Visaal Episode 11 Review – Very Interesting!

Ohkay so, like all the previous episodes of Visaal, this one was pretty interesting too. I like the pace of the drama where they uncover an aspect & then take a couple of episodes in elaborating that scenario, which keeps the story moving forward at a steady pace.

Akram took the front seat & just as much as he was working on the surface, trying to score some brownie points in front of Pari, he was working to get to the root cause of this entire issue as well.

Even though Naheed was being very cautious but it was pretty interesting to see how Akram was picking up on the missing links & figuring out that there was so much more than what was being told to him. Akram definitely didn’t believe Naheed’s version & for obvious reasons as even though Naheed was being careful with her words, but because she was guilty, she was acting a little suspicious by avoiding making an eye contact with Akram. Akram is someone who has faced all sorts of conditions in life, he has met so many people, has had so many experiences so obviously Naheed doesn’t know that Akram is not an easy chap to fool. What I like the most about Akram’s character is his intelligence & wit, though he is a bit off tracked, he still is a very interesting character with so much to offer.

Akram knows that the people in this locality are too simple minded & no one can match up his level when it comes to being conniving, that is why he devised a plan & wove a trap very carefully that would gurantee him more time with Pari with everyone being at the backseat & him being in the limelight, at least in front of Pari. Akram stopped Ghufran from coming forward & everyone was of the same opinion too.

Well, Akram dodged the bullet but not sure for how long, it is only until that lady from Hyderabad who used to be his neighbour regains her clear memory of him that he’s the same Akku she knew. She will definitely be Akram’s undoing but because he is someone who can save himself from every other curveball, I am sure he will keep himself prepared for this one too.

Naheed has been feeling guilty ever since but now that things have gone out of control, with literally Shabbir’s life being on the line, she is being compelled to stay quiet. Naheed is a perfect embodiment of a coward, she was coward to admit to Pari’s face that she was jealous of her, she was a coward to stab her best friend in the back & now she is again being a coward to act that she cares whereas all that she cares about is herself but I am keen to see how long she will be able to hide herself & protect her dirty little secret!

Overall, it was a very interesting episode with some very interesting developments. Even though Akram is being the best person he can be, I am also interested to see when his secret will be revealed & how he will tackle everything. This has to be one of my favorite scripts of Hashim Nadeem, the way he has shaped the personalities of these characters & added so many shades to them, it sure is a commenable work that he has done. Zahid Ahmed is nailing his character as Akku & Akram, he is just right on point with extremely perfect expressions. The girls are good too. Please share your thoughts.

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