Visaal Episode 17 Review – The Revelation!

Ohkay so, this episode marked the turning point in the story & things are going to get even more interesting as all the characters will be pushed to their limits & we will see the new reactions amidst the chaos!

Pari got rejected as per Akram’s plan because the suitor & his family got to know about Pari’s stained character & all that happened in her life in the past from someone. Akram thought he did score a win because everything unfolded just the way he wanted to. Akram surely took the help of the best, who he knew would make sure that everything happens according to his wishes & Khala took the job assigned to her quite seriously. I must say, the conversation between Akram & Khala was quite amusing & what made it even better were their expressions.

Pari was struggling, pretty much what she has been doing ever since Taimur walked in & out of her life. To add more to her woes, she got rejected & this time around even Molvi Ghufran felt dejected thinking about all the hardships that life was throwing her way. Molvi & his wife were unable to figure out who was behind all this but I am just wondering if they will ever learn the truth about Akram being responsible for all this?

Well, Naheed was unhappy, she was furious, at Pari who gave in & then at her mother who just wanted to get rid of Pari. Naheed’s reaction after finding out everything was basically because she felt helpless while still feeling guilty as she knows that she is responsible for everything to have ever gone wrong in Pari’s life till date. Despite wanting to, Naheed found herself helpless as she couldn’t help Pari the way she would have liked, also, she just couldn’t cope up with the burden that she had on her heart, especially now that she was getting to see the consequences of her doing!

Akram finally confessed everything in front of Naheed. He thought he will be able to win it by pressurizing Naheed as he had this huge secret in his hand against her to blackmail & threathen her. Akram actually thought things would work in his favor but I guess he surely underestimated Naheed. Naheed is someone who can go to any extreme, she has done it before by stabbing her best friend the way she never would have imagined, so it is so expected that she can go to another extreme too by ruining her own life to at least save Pari’s from getting ruined further. Akram probably failed to understand that & he thought that Naheed will stay quiet in fear of being exposed but little does he know that Naheed most probably doesn’t care anymore. She has felt guilty for way too long so this will probably serve as a push & pave a way for her to do something to compensate for the pain that Pari has endured because of her. It was quite interesting to see how Akram approached this entire matter, I guess he got carried away a bit too soon whereas if he had played this game a little more wisely, he would have controlled Naheed the way he wanted to. I guess because Akram riled Naheed up & because he let her know that he is well aware of what she did, that will push Naheed to confess about her wrongdoings. Naheed was only quiet all this while because she assumed that nobody knew about what she did but now when she found out that Akram knows what she did, she wouldn’t care much!

This drama is super intense & interesting plus I also like how at times it is super fun & amusing too. I love the background score they have used in Akram’s scenes, it fits & goes so well with the mood & intentions of Akram. This drama surely is an intelligent piece of work in terms of writing, direction & acting. Please share your thoughts!

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