Waqar Zaka Brutally Assaulted

Famous Pakistani host Waqar Zaka, was beaten up outside a Cafe in Clifton, Karachi. The video of Waqar Zakar being attacked, beaten and abused by unknown men is going viral. Those men can be seen assaulting the anchor, while Zaka can be heard saying, “Boss, mene apko bola kia hai?”

In conversation with 92 News channel, Waqar revealed the whole incident.

He said, “I don’t know them at all. It was two or three in the night and I was having dinner in a cafe, where a few boys and girls asked me for a picture. Some people in the back started making a video so I did the same. I told them that I don’t like the fact that you make videos and upload them, how would you feel if I did that to you?”

“We had an argument, and then a guy named Junaid asked me to meet him outside. I had no one with me and went outside. They were waiting for me with 10-12 guards.”

Zaka explained the reason for the attack saying that the waiter of the cafe told me that they had been tracking me for two-three days because they had a bet that the guys, Junaid, would beat Waqar Zaka up. “They would try to create a scene as if Waqar Zaka said something to a girl on a show or something. Now that they had beaten me up, they can say anything!”

Explaining the scenario, he further said that the road was clear, with no one, except those guards and three friends, in sight. “Someone needs to ask them why the guards were there, who gave them the legal authority to beat me up. You can only see two-three people in the video, but if you were able to see what I saw, you’d see seven or eight more people who dragged me by my hair, or added a punch or two themselves,” Zaka said.

According to rumors, Waqar Zaka was filming a girl on Snapchat when she caught him. On finding out, she called her friends or family who assaulted him. It is important to mention that nothing is confirmed but no matter what the reason for the assault is, the fact that he filmed a girl still remains same and hasn’t gone down well with people.

Rimsha Butt