Numm – Last Episode!

The emotional expressions I saw emerging on my face while watching the last episode: Ummm yes you guessed it right – NONE! Nothing, absolutely nothing in this whole episode was good enough to move you & no factors contributed at all. Rather the only word I was left with when the episode in fact the drama ended was CLUELESS!

The whole purpose of this episode, as it looked was just to make sure that Neelam & her equally expressionless mother do get to know the reality of Qasim & who he took the texture of his hair after – yes, Mahjabeen was guilty as charged for that. Once again I’d say that the direction failed to impress completely plus even after tuning into it after a couple of episodes, I just couldn’t see any continuity in the scenes nor anything else made sense.

When a daughter in law is giving birth to the waris, the family is the first one to know about it. It looked like when Neelam went into the labour, Baray Sahab had no idea of what was happening rather he was busy recalling what Wali said about giving Mahjabeen a chunk of their property. Even after the baby was born, I hardly saw any  sign of happiness coming from Baray Sahab, rather he was busy in fixing another Vaani which Wali tried to prevent. It was shown as a family but how could they be so indifferent to one another, it was unrealistic.

I couldn’t really catch what Wali had to face the bullet for? After Baray Sahab’s statement it seemed more like someone targeted him because he got into the whole scandal of stopping Vaani but after Mahjabeen’s confession in front of Neelam, she stated that Wali took the bullet which was meant for Qasim, so who actually was after Qasim? Why did he want to kill a harmless guy who has nothing but a bush on his head? Why! I hope the avid followers of this drama do bring me out of this misapprehension if it does matter to them by the end of such a flop drama.

I didn’t really catch the look on Neelam’s mother’s face when she was at the hospital & Neelam asked her to contact Wali. No news by then had broken out about Wali’s death but the look of dismay on her face was just unnecessary in fact it was misleading. When Mahjabeen came & started speaking about how Wali died I thought it would shock everyone more but sadly his death was just another DEET they got to know of because eventually the ladies seemed more interested in knowing the reality about Qasim. It was funny seeing Neelam’s mom shed a tear after finding about Qasim in stead of crying at the misfortune that her young daughter has become a widow who just gave birth. During that whole scene I wished I could change the expressions on Neelam’s face because she looked completely annoying. Even Neelam’s anger vanished after she heard who Qasim was & it seemed she completely forgot that her husband just died.

Accha jee, what did the conversation between Neelam & Baray Sahab leave an impact on the viewers? It was nothing once again. The expressions of Mahjabeen after finding out that Baray Sahab shot himself…were just beyond my understanding. Neelam seems to have given the responsibility of her son to Mahjabeen & she goes back but why was it that she couldn’t take care of her son along with the expertise of someone who raised Neelam’s husband too? Mahjabeen was not a Vaani but the generational AYA of  The Bakht Khandaan. I really want to know when Mahjabeen said MERA WALI, did she mean Mera Miyan Wali or Mera Beta Wali? What was her context? Did they ever become husband & wife or they were just another happy mother-son duo?

In the end I do sympathize with all the followers of this drama who had to endure such a pain on weekly basis. I hope there is something which can NUMB the pain that was inflicted on you guys through NUMM.

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Zahra Mirza.

Zahra Mirza

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