Tips To Become A Good Actor

 Acting has become a major factor of success, fame and wealth. There are some people who are God gifted and they know how to act since the time of their birth but on the contrary there are some people who do not have the talent to act but still they want be good actors. In this article I will point out some of the useful tips to become a good actor. Acting is not only displaying something it is basically getting to know and observe issues and then getting into character. If an actor cannot convey his message properly then he is not a good actor. Starting off with the tips to become a good actor, the first and most essential tip is to make the audience feel whatever is happening. As if there is a sad situation, the audience must directly connect and feel the sadness behind the acting. This is when an actor can call himself successful. There are some actors in the industry who do not perform their roles appropriately and this is what leads to a decrease in their fan following. Only looks do not make a person famous but only the talent makes him a heart throb.

 Acting does not mean reciting a good script; it is actually feeling whatever is written and displaying every single dialogue with dedication. An actor has to make a lot of effort in order to act well. The second among these useful tips to become a good actor is to match your body posture according to your character. A good body posture makes it easy for an actor to display the character. If an actor has a body language which displays sadness and he is reciting dialogues that display happiness then definitely it will look awkward. This is why body language really matters. It not only increases the level of confidence but it also makes a person look good. This is why it is necessary to match the body posture with the character. Coming towards the recitation of dialogues, an actor must keep a good check on his or her tone, volume and pitch. There is no use of acting if a dialogue is not clear and understandable. The viewers will only understand the act if they get to hear perfectly clear and understandable dialogues. The over exaggeration and over acting should be avoided otherwise the act will be boring. A slowed down dialogue can give a robotic look to the act. Apart from the clarity the choice of a good script also makes it easy for an actor to act. The choice of a good script enables a decrease in hesitation otherwise umm, errs and uhh are the common things used among sentences. Moreover, the correct emphasis on the words in a dialogue is an essential tool towards good acting.

  Another important tip among the tips to become a good actor is to involve and indulge yourself completely into your character. Being a good actor, it is necessary for a person to absorb into the character, only reciting a plain script in a monotonous tone doesn’t make you a good actor. It is necessary to feel the situation by becoming a part of it. An actor must completely know the background of his character so that he can display his role with justice. It is fine to idealize an already famous actor but it is certainly not ok to copy his or her style. Try to make your acting unique because a whole lot of audience is watching you out there and if you copy any other actor they will start comparing you with them and you will not have an identity of your own self.

 In my opinion becoming a good actor you must know how to have a control on yourself. It is very important to control your hand movements, eye movements, leg movements and the acts of playing with hair. An actor can deal with such stuff by only drinking a glass of water, calming himself down by taking deep breaths and re assuring himself that he can do it. Studying the lines properly and knowing the character completely can also decrease the nervousness of an actor. These were some important tips that will really help out those people who want to polish their acting skills and become a great and a successful actor. This will not only make their dream come true but also give them a push for the start of their never ending career. So go for it and bring out the star in you!!

Written by: Moomal Hassan.


My name is Shozib Ali. I have done Bachelors in Media Sciences. Currently Working as an administrator and content writer for reviewit.