Ustad Fateh Ali Khan remembered by the classical music fraternity

Ustad Fateh Ali Khan’s death is indeed a great loss for the music fraternity but a recent gathering turned out to be heartwarming as it shows the music community remembers him and his contribution to classical music.

Karachi Arts Council, Tehzeeb Foundation of Pakistan, MoUSICi and the All Pakistan Music conference arranged the event.

Rustam Fateh Ali Khan, Ustad Fateh Ali Khan’s son who himself is a famous classicical singer was also present there.

Rustam talked about how even during the last days of his illness, Ustad Fateh Ali Khan still had a connection with classical music:

“When we were in the hospital, he would ask me to sing and then would hum along with me, even though he was suffering from a severe lung disease.”

The evening also featured a video presentation which shown an old television interview of Ustad Fateh Ali Khan and his performance which kept the audience interested and emotional.

After people and the audience paid him their regards, there was a live musical performances session by Rustam Fateh Ali Khan, Imran Ilyas Khan and tabla maestro Ustad Bashir Khan.

We hope that classical music is kept alive here and doesn’t die out eventually with time.