Tumhare Siwa – Last Torture/Episode!

Haye! Shuker! Just when I was at the brink of throwing up, this episode ended & I am so glad that not only the episode, this dramatic drama ended too which had no purpose to serve whatsoever. Before going on with the review, I will definitely say that the admins at Hum TV should really get their definition of ‘entertainment’ checked & rectified because these sort of dramas actually do not fall into the category of ‘entertainment’ from any angle.

While watching this episode, the only thought that crossed my mind was, what took them so long to wrap this drama up. Nothing that they showed in this episode was something that they couldn’t show 2 – 3 or may be 5 – 6 weeks ago. It was just as boring as the rest of the drama & was even slow because I couldn’t sit through it & watched it on the go!

Rania reached the decision that she wanted to help Samra through her husband because other than that, she saw no option & her mind didn’t work in any other direction which could’ve told her that there were million other ways to empower & help Samra. Rania thought she had an ATM card named Aazar, so she could lend it to Samra to use for her personal expenses. Well, at least Rania does earn some points for being genuinely worried about Samra & wanting to help her but Aazar & Samra were proved to be the losers right till the end.

It was absolutely ridiculous to see Aazar’s responses to Rania’s suggestions. She straight away & clearly said that she didn’t want Aazar to divorce Samra but all the answers Aazar gave told the tale of what he actually wanted. Aazar said he didn’t want to be with Samra & he loved Rania, also that he would only be Samra’s kaghazi husband but the moment he saw that he went overboard with his side of convincing, he switched the tone & all of a sudden started caterwauling about how bechari Samra is & how for him, she is only Arsal’s wife. It was so funny that where at one hand Aazar said he didn’t want to form any relation with Samra, on the other he had the audacity to say that she was his mehram & she wasn’t his bhabhi anymore. It was so obvious that Aazar was giving mixed signals to Rania to convince her to accept Samra not only as Aazar’s kaghazi biwi but as a full fledged legally & lawfully wedded wife too!!!

Oh, just as weird as her entry was, her name was exactly weird too. Lily Aunty! Who was nowhere to be seen in the entire drama, came & rescued Samra out of nowhere. At first she convinced Samra that whatever Rania & Aazar decided for her was the best but she took a U turn & ended up being a phaphay kutni who threatened Aazar with a lawsuit if he wouldn’t divorce Samra. Well, Samra proved that she was only born to be a nuisance for everyone around her. If she made up her mind, then she could’ve easily told Aazar at his face that she wants a divorce but in stead she chose to flee away & then get them both threatened by weirdly named Lily Aunty! What a beautiful way to pay them back for what they did, with that being said, at least I am relieved to see that Samra grew a backbone & decided to fend for herself rather than relying on someone else’s husband!

Also, the note at which the drama ended really made me hate Aazar even more. He didn’t grow a spine to tell Rania the depth of his relationship with Samra. If he had come clean then he would’ve looked like someone who genuinely loved his wife but in stead he chose to conceal his dirty laundry & made Rania feel even more guilty for doubting his farishta of a husband by telling her again & again that she means the world to him! Well anyways, jo karna tha kiya, shuker hai ke hamain maaf kiya!!!

Well, I think when some good dramas are going through a post production procedure, Hum TV takes out these filler dramas from their stash till the actual drama that they want to air is ready to be released. They have done it before too & they did it this time around as well, where they were waiting for Mann Mayil to complete so that they can air it on Fridays. I really hope that they don’t do it anymore because they have a duty towards their audience too who put faith in them & also with this drama, I hope the writer burns down all the pens & the papers that he has in his home because writing definitely is not his cup of tea, coffee, gulabi chai, kawa whatever! Also, with due respect, I think Sakina Samo should leave direction for those who actually know the meaning & ABCDEFGHIJLKMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ of direction. Please share your thoughts about this masterpiece & tell me how happy are you to see it ending tonight!

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