Title track of Master Chef Pakistan

asterchef Pakistan is the first cooking reality show, currently under progress on channel Urdu1. The show is applauded for its production quality while also criticized for its editing. But on the whole it has been successful in attracting viewership and made its presence felt in a competitive television industry. The show is already covered comprehensively on this website.

Whole project team of MCP is quite active and professional, which is evident from the quality of this show. Title track or promo song also plays an important part in promotion of a show. Title track of MCP is quite short and is almost one minute in duration, but it fully reflects the spirit and enthusiasm of the show. Though many are already familiar with it, here it is posted again to acknowledge the efforts of participants and MCP team.It is sung by Alycia Dias


ronaqain Hain Lagi
mehfilain Hain Saji
umeedon khushiyun ka hai samaN
apnay zaiqoN lazatoN say hamaiN jeetna hai sab ka dil yahaN

aaoo zara kuchh aisa karaiN
sara jahaN hum jeet laiN
hum sab nahiN to hi yahaN
yeh maan lay gaa sara jahaN

رونفیں ہیں لگی
محفلیں ہیں سجی
امیدوں خوشیوں کا ہے سماں
اپنے ذائقوں لذتوں سے ہمیں جیتنا ہے سب کا دل یہاں
آؤ ذرا کچھ ایسا کریں
سارا جہاں ہم جیت لیں
ہم سب  نہیں تو ہی یہاں
یہ مان لے سارا جہاں


Rashid Nazir Ali

Rashid Nazir Ali