Top Ten OSTs of 2015

Dramas nowadays are simply failing to enthrall viewers, the quality is getting tumbled exponentially. There was a time when Pakistani dramas were known for its perfect family entertainment but now the charm seems to be fading away with the passage of time. Mostly dramas represent monotonous story line with unappealing characters and script lacking depth which indicates that writers are running completely out of ideas. It happens when producers started focusing on commercialization.

Year 2015 was not fruitful for drama industry as well, dramas that were hit you can count them on fingers. However on the flip side if we encounter ourselves with dramas’ soundtracks we always found them mesmerising. Our singers, music composers and lyricist truly deserve round of applause for providing great variety of melody and music to the audience.

The topic here is to list 10 best OSTs of 2015 that are simply music to ears.

10. Muqaddas OST “Dil Maachis Hai”: The drama was really well directed and full of suspense that forced the audience to watch it. The OST as well is amazing and worth listening. It was sung and composed by talented Shuja Haider and lyricist of the OST is Adeel Razzaq.

9. Aitraaz OST “Aye mere dil kahin aur chal”: The drama includes star cast namely sania saeed, Imran abbas, Sana Javed and Gauhar Rasheed yet it fails to meet the threshold of quality entertainment. The drama wrecks in all department but its OST is simply amazing. Khadija and Faraz Khosa had sung it splendidly.

8. Muhabbat aag si OST “Ishq bin jiya na jai”: Cannot provide my views on the storyline and plot since I haven’t watched it but its OST for sure captured by attention. The song was sung by shafqat salamat Ali and Bina Khan, lyrics are written by Wasi Shah and composed by Raheel Fayyaz.

7. Tum mere pass raho OST: Another drama having ensemble cast of Bushra Ansari, Arij Fatyma, Aaminah Ilyas and Zahid Ahmed failing to meet viewers expectation. The OST of this drama is sung by Zeb Bangash and composed by versatile and renowned composed Waqar Ali. Lyrics are written by Sabir Zafar. This song actually gives you a feeling of Lullaby.

6. Guzaarish OST “Kisse da yaar na vichre”: The famous song of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan chosen as Guzaarish drama OST and guess who is the singer? None other than Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. “Kisse Da yaar na vichre” was previously the OST of famous PTV drama serial “Dhuwan”.

5. Yeh mera dewaanapan hai OST: Yet again can’t give my views on this play but what caught my attention is the OST of this drama. Resplendently sung by Ali Sethi, this song will not stop you listening over and over again. Well it is an old Bollywood song of Mukesh and Ali Sethi had performed this song in a similar fashion but in his own style.

4. Khuda Dekh Raha hai OST “Das Das ki mein yaar manawa”: We are all aware of the talent Agha Ali possess in acting but who knows that one day he will surprised us all with his exceptional singing and music composition skills. His mesmerising vocals and great composition of music made this OST a major hit. The lyrics are also written by him and major wordings are in Punjabi but literally this OST is simply music to your ears.

3. Mera naam yousuf hai OST: This drama is not only among the most watched drama of 2015 but its OST as well. This OST was soothingly sung by Rizwan Anwer and brilliantly composed by Saad Sultan.

2. Diyar-e-dil OST “Yaar-e-mann”: In my opinion this is the drama of 2015 as it kept us hooked up till 33 weeks. People who loved this drama, love listen to its OST as well. The starting lyrics of OST contains Persian language, it sung by Zeb Bangash and Momin Duraani, composed by Shanni Irshaad and lyrics are written by Sabir Zafar.

1. Alvida OST: This is the best OST of 2015 in my opinion. Not only Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan had sung this song marvellously but his singing had taken this song to the whole new level so that you keep tapping replay button. The music is composed by legend Sahir Ali Bhagga and lyrics are provided by talented Imran Raza.

Other OSTs that captured my attention is Jugnoo OST by sahir ali bhagga, Maana ka gharana OST (ishq baccha hai bigra hua) by Nabeel Shaukat Ali, Tum mere kya ho OST by Nabeel Shauakat Ali and Gul-e-rana OST by maestro Waqar Ali.

So which OSTs of 2015 are your favourite? Feel free to add your list.


Maaz is a student of accountancy who has always been a Pakistani Drama Lover. Providing analysis on Pakistani Entertainment Industry is his hobby and he feels honored to be a part of the reviewit team.