Tum Kon Piya Last Episode Review – What Goes Around, Comes Around

This last episode wasn’t as solid as I expected it to be because as a whole Tum Kon Piya’s story was quite convincing throughout. Zarbab’s change of heart seemed rushed and it wasn’t very believable either. All the information he got, came from a third person and not Arif himself but somehow he was willing to believe it only because he saw Arif’s present condition. Arif’s end was predictable but it would have been so much better if Arif was in a position to say all that Zarbab needed to hear himself. Zarbab spotting Elma and then making it to the hospital just in time to see her alive was also too much of a coincidence which would have been okay had this development led to something grand which wasn’t expected. If Elma was going to die, there was no point of showing Zarbab making it there right on time. Also, the way the news was broken to the child that Zarbab was his father was very disappointing. Overall, this wasn’t really the best finale considering the fact that Tum Kon Piya managed to be entertaining enough for so many weeks. Neha deserved a better ending as well. The moral of the drama in the end was that what goes around comes around; there was a time when Zarbab did not value Elma’s love and now in the end he was left all alone. I would say that in a way this ending was better than Elma forgiving Zarbab and spending the rest of her life with him.

Reviewing Tum Kon Piya was an enjoyable experience. It isn’t very often that one enjoys reviewing a drama which does not have a new storyline but what made Tum Kon Piya different was the fact that it had some interesting characters and the story did not defy sense or logic unlike many other dramas in which the viewers are always trying to make sense of the characters and the happenings. Also, there were quite a few times when the viewers had no idea what  was going to happen next. Although Ayeza Khan made a comeback with a character which could easily be termed as a bechari yet the fact remains that she made this bechari as likeable as she could. There were obviously many times when I thought that there will be a time when Elma will learn to take a stand for herself but it was not meant to be. Even with a shaky performance at times Imran Abbas proved that he was the perfect choice for playing the role of Ramish. Ramish’s love for Elma was the highlight of the drama throughout. Ali Abbas, Kiran Tabeer, Hira Tareen and Yasir Shoro also made their characters easy to connect to and more interesting because of their faultless performances. The writer Maha Malik took the story forward sensibly throughout and one thing that stood out more than any other was the use of beautiful Urdu words. The director Yasir Nawaz’s creativity added a new feel to the drama by showing that the entire relationship between Elma and Ramish existed only in their thoughts. This last episode however wasn’t as skillfully directed as one would have expected it to be.

I would like to thank all those amazing readers who read the reviews every week and shared their thoughts here. The whole experience of watching and reviewing this play wouldn’t have been the same without you all. I would also like to thank all those people who warned me against watching this drama because it is because of them that everything good about this drama came as a pleasant surprise; their warnings lowered my expectations considerably.

How many of you watched this last episode? Do share your thoughts about it.

Fatima Awan

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