Izteraab Episode 3 – Khala Masooma!

Ohkay so it was another fast paced episode with so much happening & next to zero room for boredom. I enjoyed watching this episode but had my fair share of giggles too.

Zara has finally decided that she wants out of this marriage & I feel that’s the right thing she’s doing because she just couldn’t earn the respect of her husband so why waste her life for a man like that? Very conveniently Jazib didn’t even try to talk her out of her decision & then easily blamed Zara in front of Khala that she was the one at fault. Why didn’t Jazib tell her how he used to belittle her & underestimate her? Khala Masooma very easily told Dua that whatever happened was destined to happen & it didn’t happen because of Dua so she isn’t at fault but then whenever she got the opportunity to make a point, she told Jazib how bechari Dua was & how her name was being pulled in their own marital problems. Khala kept on saying ‘log kya kahainge, log kya kahainge’ & I kept on wondering where were the ‘log’ she is so worried about? I didn’t see anyone else ever intrude in their issues?

I am not too sure but looks like Khala Masooma is two faced. I don’t know what her name is but I am going to name her Khala Masooma because she portrays herself as soooo masoom that even an innocent baby might feel ashamed, so yes, for that, Khala Masooma is the right name for Khala Masooma.

I actually felt for the kids a lot when Zara tells them she is getting separated from Jazib. The kids took it pretty well but later on spoke to each other how much they missed their mother. It was actually very touchy & goes to show the effect these sort of issues have on the kids. I feel Saba Qamar acted really well in this whole episode & she has been actually successful in making us all feel a thing for the character of Zara more than anybody else’s.

I lol’ed when Zara tells Dua ‘tum Jazib k liye rotiyaan pakao’ & then Dua scurries to her mother telling her how ungrateful Zara is. I mean Khala Masooma knows that Dua’s entry in Jazib & Zara’s life hit the last nail on the coffin so why is she persistent in stating & then believing the otherwise. Even Dua keeps on telling her mother that nothing happened because of her & it’s like they know they have played an important part in the separation of Zara & Jazib but they are choosing to ignore the fact completely & they are pep-talking themselves that they ain’t responsible.

I didn’t even like when Khala Masooma told Jazib ‘Dua se shadi kaun karega?’. I mean please, she knows Jazib has called his dibs on Dua so why is she masoomiyat-ly posing a question to him? Even now when she knows that her husband has asked her to come back, she doesn’t want to go, which she should’ve done the moment she found out that Zara has left & Jazib has become a khulla sandh once again. Later when Jazib told her she must leave she goes like ‘Allah ki zameen bari hai’ & I was like there she goes again, Khala masooma with her masoomiyat that she even knows how to mend the situation in her favor by emo-blackmailing her damaad-to-be. I know she is sweet & masoom & what-not but she is unreal, lol!

Jazib’s last words in the episode had me rolling my eyes. He moved on a tinsy bit quickly then we thought. It was like he was awaiting this to happen & since it happened, he ceased the opportunity & grabbed the best available short order cook he had in his sights. I am dreading that the story which has been fast paced ever since it began might derail & lose the pace but if that doesn’t happen, I am sure we’d remain entertained  by the bunch of masoom people. Let’s see what happens next.

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