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The Most Annoying Hosts

Please don’t judge me after reading the title, I am not some self proclaimed critic but just an ordinary viewer like you and the reason I am writing this article is so that I can share how I feel about some of the overrated, glorified, puffed up hosts in our industry. I was just watching television (or switching channels would be more like it), the reason I could not make myself stop on one channel was because of some of these hosts. They host some very important shows on different channels and I have given them a fair shot too, somehow they just annoy me every time I try to make myself watch one of their programs. Here are the names of some of the hosts who I have no idea why people like because I can’t stand them.

Sahir Lodhi:
This “gentleman” has earned this top spot. I have watched many of his shows so I know only too well why I findhim so annoying.He is so full of himself. His expressions, body language, the way he dresses up, the way he tries to convince you that he was raised in England and his Urdu is very weak, infuriates me. The interesting thing is that most often his shows deal with topics that are very engaging but he ruins it all because of his hosting. I was watching one of his shows in which he was interviewing a girl who was a rape victim, while taking a commercial break, he said “we will be back after a short break, jaye ga nahi, kahani mei abhi aur bhi twists hei”. I thought this was such an insensitive thing to say. So, let me add that this host needs to learn some manners as well.


Shaista Lodhi:

Shaista Lodhi is another host who is so conscious about her looks and her body language that it is impossible for a viewer to feel comfortable watching her on-screen. There is hardly ever a time when the content of her show is good. Just distributing designer clothes to your viewers does not ensure the success of your morning show; one must work harder than that. I wonder why she is hosting a morning show on one of the top Pakistani channels.

Nida Yasir:

I liked Nida Yasir before she joined the rat race and lost the charm she once had because she was so genuine. That was the one thing about her that was very appealing. Nida Yasir always finds it very difficult to find the right words to express how she feels and her morning show relies on music more than anything else. The jokes are lame and she lacks the spontaneity that is needed to host a live show.





Hira And Mani:

These two host less and argue more. Hira’s arms are all over the place and she is checking herself in the camera all the time. Her dressing is disturbing to say the least. Mani hardly ever lets his wife talk and the two are constantly in an odd competition with each other. Their show is another one which is always ill planned.

I am sorry for sounding a little harsh but these hosts really need to brush up their hosting skills. What is your opinion about these hosts? If you are one of those people who like them, please tell me why, maybe I will get convinced!