due respect ladies are crazy behind these shows … they watch them every morning religously ….. and most of them are seriously not considering factor that why they are watching them…. just to get inspire by dresses , jewelrys, nd etc etc… and saddest part is that they follow it…

    Honestly there is no message at all. …. we can educate people on cleanness, traffic rules,,, govt instituions, on hospitals, airports…..and many things…not only doing cirtcism and making fun of simple people… we can educate our country fellow living in remote area…. rather then feeling them complexed by showinf extra ordinary expensive furntiure , dress and etc…..

    i think the people here should make a petetion against these show and register it to authorityes like PTA …

  • morning shows are just a wasting of time its a headic i hate all hosts of morning shows plzzz koi tu roko in shows ko khuda k lieeeeeeeeee na ki topic hr wqt shadi or meena bazar parlour ki dukan lagai hoti hai espically shaista u have to go nowwwwwwwwwww

  • inko koi call nhi krta khud hi brabar walay room mei beth k call krte hain..

    aur ye shadian sb isliye k shyd koi dekhe.. but ab srf wo loag ye shows dekhte hain jin ko ya to koi kaam nhi.. ya phr wo parhay likhay nhi…

  • Hira n mani boht wahiyat ha.sahir bs naam ka sahir ha.shista ko shistagi r decency cho k b nae guzri.nida ki hosting ko proper direction chahye,bqi fiza ali b drama e ha.tmam show mai content ,theme,concept r topic improper work ki kami ha.

  • Couldn't agree with you more :). Well analysed. and somebody plzzz take these idiots off the morning shows :S
    Though i would appreciate Shaan's show because it is worth watching.

  • Couldn't agree with you more :). Well analysed. and somebody plzzz take these idiots off the morning shows :S

    • warda i am also 100 percent with your commentsthese idiots certainly need to br thrown out of big channels i would say these morning shows are just meaningless and aimless.

  • Shah rukh khan ki uttran ,well all of them r monkeys ,they r making fun of themselves all the time like monkeys

  • all the things are true they all are just earning money they dont focus on social issues in order to privent but they highlit these stories just as a topic of there that one girl in sahir show who got rap y he needed to call her on show means what he did did he give him justice did he punish those criminal no so what wat was the reason reason is that he needed a issue for his show thats it

  • you didnt mention Fahad mustafa here… did youu like his show?? or you didnt see

  • 100% agreed with u, its better watch Pogo than these stupid idiot, and one more person you missed " Niadia khan" the most annoying and mother of this rubbish she starting these trends in morning shows ,and also had a ban for a ling time to run in Dubai then she jumped in Pakistan after several years on Geo Tv I guess. and how come drama queen Maya khan skip from this list she is ……… sorry have no words to praise her skills :(, but she is a piece of bad nothing else on live shows especially, I hardly kno when last time ever I watched any morning show , I think its over 6 years almost, just because they re doing noting on live shows but crape and idiotic acts simple!

  • from kenya and yesssssss I totally agree with you.these hosts are sooooooo rude, and lack intelligence. Id rather watch news channel than all this unrealistic nakhras.sorry but im sharin my view.

  • completely agree…especially about sahir lodhi..but dont say a word against shahrukh khan shahrukh khan is a legend srk is the best and if some cheap tv anchor doesnt make SRK bad so stop abusing King Khan..King khan is the best east or west sahir lodhi is worst

  • i also dont like their shows too …bcoz all of them r doing same stupidity … kbi kisi k rape ka topic mil jata hai …kbi kisi bimar ko utha lai atay hain …. or sb khtm hi nai hota tou shadi season lai atay hain……… pta nai in logo ne kitnay actors ki kitni martaba shadi karai hogi……. and saal main matlb 3 ya 4 martaba shadi season ufffffffff ……..ihate them…..
    phelyy achay hotay thy shows k maza bi ata tha bt ab .. ek hi topic har jaga ek hi fazul or hinduwana rasmain uffffffff………..
    SAUD u r rite they need to brush up their hosting skills

  • I cudnt agree more :) but here i wud like to mention Farah who host “Morning with Farah” on ATV. This lady is REALLY a very gud host, she not only give her guest time to complete their sentences but also asks them very nice questions. Although i m not a big fan of morning shows, i believe they r more like morning mujraz but if i do get the time i definitely switch to Farahs show. It always has some message with less of show shaa.. Very decent lady and always trying to give a positive message to the viewers as well as positive image of Pakistani ladies i.e. We r not bunch of idiots who dont know what we r suppose to say on television and neither we r desi barbies dancing around.

  • >