Uzair Jaswal’s album ‘Na Bhulana’ to launch on 28th December

Uzaid Jaswal has received multiple awards till date and there are all praises for him. He is not just a good singer but has proved his acting skills too. He has been in singing since a decade and has sang numerous successful singles. Uzair is now all set to launch his own album for the very first time, named ‘Na Bhulana’. He recently released the first look of his upcoming album.

In conversation with Images , Uzair revealed, “My first album Na Bhulana is a journey of love. It’s actually a story that tells you what love is and how it takes charge in your life; what good it brings to your life and what it takes away when it’s gone.”

“It’s been almost ten years that I have been doing music and this is my first album, so I feel like it was a long time coming and now that it’s here I’m really excited, And I really hope that people will listen to it. I hope that my fans, who’ve been listening to me since I was 14, really connect with the album. I mean, if nothing else, they will hear it out once… at least once, and that’s all that matters. I just want my music to be heard and that’s it,” said the singer.

When asked what compelled him to release his debut album now, the singer replied, “The only reason people aren’t doing albums is that you don’t get returns from it but I thought that a musician can’t feel satisfaction like this, until one can feel complete and good about the fact that ‘Oh, I have something in a collective form, a music album’. I needed this for myself.”

Uzair may have started this project on his own but he was quick to gain support! He reveals, “I didn’t have any sponsors on board but then my friend at the New Yorker’s Pizza have jumped on board as partners. They’re helping us put this album out and put on a really good show in Islamabad an album launch show on December 28.”

Rimsha Butt

Rimsha Butt