Titlee Last Episode Review – Extremely Emotional!

This last episode of Titlee was extremely emotional. Hania Amir once again stole the show with her brilliant performance and even with absolutely no make-up on and in a completely run-down look she looked innocent and adorable! I am not going to talk about the developments in tonight’s episode because I don’t want to give any spoilers but I must say that although this episode wasn’t perfect and made me wonder how Rehan found out where Naila was every time and why weren’t her parents shown in the end especially her mother, overall the end couldn’t have been more emotional and impactful. There are very few last episodes which make you this emotional! I think one of the biggest reasons why Titlee always managed to hold my interest was that most of the times I had no trouble connecting to the characters. The drama also had a strong message for all those men and women out there who put good looks before everything else.

Titlee as a whole was an entertaining show, it was one of those rare plays which you watch only for their entertainment value and at the same time enjoy reviewing them as well. Most often when we take up dramas we consider guilty pleasures for reviewing, the dramas lose their charm completely after a few episodes because scrutinizing them highlights their weaknesses. Although Titlee wasn’t perfect throughout and even the characters were black and white but the way these characters were presented on screen made the viewers connect to them.

Strong main characters with definite characteristics played by Hania Amir and Ali Abbas superbly were the main reason why Titlee wasn’t just another drama which showed problems of marital life. Also, most often in our dramas, women are shown as victims in a relationship and they are the ones compromising but in this drama the man was the real victim and even though he compromised so much he could never win over his wife. Both these characters were poles apart and the viewers were rooting for a happy ending for them both for many weeks until there was no hope for such an ending. Another reason why I enjoyed watching and reviewing this show is that the story throughout was pretty logical with the exception of few developments which did not make a lot of sense. The supporting cast of the drama also gave a realistic and solid performance throughout. The dialogues were simple but intelligent at the same time. Every now and then it is good to watch a drama which presents a simple story in an attractive manner.

The drama could have been even better if it was not stretched in the middle. If the fast pace of the drama was maintained throughout, those of us who followed it regularly wouldn’t have anything to complain about. The screenplay overall however was enticing and unpredictable. Hania Amir deserves an award for her phenomenal performance in this drama. Most actresses wouldn’t have chosen a negative character which was not the least bit likeable as their first project on television, Hania Amir not only chose this character but also did complete justice to it even though she has a really innocent face but she did not let that get in her way!

I would like to thank all those people who read the reviews regularly and contributed to the discussions. All of you made the whole experience even more interesting.

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Fatima Awan

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