Tumhare Siwa – Episode 15!

I know it will come as a shock to everyone but I want to thank the team of Tumhare Siwa for coming up with such a perfect sit-com on Friday nights. I actually found myself laughing out loud during so many scenes because like my dear readers know, I love finding humor in the most terrible situations, so Tumhare Siwa is doing just exactly the same thing for me these days!!!

Oh well, can I start off by asking where was Rania’s family when she was planning this madventure for her husband Aazar? A family that was no where to be seen or heard in the first 13 episodes (which pretty much makes the first half of the drama) has taken a birth in a jiffy & are now showing concern like they were never out of the picture? Honestly speaking, if they were keen on showing someone as Rania’s well-wisher they should’ve hired someone older to her & in fact a sister would’ve been better because the way her brother was showing concern in such a zanana way, let’s be honest guys, no brothers talk like that. Also, I am not too sure why did they pick Mustafa Changezi to play the role of Rania’s saviour because a boy who should be memorizing nursery rhymes at such a tender age doesn’t look appropriate using such heavy words like ‘lawaaris’ etc. He is a total misfit in this drama but then again, everything about this drama is a complete miss so chalo aik aur bachkana miss hi sahi!!!

Honestly speaking, I have never heard Tania talk about anyone else, like literally anyone else except Rania & Samra. She surely has some mental disorder where she is in capable of looking at others & talking about them. Now she has directed the arrows of her concerns at Samra because she happens to be her Bhabhi # 2 after all, so itna to banta hai. All thanks to Tania that her uncle-numa husband has gotten this ‘umanng’ to get Samra by hook or by crook. I know it was awful seeing a man like Baber hitting on Samra but frankly speaking, that was the time when I laughed the most. If they really wanted to show someone who would be interested in Samra at this stage, they should’ve hired someone else because to see Tahir Jatoi doing all that was a little hmmm not a little but totally & completely awkward! Anyways, Samra not only allowed him in the house but made karak chai for him, which later resulted in another conversation between the two where the topic of discussion was Baber’s sir ka dard (which was a news for me because all this while I thought he never had a head actually) & the karak chai that helped ease his headache. Samra ke karnamon mai aik aur karnama add ho gaya, where she has now survived a flirting that Baber directed at her. She is strong I must say. One thing that’s totally bizarre is that the girl who has gone through so much is so gullible that she is incapable of reading between the lines!?!?! Why do they have to show women so weak & brainless that they can’t understand or read what the other person’s intentions are? It is ridiculous!!!

Accha, once again, I so don’t want to belittle the deceased but before leaving the show, was he even unable to get a decent car for Samra? Chalo I do understand that despite being a pilot he didn’t have a bank balance to bear the medical expenditures of Samra & he didn’t have a house of his own, but really, a pilot didn’t have a decent car…hmmm, I so am not buying that. Also, why does Samra become such a gugu when she experiences such small mishaps? Her car didn’t start & she called Aazar asking mai kya karoon? Behan please Taxi pakrain aur bachi ko lene chali jayein, shukriya! This whole dependency that Samra’s displaying is so outdated & yawn-provoking!!!

Anyways, the thing I hate the most happened in this episode too where Neni (or rather Naani, because there’s nothing child-like about her) inquired about a thing called divorce? If they really want to add these little packets, why can’t they use them with their innocence? Why do these writers always have to rely on these immature grandparents like Naani or Dada (referring to Neni & Dani) to act as reporters & take the story forward? Why is it that all of a sudden Samra has stopped speaking to Rania? Ohkay we do understand that Rania has left Aazar’s house & isn’t speaking to Samra but couldn’t they show that Samra called Rania generally & found out that she wasn’t staying with Aazar? Nope, I am sure this idea wouldn’t have crossed the writer’s mind because he was depending on Naani & Daada to do the honors!

I think this drama has broken the records of all the dragramas (drag-dramas) that we have seen in the past. 15 episodes are enough to show the misery that these immature & not so intelligent people inflicted upon themselves, so chop chop, it’s time to come up with solution & a conclusion to this dragrama ASAP, because even though it was senseless to begin with, they have shamed the senses of the viewers enough. Please share your thoughts about the sit-com named Tumhare Siwa. ;)

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