Waar movie will now release in October!

Much awaited Pakistani movie ‘Waar’ will too not be releasing this Eid according to the latest news just like  the release of ‘Main hoon  Shahid Afridi’ has been postponed at 11th hour. It was previously announced that the movie will be released world wide this year on eid, giving a tough competition to the other three Pakistani movies but unfortunately, movie Waar will now be released in September or October.

The maker of the film, Bilal Lashari has been working really hard to make things work for his first movie which is based on the idea of countering terrorism. The first promo of the movie went on air exactly two years back but due to the uncertain hurdles, the movie failed to make its way to the cinemas.


The movie comes under the banner of ARY Films and holds a significant importance to every Pakistani due to its resemblance with the real issues of the country. Adding further charm in the project, the cast of the movie includes Shaan Shahid, Shamoon Abbasi, Ali Azmat, Ayesha Khan and Meesha Shafi.

It was highly predicted that the movie might not bring decent business as there were no strong promotion campaigns been seen by the advertisers and now that it will release later, it can be expected that the team will come up with better and more profitable plan.

We hope that the efforts been put in by our celebrities in the said project bring fruitful results.


Nida Zaidi

  • Rashid Nazir Ali

    delayed once again, if see history of films atleast in pakistan normally films which are delayed again and again gradually loose its charm and appeal, though there are some exceptions too

    also GEO Films is much more professional and energetic when it comes to promoting films, the way the promoted bol, khuda ke liye, chambaili, ramchand pakistani, is quite remarkable. though not all films of geo were hit still they use every possible medium, they market film in their entertainment (geo entertainment), news channel (geo news), music (former aag) , sports (geo super) and printing press (daily jang), to reach maximum audience. in print media they print some column like story like a news report about some event of film, so they also try to approach newspaper readers as well, GEO somehow able to create a curiosity and appeal about the film, that atleast film receives a good opening, and audience do come to cinema for first show.

    ARY is not much professional in this regard, despite having channels for cooking (ARY ZAUQ), news (ARY World), entertainment (ARY Digital), english movie (HBO Pakistan) music (ARY MUSIQ) and the pakistanis film which they have promoted mostly failed at box office, one such example is Javed Sheikh's film "Khulle Aasman Ke Neeche" in 2008 a big budgeted commercial movie filmed in australia with nice picturization and location. Another example is fahim burney's film "pyar hi pyar mein" in 2003 which ARY marketed and it also failed.

    • Khurram

      Khulay Aasmaan ke neeche failed bcoz of delays.. as u said delayed projects loose charm

  • Khurram

    all drama to make way for chennai expresss first and now once upon a time in mumbai dobara

  • Ahmad Raza Thaheem

    unbelievable movie of Pakistani Waar movie. when it is release please upload on your site or add the links, to watch full movie for all visitor. Thanks .
    your site is too good, great , outstanding , mined blowing.

  • sumira

    its taf and good team work….every 1 is good job…in waar movie…hope so its best movie in pakistan….best of luck waar movie team…….

  • Waar Fan

    wtf will they release it!!!! more profitable??? you will make profit when its released!!!! bloody idiots!!!! You ppl had made a master piece…………now show balls and release the dragon!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yar

    Every body who watch movies illegally, like me, lets show some respect and promot this industry by actually going to theater and paying for it. Please don’t pirate this one.

    • Namo

      need a torrent asap

  • saad

    Say no to piracy and go to theaters please.

  • Miz

    W8ing extremely for this one! AWESOME!

  • Rana Shoaib

    oay saley koi soni kuri pani c