Visaal Episode 13 Review – Intense!

Ohkay so; things have become pretty interesting & intense in Visaal. With things seemingly going in Akram’s favor, I am keen to see what will be his undoing. The story so far has been executed perfectly & is quite captivating. Despite being a simple story, the kind of treatment it has met makes Visaal a very interesting & entertaining drama.

Shabbir passed away & Pari lost everything. Her entire world crumbled because Shabbir was not only her father, he was her life, her safety blanket, her comfort zone, her everything. Pari never really had any other relation in her life that is why Shabbir was all that she had & unfortunately, he left her side. Even though Pari has grown up with such people in her surroundings who have loved & respected both Shabbir & Pari, but after what Naheed did, it is so obvious that no matter what one says, no one in this world is fully trustworthy. I can’t imagine what will Pari go through when she will finally find out that it was Naheed, her best friend who literally destroyed her life!

Akram was the one who wished for Shabbir’s death because now that he has his sights on Pari, he wanted her to be left completely alone so that he could play her savior & be the hero in her eyes that he is trying so hard for. Akram must be thinking the luck is on his side but then, he has forgotten that there’s that lady who somewhat remembers him & knows where he comes from!

Akram did connect the dots & because he read the last letter that Taimur sent to Pari, he got his answer that it wasn’t Pari who invited him, it was definitely someone else, the girl with the black pumpies (kalay khussay). This is why I find Akram’s character interesting, even though he has all the shades of black, he still can’t be completely labeled as a negative character. There are so many shades, so many layers to him that you actually want things to work in his favor, while still wanting his true colors to be revealed, it is confusing yet very very interesting & Hashim Nadeem has exceled in writing this character & Zahid Ahmed has done complete justice to Akram.

Naheed seems unbothered, may be because she is not into Akram or because she is so guilt-stricken after what she has done that she can’t seem to concentrate on her life, that is why with so many warnings & concerns raised by her mother about Akram’s background, Naheed doesn’t even think for a second because she is actually aloof to all of this as she feels her life has already ruined so what more could go wrong? It is good that Naheed is witnessing everything herself, how single move of hers caused the domino effect in Pari’s life & ended up taking Shabbir’s life as well. I hope this is enough to shake her so that she finally speaks up.

The preview of the next episode had me at the edge of my seat. Akram will finally find out that it was Naheed, I so hope he does because that will make things pretty intense too. I want to see how Naheed will try to dodge the bullet like will she even be able to, especially with Akram at her case? I like this new twist, it has really made things pretty interesting in this drama. Zahid Ahmed steals the show by far, he is the central character & he surely has carried this drama on his shoulders, well done! Please share your thoughts.

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