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Tonite With HSY (Zeba Bakhtiyar & Humayoun Saeed)- Episode 11

Sheru did it again! A hat-trick no less- 3 fairly good episodes in a row! The guests this week were Zeba Bakhtiyar and Humayoun Saeed. Zeba Bakhtiyar is the epitome of grace- I love the way she speaks and carries herself. She was the first guest tonight and spoke with her usual calm and composed demeanor. 26 years ago, Zeba wanted to become a writer. Her script was rejected on the grounds of being too bold for those times and thus she came into acting. Initially she faced a certain amount of opposition since back in the days, acting was frowned upon as a career path- especially in her case since her father was the Attorney General Yahya Bakhtiyar. She mentioned that she ended up convincing her father by citing Qaid-e-Azam’s example- he too had ambitions of becoming an actor! Har politician actor hota hai infact aaj kal ke politicians haqq maar rahein hein actors ka! Though she catapulted to fame after working in the Bollywood film Henna, she mentioned that she was dropped from a number of films since she wouldn’t agree to the prerequisites of being a Bollywood starlet- she refused to compromise on her principles and thus her Bollywood career was done. She spoke about her marriage to Adnan Sami and her son Azaan. I loved her positive vibes when speaking of Azaan. Her marriage didn’t last but that didn’t stop her from growing as an individual and as a phenomenal one at that.


Humayoun Saeed was the second guest of the evening. Humayoun hasn’t been on television for a while now so it was refreshing to see him. There was a time when he was in every other serial and I’m glad he’s moved away from those days. Humayoun recollected his journey from a production manager to super stardom to being the owner of one of the biggest production houses in Pakistan. Sheru brought up the various rumors about his alleged affairs to which he replied that he gets along with everyone and his television persona is such that people often assume that he is like that in real life as well. Sheru asked both of them what advice they’d offer to the following people:

Imran Abbas- Zeba said that he shouldn’t wear contact lenses and Humayoun said he should work on building his physique- nazuk lagta hai!

Humaima Malik– Zeba said Humaima is known to be unreliable and producers are wary of such actors; Humayoun added Ziada na bolay, chup rehkay kaam karey…

Fawad Khan– Humayoun stated that Fawad is a close friend and he is happy with the way Fawad has carried himself- he chose his Bollywood debut wisely and has a promising career ahead of him.


I loved the way both the guests seemed completely at ease- they didn’t shy away from speaking their minds . On the topic of social media, Zeba stated that bas mayyaton pe selfies rehgayi hain… and Humayoun said that he isn’t fond of sharing the personal details of his everyday life but both felt that social media is a good platform to stay connected and share the news of their upcoming projects. The discussions kept me interested and then came the contests- I was anticipating Sheru to bring up both Adnan Sami and Ushna Shah and he did. In Love or Don’t Love, Zeba refused to comment on Adnan Sami’s picture but Humayoun kept a plastered smile while he stated he loved everyone on his list- except Nawaz Sharif- he respects him! Ajnabee Kaun Ho Tum had Maheen calling in for Zeba and Nadeem Baig calling in for Humayoun. The final round had Humayoun answering all his questions correctly which made him the clear winner. I was very impressed hearing Humayoun sing- he actually has a pretty decent voice. He was more than happy to translate and sing on behalf of Zeba too (Laari Adda and Channo ki aankh Mein). This was a pretty good episode and I was pleasantly surprised to see this lively side of Humayoun Saeed. What did you think about this episode?


Yours in watching,

Kanwal Murtaza