Tere Mere Beech – Episode 08!

Ohkay so, this episode of Tere Mere Beech was happening but not engaging because the story hasn’t moved forward at all from the last couple of episodes. Seems like they will be introducing a new character & the twist in the plot will happen then, which I hope is enough to keep the drama engaging for quite a long time!

Zubaida got quite a lot of coverage which wasn’t required because that thing didn’t really affect or add more to the developments of the story, in fact it looked more like a filler scenario as it didn’t change anything at all & there was no outcome of that situation that was shown. Zubaida felt she was insulted & she chose to draw her lines by not attending the reception & also by leaving for her village without notifying Nighat. Zubaida was upset quite a lot but Salma & Hareem added more fuel to the fire. Seems like Zubaida couldn’t do much herself that is why she passed it onto Hareem to insult Ali’s family on her behalf. I don’t understand, being Hareem’s mother & guardian herself, how can she not foresee the consequences Nadia would have to face if anything of such sort happens!

Nadia is trying to adjust to the new environment & Ali’s mother isn’t making things difficult for her. She has only made her point clear time & again that she wants to keep a low profile & doesn’t want to mingle with Nadia’s family. It was good to see Nadia & Ali having a conversation apart from the typical problems that they were facing ever since they got married. I liked how they both talked to each other about their childhood & the things they wanted the most. Nadia & Ali are both very different people but somehow they are compatible with each other as well.

The new character that made an entry today was of Asad, who happens to be Ali’s younger brother. Looks like he will have a lot to offer too & he will also have an affect on Nadia & Ali’s lives as well. So far he looked like a happy-go-lucky sort of a person but as the preview suggested, he’s going to be a bit different than he seems.

Fahad continues to fool Hareem because he has found an easy target. Fahad only wants Hareem’s property because he thinks he will get a kick-start after getting married to Hareem that he was waiting for all his life. Hareem questions him every now & then regarding the things she is curious of & also, the things that she finds a little odd, but even though Fahad manages to convince her, it is her equation with Nighat that makes Hareem forget everything that bothers her about Fahad & she then becomes a bit more persistent on the fact that she only wants to get married to Fahad. She thinks he is the only reliable person that she can fall on but that’s her mistake & no one can stop her from doing that to herself!

Overall, this episode was ohkay but the preview seemed interesting. Looks like Asad will show interest in Hareem & it will cause trouble for both Nadia & Ali. Please share your thoughts about tonight’s episode of Tere Mere Beech!

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