Tips To Become a Good Model

 Pakistan’s modelling industry is flourishing day by day. The freedom of media has increased the glamour and glitter in the modelling agency of Pakistan. Every month new faces come up as top models and almost after every two or three months a fashion show is organized. Although there are many small and short budget fashion shows but along with them large budget shows are also increased these days. Nowadays Pakistani fashion shows are also showcasing Indian dress designers. This is a whole new topic of culture invasion. Youngsters these days are very much interested in modelling, acting and singing. Pakistan has immense talent and now that talent is being promoted through these platforms. These articles focus on some of the tips to become a good model so that the youngsters who are interested should get a way to look up to.

Before starting with the tips first you have to know that are you capable enough to be a model? Do you have the perfect body postures, walking styles, height and expressions? After going through this process of self evaluation you must start off with the tips to become a good model. I collected these tips after studying the interviews of many top models and I hope they will be beneficial for everyone out there. The first tip is to always be on time for any show, shoot or interview. Punctuality is very important because it is the first impression that matters. For girls who want to pursue their career in modelling it is very necessary to take someone along with you or inform some one about the place you are going to. It is also very necessary to be fully aware of the place you are going to because there are many fake modelling agencies in Pakistan as well.

Girls and boys who are crazy for modelling should always go prepared. You should never think that you will be provided with stuff to wear because there are places where you have to wear clothes of you own so do this preparation to be on the safe side. You should always take your instant make up kit with you. Deodorant, sunscreen, lip gloss, face powder, brush and blush are the must haves. You need to keep them with you so that if the make up artist is not given to you then you must have an alternate. In Pakistan it is necessary to get references with you. They can be of any friend who is a good model or any top photographer you know because the chances of people with references are a little higher than those who do not. You should learn to never take anything for granted and check and double check on every deal you do, every contract you sign because things can go wrong in this industry at any time.

Make contacts. Try to interact with as many people as you can, make new friends, exchange numbers and remember that for being successful in this industry you have to be social. At the same time do not trust anyone so fast. Talk to everyone and be good but do not show your weak points at all. Act smart and confident that is the key to everything you do. Another important tip is for those models that at the beginning of their careers do whatever they are offered. This is definitely not right. You should learn to make smart choices. If you think you are not comfortable in doing something then you should not do it because it will definitely do not end up being good. Go with your brain not your heart because brain makes smarter choices and in modelling the game is just about right choices at the right time.

You should always have enough cash with you so that you don’t have to borrow because it doesn’t look good. You must show everyone that you do not depend on a person and you can do things on your own. An important thing that every model should have in mind is that modelling is a business and there is loss and profit in every business so you should be prepared. Apart from this you should have the ability to negotiate the prices with employers regarding your deals. You should never be rude with any employer because you never know what offers he can give you in the future. A model should keep in mind all the possibilities for a successful career ahead. It is very important to make a deal in written form because verbal agreements are often cancelled and no one can do anything about it. These are some important tips for youngsters who want to excel in the field of modelling. Do not forget to share your point of view and suggestions.

Written by: Moomal Hassan.

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