Titlee Episode 17 Review – Time For Some Character Development

After watching this episode, I realized what the main strength of this play is; it isn’t the script and direction but the main reason why an otherwise simple script looks appealing on screen is that all the actors have done a commendable job of translating their characters on screen. Because of this reason, I never had any problem connecting to these characters and what they went through. Even though Ahmed’s parents can be a little too compromising at times but the actors playing these roles have enacted their characters in such a brilliant manner that they are always convincing. The newest addition to the show Emad Irfani unfortunately is not a remarkable actor, he fits into specific roles and does not always deliver. After watching the preview of the previous episode, I was certain that Emad Irfani was the perfect choice for playing this role but after watching this episode, I am very disappointed with his performance. Although his character isn’t demanding at all but even then he failed to make me connect to his character. If he was slightly more charming apart from being good looking, it would have been far more convincing.

Another reason why I feel they need to wrap things up is because some of the scenes and scenarios are becoming repetitive like Ahmed’s family going out of their way to please their bahu and Ahmed falling for every little lie his wife tells him. In the previous episode Ahmed’s state of mind was definitely more believable than in this episode. It looked like Ahmed could finally see through Naila but the preview of the next episode in particular shows he might fall for another lie and give Naila the money she is going to ask for. Also, there was a time, not very long ago when I felt like Naila was naive and she should be forgiven if in the end she realizes her mistake but now after he latest ‘adventure’ it would be very wrong if she is forgiven and she gets away with everything.

When Naila and Rehan had an accident, I was glad that this particular track will not be dragged and this would finally be the time when Naila will learn her lesson but Naila has not changed at all in all these years. I absolutely love the way Hania Amir has translated this character on screen and also the fact that she did not add extra glamour to her role although it could have been added conveniently but she has also been carrying the same bag right from the time she got married. Someone like Naila would most certainly not stick to one bag for 10 or so years therefore although this is something nominal but it does get noticed.

I thoroughly enjoyed 16 episodes of Naila’s manipulation and Ahmed’s sharafat but even I want to see some much-needed character development now. The charm of the characters and the story will be completely lost if this continues for another couple of episodes. It was quite obvious that Rehan was after Naila’s money therefore one can only hope that this will prove to be the final twist in the story! I would hate to see Naila getting away with all this which is quite possible considering how forgiving her in laws are!

How many of you watched this latest episode? Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

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