Jackson Heights – Episode 20!

Ohkay so, this episode was interesting in regards to the story because we saw some developments & finally the characters are paying heed to their future & making plans to shape it up. Even though this episode still had some to the point scenes, honestly, it seemed never-endingly long. I just don’t understand why there’s always something that doesn’t allow me to enjoy this drama? I just don’t get what it is that makes it’s episodes a miss every single time?

So, the truth is out, what Bhatti & Cathy had was not a marriage but only a deal that they both made just so that they could favour each other. Bhatti wanted to get citizenship through her & in other words, she earned the money on her American passport. Now that I know the reality about their relationship, I am still going to question whether to reveal this important detail after 19 episodes was a good idea or not? If Bhatti & Cathy had spoken about it initially, it would’ve made a lot more easier for us to understand why there was nothing but a void in their lives but to show them indifferent & now all these sudden moves of Cathy where she is acting like a possessive wife seem baseless to me. Yes, it’s understandable that she might’ve fallen for him but now it looks like she’s doing it for the sake of her ego because later she also swore to make his life miserable as she just can’t handle seeing him walking out on her. Cathy has been the weakest character written by the writer here because what she does & how she reacts is downright ridiculous. She has spent years & years with Bhatti, so when he was fulfilling his promise of paying her the money that she needed, the least she could do was to treat him respectfully but even though she knew that they both had kept their options open, why is she now making such a big fuss over it because she was never in love with him to begin with? I really believe that if this track had been tackled attentively, they could’ve made it a lot more realistic & convincing. Yes, it’s real, people, in fact Pakistanis do get married to every other girl for the sake of nationality but then did they show us something that we didn’t know about? I just don’t understand how adding such an already-known fact in a story made this drama interesting? Any justification, anyone?

What Sikandar said to Salma was nothing but a lie to weave the trap so that he could reach Bhatti & allow Salma to witness it herself. Too bad, what Sikandar planned for someone else was exactly the thing that was planned for him. No sympathies whatsoever for him, his mother & even Kashif but now looks like this is exactly something that Salma needed to come to a final decision. Even though they tried to create some drama but they somehow failed because a lot of things just didn’t make sense. Salma was seen oblivious of the fact that Sikandar had no medical insurance but all this while I thought she was one running things in the house? She was well aware of what was going on under that roof & here we’re shown that she didn’t know about such a basic thing. Is Salma dumb or what to be even asking this question or had forgotten whether Sikandar was paying for his medical insurance or not because the last thing I knew, Sikandar was in jail & ever since he was released from prison, he was jobless & I think medical insurance is the last thing on a felon’s mind!

Imaan & Daadi’s confrontation was done well. At least Imaan is logical & she knows how to take a stand for the right. I do like Imaan’s character & I think in the supporting cast, she has outbid all the other supporting characters. At least, Imaan is the one who is standing by her mother but what she said came as a surprise to me. Imaan is a 15 year old girl who lives in an American society, studies in an American school & is surrounded by Americans, so why did they show that it was so hard for her to understand what was going on between Bhatti & Salma? Imaan was seen asking this question to Salma so innocently whether Bhatti was Salma’s boyfriend or not because in American society, this thing is a norm, so why is Imaan clueless about a thing which should’ve been nothing but a normal deet for her? Ohkay, if she had been a 7 or an 8 y/o, it would’ve made sense but she’s a teenager & girls of this age especially who come from a dysfunctional family are a lot more intuitive but even though I like Imaan for her innocence, I don’t think showing her so clueless was right!

Chalain jee, Jamshed is on a trip of his own where he has bagged a financially stable lady & thinks nothing can go wrong but the funny thing is, nothing is actually going wrong in his life because Michelle is babysitting him & protecting him like a fairy Godmother & Rizwan seems intimidated by him. I am sure Rizwan just doesn’t trust him but for Michelle’s sake, he has decided to back out too as he can clearly see how much Michelle loves Jamshed. I am sure he won’t sit quietly & would do something to expose Jamshed, I mean I hope he does it but the way he lied & sugar-coated things in front of Michelle after Jamshed misbehaved with him; indicate that Michelle is already doomed & her friend might not come to save the day!

This episode was partially a hit & partially a miss for me, but I am glad that this serial is coming to an end & now we can just hope that they wrap it up nicely because we can’t hope for anything else, other than that. Share your opinion please.

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