Tumhare Siwa – Episodes 8 – 14!

Ohkay so, it was after the 7th episode when I left watching this drama because honestly, I was unable to take time out for it on Fridays & also it wasn’t as special as let’s say Diyar-e-Dil that it deserved my utmost attention. So I decided to give it a go now just to see what was happening in this drama because whenever I live stream HUM TV I never get to see its promos & I am speaking about the promos because only they are enough to let you know what’s going to happen in the entire episode. So, not getting a chance to see the promo & just because of the curiosity, I decided to watch it but firstly I was amazed at myself that I watched 7 episodes in less than 2 hours & for that I thank the one who invented forward button because when I am watching such dramas, the forward button gives me this strong sense of power & authority that I have a control over such a crappy content!

I must say that all the snails & turtles in the world should be declared clear winners when it comes to comparing the pace between their pace & the pace of Tumhare Siwa. I was amazed that 7 weeks passed by & the story didn’t move forward at all & like even if it did, it was easily suitable for them to use a couple of episodes to show that progress. The last time I checked, Samra was in UK with Arsal & she was returning back after going through a successful surgery. As expected & predicted, Arsal met an accident & the funniest thing was, for 3 days Aazar & Rania were waiting to hear from Arsal & Samra whereas later when they inquired they got to know that they had left for Pakistan 3 days ago. I guess they were babysitting Samra’s daughter Neni, so it is imperative that Aazar & Rania didn’t smell something fishy because all I know is Neni would cry out loud for her parents in the middle of the night but she spent those 3 days without even bothering to remind her uncle & aunt that she would like to speak to her mum & dad!

Anyways, it was those laser eyes of Neni that helped her spot her mother in an ambulance & that’s when the ill-fated couple was found out by Aazar & Rania. Arsal passed away & Samra was stronger than ever. I must say she is Pakistan’s version of Iron Lady because this woman survived a divorce, an iddat, a re-marriage, a surgery & now a death of her ex-husband. Samra’s now struggling to cope up with her loss & Rania & Aazar are having issues with each other because Rania is feeling insecure & Aazar is too concerned about his Bhabhi & Biwi rolled into one; Samra. I know it does seem just as stupid as it sounds. So, this is exactly what has happened in these 7 episodes & I am shocked that it still is being shown on Fridays. Gone are the days when Friday nights at HUM TV used to be dedicated to the best drama of the week & this is how HUM TV has decided to pay all their fans back! I am impressed.

This story has so many loopholes & the one that remains unbeaten is the fact that now Aazar has to stay married to Samra because the hawai ‘airline’ for which he supposedly works at has refused to bear the expenses of Samra & Neni because she wasn’t married to Arsal before he died. I mean when the writer made the husband-swapping seem so easy & effortless, why is it so hard for him to turn things in Rania’s favor where Aazar would divorce Samra? The point is, now when the airline has refused to help & Aazar is forced to take care of Samra like he is supposed to bear their expenses, so he can do that even after divorcing Samra because all she needs is some decent amount of money to make the ends meet. I am sure the ‘airline’ he works at isn’t paying him extra bucks just because they are considerate of the fact that he has two wives to take care of & two branded lawn suits to buy every time he goes to a shopping mall. I must say, not that I am trying to put down the deceased but I guess he was a pilot too & which pilot in this day lives in a rented house? Also, it brings me to this point once again that if Aazar is doing so good for himself, what was Arsal doing all those years that he couldn’t even afford a home for himself. Everyone knows that pilots do well for themselves & their families but ye kaunsa ghareeb pilot tha? Also, the whole pilot thing was just a catch that they used in order to grab the attention where they wanted to show that the characters are different because I think where Aazar should be in the air taking passengers from one destination to the other, he is seen making round trips from home to school in order to pick & drop Neni & Dani? He doesn’t seem like a pilot anymore or may be he had a career switch at this age? Also, sticking an Aeroplane poster at the wall doesn’t really create an ambiance that either Arsal or Aazar have had anything to do with the airline industry!!!

Samra has unintentionally started relying on Aazar where she calls him even if she’s facing a power cut but I am wondering in a city where load-shedding is a norm, why was it so hard for Samra to sit through those hours? She still refers to Aazar as bhai but still she needs to pull herself together. Yes, she is concerned because the BBC reporters named Dani & Neni conveyed the news to Samra that Aazar & Rania had a fight because of her & she wants to help them both but it is just not happening & it won’t happen unless Samra wipes her tears off, gets on her feet & stop being a burden on Aazar & Rania. The amount of screaming Ayesha Khan did in one of those episodes was overbearing & it wasn’t even working because the whole fight seemed so forced because it was too obvious that both Ahsan & Ayesha Khan were made to blabber whatever came to their minds due to lack of dialogues as a result of the writer being too lazy to come up with appropriate lines to be delivered.

I must say, Tania & Baber impressed me with their consistency. They were absolutely lifeless when I left the show & now when I came back after 7 weeks, they were just the same, like not even an iota of difference in their routines or lives. I think they should give lessons on how one can become consistently annoying & while they’re at that, they can drop a few hints on how they remain so happily lifeless all the time. Chalo, if Tania was Rania’s well-wisher in true sense, her concern for Aazar & Rania would’ve made sense but she isn’t even sincere with her brother & his first wife, so her involvement in their personal matters makes no sense whatsoever.

Rania is obviously feeling insecure because she can see that Samra & her daughter have all of a sudden become a priority for Aazar but then if I am not mistaken, the one who initiated the plan & showed an excitement over this adventure was Rania herself. When deep down she knew that her ‘zarf’ wasn’t as big as her red pout, then she shouldn’t have given a green signal for this husband swapping scenario. I am sure that at such an age, a woman is well aware of her strengths & her weaknesses, so I am guessing that Rania knew she won’t be able to put up an act for so long, so I feel she is equally responsible for things getting out of her control!

I really like Mansha Pasha & I really find her beautiful, but honestly speaking, she is not suitable for this role because her droopy eyes magnify her sadness tenfold & she actually puts me to sleep. It is really difficult to see an already sad face crying buckets because that sadness gets to you, like seriously!!! I think the lady who has sung the OST should either stop singing or should gargle with saline water before singing another song because seems like her voice is coming from a deep dug well & it is annoying like anything!!! Everything about Ahsan Khan is wrong in this drama like his acting & expressions but what’s worst is his makeup, I couldn’t take my eyes off the 10 shades lighter foundation that he is wearing, that pink lipstick he thinks he’s rocking, that orange eye-shade & that green stubble that peaks through his foundation!!! What were you thinking Ahsan Khan? Ayesha Khan’s ponytails fail to defy her age & she looks older than both Ahsan & Mansha. I think now when Aazar is all alone after Rania has left, he will resort to his Biwi/Bhabhi Samra & they will start developing feelings for each other because that’s the universal rule of our dramas that Biwi # 1 is a vamp & Biwi # 2 is a victim! Share your thoughts if you’ve invested as much as 10 seconds in this senseless drama please!!!

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