Tonight with HSY returns for a second season

HSY, the quintessential showman of the fashion industry, is back in the news once again. We’ve just learned that shooting for the second season of his talk show Tonight for HSY is underway and it promises to take up where the first season left off – allowing us aTonight with HSY returns for a second season glimpse into the lives of some of the country’s hottest stars.


The show that kicked off with the first couple of the entertainment industry – Mahira and Fawad – had its highs and lows in its debut season but by and large, we saw HSY finding his groove as a host and getting his guests to dish out on some entertaining and intimidate information about what makes them tick. While a format change is on the cards – the show is getting rid of some of the previous games and coming up with segments that have more fire and excitement – Sheru (as HSY is fondly called) says that the talk show will retain its basic essence. “It’s an informal look into the lives of these celebrities as they chat to me, not as a host but as a friend and colleague. We’re retaining that informal, organic feel.”

And, he promises us, there is lots of scandalous gossip on the cards. “You’ll be hearing who has had Botox done and which actress loves to hit on her co-stars – with names!” If that isn’t enough reason to tune in when the show goes on air mid-February, then maybe the line-up consisting of today’s ‘it’ stars will make you sit up and take notice. We know Sanam Saeed, Urwa Hocane, Imran Abbas, Farhan Saeed, Atiqa Odho, Junaid Khan and Danish Taimoor will all be making appearances and we’re looking forward to an interesting hour of weekly star power brightening up our living rooms.

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Rashid Nazir Ali

Rashid Nazir Ali