Rubaru’s Last – That’s All Folks!?!?!

Hawww I just started enjoying this drama & it ended. :/ Ohkay, we all want dramas that should end by 16th-18th episode but what I don’t get is the rushed ending all the directors opt for when they direct the very last episode of the play. I am not sure if I am happy or satisfied with the ending or I’m actually annoyed with what was shown in the previous episodes making the ending seemed totally rushed & rubbishy.

Is this what Kiran & Teeeeeepu’s story was important for? Teeepu divorced Kiran & left as if he had that huge of a spine but now when his mother called, he dumped Neha straight away as if his spine froze in the chilled weather of Turkey & he came back like a loser to embrace the girl he literally walk upon as a doormat. I am sure if they hadn’t wasted so many episodes on Kiran & Teepu, this drama would’ve become a hit & memorable as well but seems like the writer didn’t want it to happen.

What they revealed by the end was quite interesting but sadly it wasn’t tackled properly. If they had dealt with that part of the story with utmost attention & had even spread it in more than a couple of episodes, I am sure the ending would’ve seemed more justified & appropriate. They finally showed how Shabbi found out about Surmed’s past & what he did to her mother Neelam & also what Neelam did to Surmed. She obviously gathered a lot of sympathy for the guy who had to go through so much in the early stages of his life but still nothing seemed to have fallen in the right place now when the drama has ended.

Shabbi’s phone conversation with Usman & also the way Surmed was destroying Jameel Ahmed’s business, no light was shed upon those issues & I still can’t get over the fact that they actually had to sacrifice the screen time to show the Happy-Halala of the most faarigh couple on the face of the earth i-e Kiran & Teeeepu. I am actually gutted by seeing another Halala taking place in another drama of ours where the whole family seemed satisfied at what was happening. The smug look on Teepu’s face as if he did sawab ka kaam was just sickening followed by the squinted smile Kiran passed at him, I mean seriously!?!?!

I liked the whole Arif & Karam Din’s twist in the drama because it was something totally unpredictable & I so wish they had shown us more of it because I believe Surmed & Shabbi were the lead characters & the drama was based on their story but the way they were blind sided was absolutely ridiculous. It’s like one fine day Shabbi woke up & everything was fixed supposedly & did they really think we’ll have an AWWWWWWW moment seeing Kiran get annoyingly chummy with Teeeeeepu, sorry to be bursting the bubble but it was an eeekhhhhhh moment instead of an awww one.

I feel they successfully trolled the viewers by promising something else & showing something entirely different. If they wanted to end the drama on 16th episode, they should’ve started wrapping up the story from 13th episode onward so that the ending had seemed justified but just because they wasted a lot of time on Kiran/Teepu’s useless track, it looks like they were told to chop down the story & they had to literally re-edit the ending & fit it in the 16th episode or may be you never know the writer went into deep slumber after writing the 15th episode so whatever seemed suitable was put together to make such an absurd & abrupt ending.

Our drama makers need to understand that either they must not draggggg the story like anything or when they plan on ending a drama in lesser number of episodes, they must learn to finish it off smoothly by establishing the grounds for the climax 3 – 4 episodes before the drama actually ends with the support of flow in the scenes to compliment their purpose. Anyways, I’d label Rubaru as a 5 on 10 drama because of the obvious reasons. Share your thoughts on another one of Hum’s shahkaar.

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