There Was A Murder Attempt Made On Reema Apparently

Reema Khan is the most successful actress from the old Lollywood. She made a special place for herself and people still love her. Reema’s marriage was also heavily covered by the media and people love her pair with her husband and love to hear from her. The actress is still a part of the industry and perform at any show or gives some interview if she feels like it.

Reema Khan recently gave an interview to Samaa TV where she recalled the problems she had to face due to her peer’s jealousy. She told an incident where some colleague of hers tried to poison her. The said colleague had given 1 lakh rupees to a girl to poison Reema but the person came and confessed to Reema thus not carrying on with the plan. Reema later became friends with the person who wanted to kill her and asked her why she did it and she apologized and said that she was jealous of her popularity. Here listen to the story of what Reema Khan faced:

This is one scary incident and we are glad Reema is fine and still here with us!

Pakeeza Dar