Tumhare Siwa – Episode 19!

Hmmm, that awkward moment when 40 seconds of of Lota Virus advertisement seems better than the whole 40 minute episode of Tumhare Siwa. This episode practically had nothing to be shown but they just stretched for no reason. I am not sure even after receiving viewers response why is HUM TV bent on making us watch this Friday Night Special. They should’ve done some editing & should have made this the last episode because I believe 19 weeks of this mind-numbing torture is more than enough!!!

Most of the episode showcased the flashbacks of how ‘happy’ these 4 miserable beings were together, which obviously made no sense whatsoever because the initial episodes were enough to let us know that they were close-knit. Like we know that by now because Aazar & Rania never gave much importance to Tania & Baber, who were related to them but they chose to go out of the way for Arsal & Samra, so I guess that was a done deal by now but seems like the writer & the director felt they hadn’t tortured us enough so they decided to add a few more bits & bobs to show us what these petty creatures were like, in the past!!!

All of a sudden Samra has started having thoughts about what sort of influence this whole scenario would be casting on her Naani, all of a sudden she feels her ‘kaccha zehan’ is in danger, which made me ask that where was Samra’s ‘pakka zehan’ when she was doing ‘pakki things’ with Aazar Bhai & the rest of her partners in crime? This drama defies basic sense & logic & it is sickening to see them justifying things that have happened between the newly weds Bhai & Bhabi aka Aazar & Samra!!!

Aazar must be living in a fool’s paradise to believe that his & Rania’s relationship is strong because all the things he has done when she was not around spell something totally opposite to me at least. His relation is so strong that he didn’t feel the need to call her once or tell her to pack her bags as he was coming to pick her up & still he believes his relation is strong. May I also ask, where was Rania’s baby brother in the initial episodes when she was planning husband swapping scenario that now she feels she can’t breathe without having a look at him? How was she surviving before then?

All the things Aazar said to Rania about how duty bound he is to take care of Samra & how he has some responibility towards her were a total lie. He lied so much that me made my ears hurt. Aazar swore that he can’t lie to Rania but each & every word that was uttered from his unwashed mouth was everything but the truth. Aazar is basically a sore loser & a spineless cheater who can not admit that he has actually fallen for his Biwi # 2, so in stead he tried using the bechari card to reinforce his thought process & his eager wish on Rania that Samra is the most miserable being who has ever walked on the face of the Earth & that is why she can’t do anything without his support. Aazar even tried to create a drama in front of Rania saying that he was ready to divorce Samra but then again he tried to make her guilty by talking about Samra’s lachargi, I must say, Aazar may be spineless & a biggest liar, but he sure has some brains & tacts up his sleeve because he knew exactly what he should say that will melt Rania’s heart. I actually felt bad for Rania that she fell for all the things her liar husband said because she still loves him enough to believe that he can’t cheat on her or lie to her, whereas he was doing just exactly what she didn’t think of.

The only good thing about this episode was that Tania & Baber were nowhere to be seen, at least the percentage of torture was lessened by .05%. I think this is more than enough & Hum Tv should really end this torture ASAP. They have been showing the promos of some upcoming dramas, so I guess they need to edit the remaining parts of this drama & finish it off quickly. Also, my piece of advice to the writer would be that he shouldn’t put too much pressure on his small brain to come up with such hideous scripts because we are better off without his work & Pakistani drama industry surely can survive without his sincere contribution. Please share your thoughts & please tell me that this piece of crap of ending next week?

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