This Guy did a Fantastic Cover of ‘Aaj jaanay ki zid na karo’!

Two years back, Syed Muhammad Umar, a Quetta-based singer acknowledged his passion for music and following his dreams,  started making music.

This guy took music very seriously and before starting taking music as a profession, about five years back, had Ustaad Abdul Rauf at Alhamra Arts Council as his mentor to hone his skills. His passion, dedication and love for music took him all around the country to properly learn the craft.

“It was a bit difficult to continue making music in Quetta, hence I decided to come to Lahore to learn the craft properly,” he said while talking to ‘Pakistan today’.

Sajjad Tafu thought him how to play guitar and Ustaad G and  Ustaad Habib ur Rehman Khan Sahab have also been his teachers.

“We’ve just dabbled in covers thus far, but we’re currently working on a couple of originals as well, which we will release in a month or two,” he said.

His tribute to Farida Khanum with an instrumental cover of her hit song, “Aaj Jaanay ki zid na karo’ is what caught our and social media’s attention.

Umar commented ,“Aaj Jannay ki zidd karo comes from the love I have for Pakistani/Eastern music and especially Farida Jee, who was one of the finest gems in the Industry”.

“I really love playing the guitar and I thought that it’d be just the perfect way to pay her a tribute,” he added.

Listen to the cover yourself and tell us what you think:

Farida Khanum Guitar Cover

Syed Muhammad Umar ( covered a timeless song by the amazing Farida Khanum. How quickly can you guess what song is it?

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Arsala Khalid