Top 10 Dresses of Alizeh Shah in Ehd e Wafa

Alizeh Shah is the young sensation of Pakistani drama industry. In a short span of time, Alizeh Shah has started appearing as a leading lady in Pakistani dramas. Alizeh Shah’s popularity has risen over the period of time. She started off as a commercial artist and after venturing into acting, she started off as a supporting actor but due to her immense beauty and good acting skills, she is now getting to work in super hit projects as the main lead. Alizeh Shah is one of the most popular actors of recent times and she has a huge fan following.

Ehd e Wafa is currently one of the most popular dramas on air right now. The association with Army made Ehd e Wafa one of the most speculated and highly anticipated dramas of this year. Alizeh Shah is getting to play one of the important roles in this drama where she as Dua is the lady love of the leading male character Saad played by Ahad Raza Mir.

Alizeh Shah’s character Dua is shown to be in late teens where she is now doing MBBS and has just started her professional education. Alizeh Shah has given this character a perfect treatment by keeping her makeup and hairstyling comparatively simple. Alizeh Shah has played a lot with the wardrobe where she has experimented with all kinds of silhouettes and colors. She has a fair complexion and she has dyed her hair in a lighter shade of brown, which makes all the colors compliment and suit her skin tone. The moment you look at Dua, you can immediately pick up the details that she is a young student who comes from an educated family and lives in a city. It is nice to see Alizeh Shah wearing such kind of clothes which give her an age appropriate look and suit the dynamics of her character. Her wardrobe choices and styling can be labeled as vibrant falling in the category of casual chic wear.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 dresses worn by Alizeh Shah in Ehd e Wafa

The Teal Kurta

This color complimented Alizeh Shah’s skin tone and made her hair color pop even more. The color combination of this kurta was beautiful and it was sort of a unique color that she wore in the very initial episodes of Ehd e Wafa. The print of this kurta is based on pink flowers with some tinge of some more colors like yellows, purples and greens. This kurta had a collar and diagonal black and white strip in front with gold button details. It was a perfect day wear sort of a dress that she wore in one of the scenes.

Alizeh Shah 1 Alizeh Shah 2 Alizeh Shah 3 Alizeh Shah 4

The Beautiful Beige Dress

This dress was a very simple lawn suit but sometimes, less is always more. This suit proved it. The print on the shirt was circular motif chunnari pattern. The actual article that made this suit stand out was a beautiful chiffon dupatta which had paisley pattern. Alizeh Shah draped it around her and let the beauty of this simple but gorgeous dupatta shine through. These kinds of suits are very much easy on the eyes. She has also carried large sized fabric bags in Ehd e Wafa, which goes with the overall look of her character that she is a student who needs big bags to carry her stuff.

Alizeh Shah 5 Alizeh Shah 6 Alizeh Shah 7 Alizeh Shah 8 Alizeh Shah 9

The Gorgeous Floral Kurta

This shirt piece is unique due to the different shades of greens that are used as a base. It mostly has a dense floral print of whites and pinks, with the flowers making a cut work on the neckline. This dress has a lot of colors but pastel shades make it a cool toned dress. Alizeh Shah wore this kurta in only one scene in the drama. She has not repeated any dress except a couple of kurtas. She has showcased a variety in her wardrobe, making Dua’s character very trendy and fashionable but in a simple way.

Alizeh Shah 10 Alizeh Shah 11 Alizeh Shah 12 Alizeh Shah 13 Alizeh Shah 14

The Vibrant Blue Kurta

This blue kurta is again a perfect choice and goes well with her skin tone and hair color. This kurta is trendy and chic and without much going on, it still makes a perfect day-time wear appropriate for outings. It has a beautiful simple diagonal detailing around the neck till shoulders and different laces in white appliqued in the same direction. She has paired them with trousers that have buttoned detailing.

Alizeh Shah 15 Alizeh Shah 16 Alizeh Shah 17 Alizeh Shah 18

The Pink Polka Dots

Polka dots never go out of fashion and no matter which color, they always look good. Alizeh Shah made a daring choice wearing such a vibrant shade of pink but she carried it effortlessly. There was not much going on in the print itself apart from it being polka dotted shirt but the silhouette made this dress look super cute, girly and trendy. It was more like a short frock with strings details on the sleeves.

Alizeh Shah 19 Alizeh Shah 20 Alizeh Shah 21 Alizeh Shah 22

The Block Print Kurta

The color combination of this kurta was perfect. It mostly has a block print which looks perfect. Shades such as yellow, black and orange with white printing make this kurta perfect for summers. It was again a loose-fit kurta with a flare. The neckline and forearm have criss cross detail which add a little touch of designing to this simple kurta. The sleeves are 3/4 and Alizeh Shah again carried a big bag with this outfit.

Alizeh Shah 23 Alizeh Shah 24 Alizeh Shah 26 Alizeh Shah 27

The Simple Off-White Kurta

This kurta was simple with lace making a front panel on the shirt. It has bell sleeves and lace on the bottom of the shirt. This kurta was more like a long loose-fit straight shirt. Alizeh paired it with white straight trousers. She wore a scarf with it which had the similar colors that are in the laces of the kurta. This outfit is a perfect example of mix and match. A perfect evening wear while hanging out with your friends. The wardrobe of Alizeh Shah is definitely giving ideas and inspiration to young girls.

Alizeh Shah 28 Alizeh Shah 29 Alizeh Shah 30 Alizeh Shah 31

The Maroon Frock

Alizeh wore this dress in a scene where Dua is shown to have come for a jog. The loose silhouette of this kurta actually makes it appropriate to be worn during walking or jogging sessions. It is loose, it is made of comfortable lawn fabric and the cut makes it airy and easy to carry. It has a cute print and the ruffled detailing which makes this kurta look like a short frock. Alizeh paired it with blue leggings. The baggy sleeves also make it look girly and cute.

Alizeh Shah 32 Alizeh Shah 33 Alizeh Shah 34 Alizeh Shah 35 Alizeh Shah 36

The Solid Orange

This is again the kind of color that we don’t get to see a lot of actresses wearing on-screen but Alizeh Shah wore it and looked beautiful. Orange definitely is her color. It is a plain orange buttoned collar shirt which she paired with white capris. In one of the scenes, she wore a scarf with it which showed that simplest of shirts can be dressed up and worn during outings. The scarf was a cute and nice addition to this outfit for sure.

Alizeh Shah 37 Alizeh Shah 38 Alizeh Shah 39 Alizeh Shah 40

The Yellow Kurta

Another one of colors that Alizeh Shah didn’t shy away from adding in her varied colored wardrobe was this yellow kurta. A simple basic shirt that she is shown to be wearing during her group study session. It is nice to see how the simplest of kurtas which single color and basic white embroidery can look so good. Alizeh Shah has kept the accessories to an absolutely minimum in Ehd e Wafa, but in this scene she is wearing a Cartier bangle.

Alizeh Shah 41 Alizeh Shah 42 Alizeh Shah 43 Alizeh Shah 44

This concludes the list of gorgeous colorful dresses that Alizeh Shah has worn in Ehd e Wafa. Which ones are your favorites? Please share in the comment section below.


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