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Undisputed Vamps of The Industry!

Lately our dramas have started to revolve around all the negative women or as we can say, we are only coming across as women villains in our dramas these days. I agree that to make things a bit more realistic & relate-able, the script writers come up with such negative characters but there are certain actors who have taken the negativity to another level & I actually wish to see them playing a different role or playing such a character that doesn’t show them as a vamp & they are:

Saba Hameed:

I want Family Front wali Saba Hameed back!

Oh boy, now when I think of it, I can hardly recall any drama of her that I have seen lately in which she has played any role other than the negative one. It’s like she has signed it as a signature of hers that whatever the role may be, she wants THE MOST negative character of the lot. I remember her comic timing & expressions in Family Front, so we all know she is capable of playing some normal roles too. I so wish she just doesn’t waste her talent in playing the zalim saas of the decade & opt for some other roles too.



Sana Askari:


Such a young & around half a decade old talent but she is wasting herself by already playing in the league of vamps. She can play the character of a happy go lucky girl or any other role but all I have seen her play is a role of a bratty little girl who is annoyed & knows how to annoy others around her especially her viewers by delivering her dialogues faster than a speed of light. She is a great actress & acting comes naturally to her but only if she understands & chooses some better characters *fingers crossed*.


Seemi Pasha:

Mai Bigri Hui Ameer Aunty Hoon!

The tagline says it all. Clad in expensive dresses & high heels, endorsing a smokey kohl’ed eyes even in the wee hours of morning, she is one of those tip taap aunties who’re there to spoil other’s lives. It’s been ages since I saw her playing a non-negative role in which she isn’t running behind someone else’s wealth or isn’t teaching her daughter how to impress a rich guy. Choose wisely, live well aunty!


Urwa Hocane:

I’m the brat of the town!

She jumped into dramas & started fishing for negative roles right from the start. Not to mention that the negative image suited her because of her ticked-off expressions but I have yet to see her performance in which she ain’t playing a negative role. I know she has opted for roles in sitcoms too but she always chooses such characters in which she is unhappy so for that she comes across as a spoiled brat who is annoyed. I hope she opts for some other sort of characters as well because she needs to experiment in such early stages of her career.



So, these were the vamps that we’ve seen frequenting our TV screens every now & then. Share what you feel about the list & feel free to add more names to the list too because your contribution means a lot. ;)

Keep Supporting,
Zahra Mirza.

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