Unbelievable Revelation About Fizza Ali By Her Sister

Fizza Ali has been a part of our showbiz industry for quite some time now. She started off her acting careers with PTV when she was a very young and innocent face but she has worked so hard to groom herself both personally and professionally.

Fizza recently came on a morning show Salam Zindagi with her sister as the show was about the relationship and bonding between sisters. During the segment “Mizaaj Aashnai” Faisal asked the sisters who is the one “jisko khany k doran chup karana parta hai”? Sara, Fizza’s older sister held out the board saying Fizza on it.

Then came the revelation about the fact that Fizza eats a lot and as it takes so much time that she can’t keep quiet for that long. Fizza said that there are times when people have to take the plate away from her because she has no limits when it comes to eating. She then said that now she is trying to limit herself like two parathas with only two eggs in breakfast and two tortillas only, if she is having rice in her lunch. She further added that she eats only three tortillas  in her dinner.



Javeria Saud was also invited to the show along with her sister, was bewildered to hear about Fizza’s eating habits and said “yeh lambi hai iski sara khana haddyun m jata ho ga”.


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