Visaal Episode 20 Review – Calm Before The Storm!

Ohkay so, this was yet another interesting episode of Visaal but after watching the preview of the next episode, I can’t wait for it because things are going to become quite intense. This episode still had that calm before the storm vibe with Akram pushing his agenda a bit more & still failing at it.

Sharafat tried to probe a little into Akram’s background but even though he was unsuccessful, it gave Akram a clear signal that something was definitely fishy because of which Sharafat was getting curious about his family. Akram did send Doodh Patti to Hyderabad to meet Dilbar & contact the lady in Multan but I am sure he won’t return with a good news & that will be Akram’s undoing!

The only thing that bugs me is that everyone in the locality now knows Akram, they all also know that he is Molvi Ghufran’s son in law, so it is totally unrealistic that no one has personally told Ghufran that Akram sports a very different get up when he is at the shop? They also showed in one of the scenes that Jumman Bua was passing by his shop & stopped to have a little conversation so it is unbelievable that all those people have never ever seen him in his actual get up with him having loose talk with the ladies who visit his shop?

Pari came back to her house & she was even more engulfed in the memories of her father. Obviously, he was all that she had so she might not come out of the depression of losing him just so easily. Akram decided to pay a visit & again, in such a close-knit locality, it is unconvincing that no one saw him going there that too in a get up that didn’t scream Molvi Ghufran’s son in law from any angle. Anyways, Akram tried to convince Pari but then he ended up threatening her using Naheed’s name as he knows that Naheed’s happiness is very important for Pari. Akram I feel is committing one mistake after another because of his desperation. Akram is getting carried away & in stead of trying to reach his goal positively, he is burning the bridges. Did Akram actually think that by intimidating Pari like that, he’ll be able to win her over? Pari was scared & she really had no idea what she should do because she didn’t want him to hurt Naheed!

Molviyani had nothing else to talk about but Molvi Ghufran was concerned after everything he heard from Sharafat. Obviously he didn’t pay heed to what Jumman Bua’s Devrani said but now after hearing everything from Sharafat, he couldn’t take things lightly. Even though Naheed has called it all on herself but I would hate to see Molvi Ghufran suffering because of it as he never really hurt anyone but he will end up getting affected too.

Pari & Naheed’s conversation I guess will push Naheed to do something to herself because she asked Pari about the punishment she will devise for the culprit & the answer was death penalty. Naheed knows what Pari has gone through, she has seen it all, that is why she didn’t even for a second think that Pari was being harsh. Naheed has seen how Pari’s life turned upside down that is why, she is going to take what Pari will dish out to her!

Even though things have become far more intense as well as serious in mood, the story still is very very strong for me. I love how the characters are layered & the situations are interwoven. Everyone’s equations are interlinked & it will affect every single one of them. It is interesting to see how the story that started off at such a different note has come down to this, where everyone is suffering. I must say this way of story-telling is very intelligent because the writer got us hooked to the characters & the drama & then he revealed everything. I love how Visaal has had all the flavours – it is a story of love, jealousy, betrayal, revenge & in the end, it will become a story of redemption. Will there be a space for forgiveness? Let’s see. Please share your thoughts!

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