Tonite With HSY Episode 3 – Syra & Alishba’s Controversial Comments Were So Not Needed!

The third episode of Tonite with HSY, featuring sisters, Syra Shehroz and Alishba Yousuf aired on Sunday and we’re not sure what the ladies were thinking to say the least. The sisters were all fiery on the couch and brewed quite a storm in the show by passing some controversial remarks. While it was fun in the beginning, but later it seemed they went quite overboard.

You cannot fake charm and this episode of Tonight with HSY Season 4 proved just that. However, in an awkward turn of events the show did became too controversial to digest. In fact, there were several moments in the show that felt a little ‘trying too hard’. HSY didn’t beat around the bush and went straight in with the girls asking them several things to keep the show interesting.

Syra was suppose to promote her movie Chalay Thay Saath, but ended up taking a dig at almost every popular celebrity. These girls managed to offend almost every celebrity and made some controversial comments. Syra Shehroze and Alishba Yousaf were witty, confident and looked better than ever but it was HSY that stayed in his element.

Let me breakdown everything that went down at the episode!

1) Syra was offered a role in a Hollywood movie but rejected because she felt it was too bold, and says that it’s not necessary to project everything in a bold way.

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2) So, ‘Syra is a pretty face but not a good actress,’! Well, she feels there’s nothing good in bashing others which made us think was it same in this case too?

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3) Syra loves Salman, and excites as she hears his name.

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4) Why did Alishba changed her name, you’re finally going to get your answer guys! Apparently, Saima is too common!

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5) Alishba and Syra share that their mother has no problem with their acting but get’s upset seeing her daughters playing the typical ‘damsel in distress’.

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6) Here, they said “Mehwish Hayat will never be seen dancing in the rain because all her makeup would wash off. And that she’d never attend a Sajjad Ali concert.” (Ouchh)

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7) Meera and Mahnoor Baloch? Beautiful but shouldn’t act for the love of god! (oh)

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8) When the Rapid Fire came to Syra she admitted that Mawra Hocane’s acting made her blood boil. Apparently, Mawra Hocane acts too bad (is that so?)

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9) Ahsan Khan and Mikaal Zulfiqar are not underrated actors because the girls think (unke hisab se Allah ne diya unhe)!

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10) So, Saba Qamar should learn how to dance, no it’s not us but the girls who said that!

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11) Here’s who Syra wants to friend zone, marry and kill, (big names guys).

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12) Syra gave Fawad Khan 4/10 points for personality, and why? “because I’ve worked with him.” Opss!

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13) Not sparing Ahsan Khan either…

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14) There’s hardly anyone who seems prettier to them, and they think Sajal has to put on some weight!(here we agree)

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A few witty questions which actually sum up the show were when, Alishba was asked: ‘Which one celebrity has gotten so much cosmetic surgery that he or she is now looks like Michael Jackson?’ She replied, ‘Saba.’ Yes! Saba. And Syra also said that Ali Azmat can really ruin a music festival. Their responses were fun and could have been a bit more fun if Alishba had not giggled and screamed throughout the show because that made things even more unpleasant.

However, Syra pulled out a grenade that only made us question her opinion on the industry she’s been working in. All in all, if Syra thinks there’s nothing good in bashing others, i wonder how come did she not think the same, while taking a dig at almost every celebrity, let’s say they might be correct at times. I haven’t seen much of their work but i always felt these girls are doing good for themselves. I’m seriously not sure about the backlash, coming their way!

Two things which did not went well with me was their attitude and most of all Ali Gul Pir’s guest appearance, that was certainly not needed because it didn’t help to boost up the show, he could’ve been a proper guest instead and the episode could have been more fun.

Signing off till next episode, do share your thoughts folks!

Rimsha Butt

Rimsha Butt