Top 10 Dresses of Ayeza Khan From Meray Pass Tum Ho

Ayeza Khan is one of the top actresses of Pakistani drama industry. Ayeza Khan is not only beautiful but she is also the kind of actor who pays a lot of attention to the overall styling and look of the characters that she is going to play in her dramas. In recent years, Ayeza Khan has put in a lot of effort into giving every character of hers a different feel and she does that by changing her makeup and dressing to suit the role and dynamics of the drama.

Ayeza Khan’s drama Meray Pass Tum Ho, which is currently being aired on ARY Digital has made a lot of buzz and with every passing episode, as much as it has grabbed the interest of the viewers, there’s no denying to the fact that Ayeza Khan has also garnered a lot of attention because of the way she has portrayed the character of Mehwish. The character is one thing but the way Ayeza Khan has stylized it shows her vision behind it. Mehwish is a beautiful woman who always gets praised for her persona and charm, she always becomes the center of attention, therefore it was important for Ayeza Khan to portray Mehwish’s character like that and she has succeeded in doing so by making the right clothing and makeup choices.

Ayeza Khan has definitely worked hard to give Mehwish’s character a personality and glamour that it deserved and this is the reason why Ayeza Khan has worn beautiful dresses and has done the kind of makeup which suits her while giving her a sultry look. Ayeza Khan has worn simple yet beautiful salwar kameez with embroideries and has played with a lot of subtle colors. She has added a lot of depth and dimension to her face with the help of bronzing which adds more character to her features. Meray Pass Tum Ho definitely happens to be one such drama in which Ayeza Khan has looked her best.

Let’s take a look at the Top 10 beautiful dresses that Ayeza Khan has worn in Meray Pass Tum Ho so far:

The Classic White and Golden Combination

This dress definitely deserves a spot in the list because the color combination is a classic which can not go wrong. Different motifs on different panels of the shirt and a golden pattern on the sleeves make this dress feminine and super pretty. Dupattas have been an essential part of Ayeza Khan’s wardrobe in Meray Pass Tum Ho and she has draped them in a very elegant way, allowing them to complete her look gracefully. The full sleeves also add a lot more grace to the overall styling of her dresses.

Ayeza Khan 1 Ayeza Khan 2 Ayeza Khan 3 Ayeza Khan 4

The Formal Red Dress

This dress might be simple but gorgeous dainty white embroidery on sleeves, back and front makes it semi-formal and appropriate to be worn at a wedding function, exactly how Ayeza Khan carried it. It has button details and the dupatta has a circular motif, different from the pasley which has been embroidered on the shirt. The beautiful shade of red

makes this dress gorgeous. Ayeza Khan’s beautiful braided hairstyle with flowers also gave her a very beautiful feminine look.

Ayeza Khan 5 Ayeza Khan 6 Ayeza Khan 7 Ayeza Khan 8

The Sea Green Self-Printed Dress

This beautiful dress is all about the gorgeous self-printed floral pattern and motifs on the dress. It also has delicate floral white embroidery at the front and silver rhinestone buttoned detailing. This beautiful dress was A line shirt with churidar and beautiful flowy dupatta. Ayeza Khan paired it with statement necklace and heavy jhumkas which immediately turned it into a formal look.

Ayeza Khan 9 Ayeza Khan 10 Ayeza Khan 11 Ayeza Khan 12 Ayeza Khan 13

The Gorgeous Formal Dress

This beautiful formal dress is a creation of Farah Talib Aziz. Ayeza Khan wore it at a wedding function. It was a beautiful shade of gold paired with pink dupatta. The dress had a heavily embellished top which was worn over a plain golden shirt and a flared palazzo. This beautiful dress had different shades of gold in the embellishment. The similar border was on the dupatta as well along with the gold criss-cross pattern, however the beautiful shade of pink was a beautiful addition of color in this overall golden dress. Ayeza Khan’s makeup and hair, along with heavy jewellery was also perfect during these scenes.

Ayeza Khan 14 Ayeza Khan 15 Ayeza Khan 16 Ayeza Khan 18

The Chiffon Black Saree

This sarre was plain with simple net blouse and sequin work on the borders of the saree, however the color black is something that can never go wrong. The choice of wearing black and a saree was a smart decision of Ayeza Khan because this scene showed how much the character liked the attention to be on her. Ayeza Khan’s hair looked gorgeous and shinier over the black base of her saree. She looked gorgeous in these scenes.

Ayeza Khan 19 Ayeza Khan 20 Ayeza Khan 21

The Simple Net Dress

This ensemble was pretty simple but the detailing and different textures of net made it look beautiful. It was a pastel mint green dress made of net but another piece of net which had a design was used on the bottom of the shirt. It broke the monotony of the net and added a design to the shirt. The tassel detail on the bottom of the shirt was another perfect touch to amp up this simple dress. The color of this dress was beautiful and it suited Ayeza Khan’s complexion a lot.

Ayeza Khan 22 Ayeza Khan 23 Ayeza Khan 24 Ayeza Khan 25

The Purple Kurta

This kurta was worn by Ayeza Khan in one of the office scenes, which perfectly gave her a look of a working woman. It was a beautiful kurta which again had a white printed design all over. There was a bit of designing done on the sleeves which made this kurta a little formal. The pearls on the sleeves and border of the shirt also were a cute detail. This shade of purple was beautiful and Ayeza Khan paired it with plain lilac dupatta and white trousers. An effortless and perfect office wear!

Ayeza Khan 26 Ayeza Khan 27 Ayeza Khan 28

The Blue Kurta

This beautiful kurta again had a white printed pattern all over. This kurta also had a different shade of beige on the sleeves and added a little touch of formal to the kurta which otherwise would’ve looked very simple to be worn at the office. The sleeves had a bit of detailing like different laces and embroidered beige fabric. Ayeza Khan definitely embraced the look of working women in Meray Pass Tum Ho perfectly and she showed that kurtas paired with simple white trousers and dupattas also make a perfect work-wear.

Ayeza Khan 29 Ayeza Khan 30 Ayeza Khan 31 Ayeza Khan 32

The Blue Suit

This suit of Ayeza Khan was simple and beautiful choice. Once again, Ayeza Khan draped the dupatta in such a way that it added more charm to this overall dress. This ensemble had simple circular white printing on top of a beautiful shade of blue. The front and the back panels of this dress were different. Ayeza Khan added silver bangles as an accessory which was a nice detail.

Ayeza Khan 33 Ayeza Khan 34 Ayeza Khan 35 Ayeza Khan 36

The Black and Yellow Suit

This was another beautiful dress of Ayeza Khan because it again had different motifs all over the suit. The black base with grey motif printing and mustard accents is the kind of color combination which works well and can not go wrong. Ayeza Khan looked absolutely beautiful in this dress and the black color complimented her skin tone a lot. Ayeza Khan went for tight sleeves and the overall look was simply graceful yet effortless.

Ayeza Khan 37 Ayeza Khan 38 Ayeza Khan 39 Ayeza Khan 40

Ayeza Khan has surely carried all of her dresses beautifully and the designers responsible for designing her outfits have done an amazing job. The different kurtas that she wore during the scenes where she is shown to be at home were nice picks as well.  Ayeza Khan’s hair stylist and makeup artists also deserve a lot of appreciation for making her look gorgeous as Mehwish. What do you think about Ayeza Khan’s dressing in the drama serial Meray Pass Tum Ho? Which of her dresses have you liked the most? Please share your thoughts.


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