Turkish Actress Ersa Bilgic Bashed Priyanka

It seems that now Priyanka will be dealt harshly and will face a scrutiny globally. Recently a Famous Turkish actress Ersa Bilgic who has played character of Haleema sultan  in Famous Turkish series Dirilisurtugrul has called on Priyanka that being hateful and chant about war isn’t something good for a responsible  person, who is the Goodwill ambassador to UN.

Commented on instagram showing her  disappointment on how she behaved in the beatycon ‘s event with a pakistani girl she said ” being patriotic doesn’t mean you should encourage the war. You shouldn’t belong in a conversation concerning war as a UN Goodwill Ambassador, you affect many people many children as a role model and you were so disrespectful against a women who just asked you a question about your statement that you shared with millions of people on your Twitter account ”

Well it seems that Ersa bilgic is angry on the humiliating act of a Goodwill ambassador who just out of her fame and power chose world wide bashing by ridiculing a girl who asked a simple question , she is only protected by her extreamist indians and the world is seeing the face of Extreamism by Indians as they are banning their artists on working in pakistan and they are bashing pakistan globally, biggest example is Priyanka ‘s behavior at beautycon even where she couldn’t deal with a question calmly.

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  • Domestic actress trying to be a World Famous actress on the cheap. Shame on you Ersa.
    Want to hear real foul mouthed war mongering rhetoric? have you not heard the Pakistani PM and his fellow goons for the last 2 weeks?
    Get a life you silly so and so, no one wants to know about what you think!!!

    • Sane and wisdom has nothing to do with international fame. Sometimes notorious people are well known globally. If by hook or by crook Priyanka has reached an international status, does not mean she is a reasonable person and she has proved it.
      By the way, have you never heard what Indian PM and media is chanting at the top of their voice.
      There are more people willing to know what she thinks than to know what you have in your mind.

    • Do you really support hindu fascist supremacists whose idealogue is Hitler. Shame on you.

      • Hindu never fascist like you who killed 100000 hindu in Kashmir and expelled millions from the valley


      • LOL you guys love to jump on this fake bandwagon, guess you haven’t seen the footage of people living in peace in Kashmir.
        Also writing in all caps doesn’t make youre so called facts more right. Clearly you need to do some better research bruh.

  • Well said Ersa, very brilliant and just full reply. It’s time the Indians should know where they belong. They only have haters in them. Again thanks. Los Angeles here.

    • You are not in a capacity to tell anything Indian just keep your bowl in your hand to beg from the world. Indians are dominating world due to their hard word and you are know for killing people with the bomb or bullet

  • An UN ambassador shouldnt support any war. As simple as that. What is wrong if it was voiced up by an international actress or domestic actress or whoever.

  • I wonder where were these peace preaching noble souls and celebrities when Pakistan was and is waging proxy wars in India. Sending terrorists to kill the innocents throughout the region! Pakistan doesnt have peaceful relations with any of its neighbours Afghan, india or Iran.
    Where were these celebrities who sit on judgemental panel of who is qualified to be UN ambassador when Pakistan and its celebraties were silent Osama’s hide out in Pakistan; nefarious sales of nuclear technology by Pakistan or sacrifice of innocent Pashtuns; Baloch.
    If you dont know about the matter dont comment… your 2 cents clearly shows you are a wannabe newsmaker.

    • Priya you definitely need to update your information as well as perception about pashtuns and baloch. Reading blogs doesn’t give a true picture. Few traitors among them are spoiling their image and also of the Country

  • It’s really shameful that Bollywood people are getting involved in hate mongering. This is the new India under Modi…hating Pakistan and Muslims. Pity on Priyanka who needs to be stripped of her UN good will ambassador designation as she isn’t promoting goodwill

    • I would like to tell you that it has nothing to do with Muslim in our view Pakistan and Muslim both are different. We have more Muslims in india than Pakistan. You guys are dangerous for the world peace like you are killing people in the name of jihad in all over the world so don’t involve Muslims in this matter . Talk about india and Pakistan

  • Some unknown Muslim actresses are trying to get out of the abyss , using Priyanka Chopra , a Hindu actress as a ladder

  • I was watching Man vs Wild programme on discovery channel where Modi was preaching love for humanity. He seemed so hypocrite and wicked when a person who did massacre of Muslims in Gujrat and all over India was preaching love for humanity and nature. Now he is doing same in Kashmir by genocide of Muslims. I felt that filth was oozing from Indian PM’s mouth. Hindu mentality cannot be changed as this nation has this defect by default. Indians should keep in mind that Jihad is an important pillar of Islam and a Muslim’s main aim is to die fighting in the way of Islam. We fight for death and you for life. Only Braves win not cowards. Only hearts fight not weapons. Try to live with peace and let others too.

  • Yaas..the extermist Indians killing innocent Saad!!( I know u r dumb enough not to see the sarcasm)

    • India is not known as lynchistan for nothing. Nothing to do with terrorists. You see a Muslim and you just lynch them to death and then claim he was a terrorist or he was trying to steal a cow. Modi has a lot to answer for.

  • I just want to tell onething to randian “koi acha sa time nekal k Mar jao, and akh tohh,

  • Disappointed by the fact being the neighbours.. How much hate we can throw on each other.. Let her live her life and role, As UN ambassador or like actress or something else.. Well all you really need to focus and comment anything before doing little homework.. Everyone wants peace yet you guys are not sitting quite and pulling her leg to be removed… Why do you care so much!! Saying clearly said “There is root from where we all belong” We probably pride in the moment.. We all here for love yaaro ladaai band karo or kush raho.. Ek dusre ko nicha dikhaane se kuch vasool nahi hoga.. We’ll remain India.. You will remain Pak.. We were sister lands.. Peace!!

  • This is called half the knowledge and speaking out of negligence. Surprisingly none of these people have anything to say when Indian soldiers are mercilessly attacked, brutalized and killed. Do they know about countless act of violence from Pakistan? Yet if a person speaks about being patriotic it’s blasphemy… don’t know how much this actress knows about that part of the world but she obviously does not know enough to pass judgment.

  • The only people blindly supporting the Pakistani girl are Muslims. Of course, Priyanka’s way to handle this was not very mature but the hatred that’s is coming from all Muslim communities is something that cannot be ignored. And none from this community is ready to talk or accept the mistakes done by them over India. That topic is simply being ignored or covered. Aren’t they being patriotic now? This topic is unnecessary as it is not helping either and has simply been pulled to a broader level.

  • India needs one thing to do only and that is to let the human rights observers visit the Kashmir

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